are you a destiny architect?

What is a Destiny Architect?-2.jpg

Hello, Destiny Architect!

How do I know you're a Destiny Architect? Because you're here now, reading this!

If you've been drawn to me, it's because you know deep down inside you can do and be more. You can be more fulfilled. You plan to keep changing and growing because you know stagnation is death.

What is a Destiny Architect?

1. A Destiny Architect knows his/her place

That place is one without limits! It's a place of growth and change. A place absent of fears, doubts, and nagging voices of the past.

And if you're not there yet, you're working towards it.

2. You're a personal development and/or self-help junkie

You read all the books. You're on all the mailing lists. When the next new leading edge of thought emerges on how to make yourself better -- you are there! Why? Because you're a leader, not a follower. You're a risk taker.

3. You aren't afraid to take action

Even if things aren't perfect or you're afraid to make a mistake or even fail -- you don't fear taking action. You don't have "failures." You have lessons. You know those who aren't making mistakes actually are making nothing.

You are a maker.

You are a creator.

You understand practice is the only thing that makes perfect and that the amount of practice it takes to get to perfect can take years.

You're also OK with that. Because...

4. You're OK with a lot of things!

You're flexible. It's just plain physics, but if you don't bend, you break. So you bend. You pivot. You re-evaluate when needed. We all tread water sometimes. It's something we must do to survive sometimes. In an emergency. Only temporarily. We do it until the lifeboat comes along, or we find the current and float to shore -- or we start kicking and paddling again. But whatever transpires, it's the journey. You can accept it and be OK with it. You're not fighting the flow. In fact...

5. You are in the flow!

What does it mean to be in the flow? You feel good. You've surrendered. You aren't trying to control people or events because doing that would be like trying to lasso a tornado and take it for a walk.

You are the tornado.

You are the storm.


6. You've found yourself doing a large number of things towards the betterment of self.

You have been journaling, meditating, reading compulsively, taking workshops and attending classes. You're a podcast junkie. You're up to speed on the Next Big Thing or want to be. You're awake and alive. You're amazing and you know it. You're feeling it! You're loving the idea of anything with the word "retreat" in it. You love health, wellness, fitness.

7. You aren't a people pleaser.

In fact, you don't even care if people like you. You don't seek approval. If "they" don't like you, then you know deep down inside you're doing something right. And you know exactly what I mean by that!

In fact, you don't mind breaking away from "the pack." You know it's OK to upset some people some of the time. Not everyone will approve of your journey and that's fine with you.

8. Eyes on the prize!

You've shed the baggage of the past. You know your past made you -- whatever kind of past it was. It's past. Now, you are focused on the future.

You are creating that future with every breath.

You are drawing the blueprint for it.

You are actively being the architect of your own destiny.

You are a destiny architect!