Heather Larson earned her certification in Transformational Life Coaching in January 2017 from the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA), a college in Tempe, Arizona accredited by the Arizona State Board of Regents.

Spiritual and intuitive, Heather has practiced Reiki since 2012. She started her own business, You Deserve Reiki, in Wichita, Kansas in 2014 at White Dove metaphysical book store/yoga studio where she still practices both Reiki and Life Coaching.

Coach Heather worked in radio broadcasting for 17 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix, and Wichita. She was an on-air personality, journalist, and morning show producer (among other things). Heather understands the corporate world as well as small business as she's worked in both.

She's also a person in recovery and works in the field of addictions. This along with her broadcasting/journalism background has made her a very good listener! Listening is Heather's strong point as a life coach.

Introductory Life Coaching Session

If you've never had coaching before, or it's been awhile, I'd like to offer you a sampling of a session for just $49.  As your coach, I become your accountability partner. It takes courage to commit to working on yourself, and I am there to help you remove obstacles to success and happiness! Life coaching is time and money you invest in yourself.

How to book:

Pay here and I will contact you to set up a time! (You'll have to fill in your information in the required fields at checkout when you pay).

Call or email with any questions:



What do you want more of in your life? Are you seeking life balance? Are you going through changes? What has been holding you back? What are your dreams?

These are just a few questions I may use to get the session rolling. The rest is up to you! The answers you seek are inside you and it's my job to help you get them out! YOU are the architect of your own destiny. Start today with me to make it a great one!

~Certified Life Coach Heather Larson

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Life Coaching 1-Hour Session Online

How do your want to transform yourself and your life today? Let's start with the problem. Tell me all about it. As I listen to a client tell their story, I am already drumming up challenges to you that will lead to SOLUTIONS to help you move forward to where you want to be.

Each transformational life coaching session will include an affirmation we create for you together, plus a graphic of it I will make and send to you so you can use it as a screensaver on your phone as a reminder. We can work on goal setting + an action plan; seeking balance; or whatever you want to work on!

I will follow up with you after each session as we decide, whether by email, text, and/or phone or video conference. It's up to you!

Each coaching session includes:

  • A video recording of any session done by Zoom (not available via phone or Skype).
  • A graphic of whatever affirmation you work on during your session
  • Follow up after the session via email or text

Fill out the form with your contact info, desired date and time and anything you want me to know so that I can schedule your session.

This is the beginning of something great for you!

Purchase online then set up your sessions with me on your schedule.
Sessions done online via video with Zoom will be set up by me and I'll email you a link. Zoom records your sessions and I'll send you the files of your recordings. Sessions can also be done via phone or Skype -- but these sessions won't be recorded like in Zoom's video conferencing sessions.


How to book:

Pay here and I will contact you to set up a time! (You'll have to fill in your information in the required fields at checkout when you pay).

Call or email with any questions:



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Check out the Products & Services page to get started!

Hi, I'm Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson. Here's what I offer to you as a coach to make your sessions unique:

  • I offer sessions online, making it extremely flexible for you to have your sessions from wherever you are in the world. I use Zoom (in which I can record your sessions for you), Google Hangouts, Skype, or cell phone. I am located in the Central time zone in the United States. My hours of availability are flexible too! I am open to late afternoon or evening sessions as well as early morning.
  • I offer referrals to an extensive network of friends I trust if I find that, as my client, you require or are interested in a service I do not provide such as: mental health counseling; fitness coaching; dietary coaching; hypnotherapy; massage; past life regression; Akashic Recrods; psychic readings and more. I will not practice outside the scope of the arts in which I have been trained.
  • I offer HIPAA-style levels of privacy. Your information is safe with me. I will never tell anyone you saw me as a client. If you choose to offer a testimonial for my website, it will be posted only with your permission and with a name you allow me to post with first name and last initial. My site is safe and secure for taking payments for coaching services and products. I also accept PayPal in my online store.
  • I have been interviewing people professionally since 1998 in my careers of radio broadcasting, journalism, and the field of addictions. My biggest job as a life coach is to be a great listener when you speak. I listen beyond the spoken for intonations in your voice as well as the words you choose and changes in your speech patterns. Since I most often video coach, I also watch your facial expressions, posture, and behaviors. I am not only observant but intuitive. I use these well-practiced talents and gifts to help you achieve the ability to notice these things about yourself! We all have patterns in our life. I am an excellent detective when it comes to rooting out the ones my clients are ready to change so they can move forward into a life they've only dreamed of building before.
Reiki Precepts Desktop Wallpaper -- Clouds
5.00 7.00

Keep the Reiki precepts with you, top of mind -- always.

Pick a different one each day, rotate them as a screensaver, or pick one to do deeper work with as you make it your desktop wallpaper for the next week.

Having Reiki Precepts Desktop Wallpaper is a great way to study this traditional Japanese art. The goal is to live and be Reiki! You don't have to be a Reiki Master or practitioner at all to incorporate the precepts into your daily life.

All five precepts are written over the background of clouds as a reminder that the sky is the limit in your life. Dream bigger. There is no ceiling. There is no limit. There are no obstacles. You are free to be and create the life you choose.

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