Fearless 5 Podcast

It’s the right time to get fearless.

I say this because I delayed releasing this podcast I’d been wanting to release. I’d had an idea of releasing a weekly one that would be more long-form.

But I realized the world doesn’t have a need for that. Not right now. It wasn’t the right idea and still needed to cook a while. I love podcasts, especially motivational ones. But what I realized is I rarely listen to long ones personally. My favorite one is short and well-produced. As a broadcaster, I appreciate the art of it. I feel like it gives me a lot in a short time, which results in me feeling enriched because it it. I even wanted to listen to it again!

I decided I wanted to offer something like that to my audience. I don’t want to give you something I wouldn’t want!

The goal is to keep these around five minutes long. This first one is just under ten. They won’t be longer than that. The topic this first week is about choosing fear over love. There are affirmations in this podcast. I am posting them here for you too, so you can easily access them.


Fearless 5 Podcast: Choosing Love over Fear Affirmations

I am.
I am love.
I am strong.
I can do whatever I set out to do this week and I can do it well.
I choose.
I choose love instead of fear.
I choose to have a great day.
I choose to have a great week.
I look for opportunities to greet the world with love.
I concentrate now on love and forgiveness.
I choose to meet the people in my life where they are at.
I choose to approach them with love.

Being Grateful in the Hallway

Every light worker touts the magic of gratitude.

But how can you be grateful when life sucks?

I personally call this, “The hallway.” Being grateful in The Hallway is non-negotiable. There are light workers who love to tout gratitude as a value and way of life but who don’t take into account the shadow — or dark side. (We call those, “rookies” — new to the “high on life” way of living). We all must deal with the shadow side of ourselves and the shadow side of life. Life has peaks and valleys. Life has a balance.

They can’t all be good days.

What matters is how you handle the days that aren’t so happy and glorious. Problems occur. People die. Things we adore leave us or break down. Situations we depend on come to completion. We part ways with a partner. Basically, we go through a major life change. That’s when we find ourselves in The Hallway.


What is The Hallway?

The Hallway is where we stand with one door closed behind us, usually ever-so-unwillingly, as we wait for that next door to open. We don’t know when that door is going to open. The handle doesn’t turn for us when we turn it; we don’t have the key. The only solution is to wait it out until conditions change. But it’s brutal. We want to jump out of our body in discomfort.

How do we find gratitude in that?

Conventional wisdom tells us, “Be grateful things aren’t worse, someone out there has it worse than you.” This isn’t my favorite cliche because I think it minimizes our suffering. We should accept and honor our suffering — then keep moving forward.

I like to teach being grateful for the basics above all else. This way we aren’t minimizing the fact that, yes, life sucks. But it only sucks at the moment. This is when you seek out things to be grateful for in abundance. We list the most basic things like food, water, shelter and space. Then we add on being grateful for more basic things in life like the sun coming out and having clean socks.

Does this fix things? Probably not. Taking action fixes things. If you feel stuck in that department, a good coach can help. You can schedule a session with me here.

This, however, can give us a better mindset. What we think we become. Our thoughts and beliefs dictate our actions and our actions create our life. So creating the ability to get out of The Hallway starts with good thinking. Gratitude contributes to that.

Gratitude also prevents us from becoming miserable cows.

Use gratitude as a coping skill. A one-minute mind shift. Of all the inventories we take in life, we can’t forget to take a gratitude inventory. If you need help with this principle, I’ve blogged some ideas for you here.

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9 Attitude Shifts You Can Adopt to Make 2018 Great

Have a phenomenal and fearless 2018. Experience big life shifts as you incorporate the attitude shifts below!

When in doubt, surrender it out!.jpg

1. Play big in the world.

In what ways can you up-level your life? How can you play bigger? What is keeping you playing small in certain areas of your life?

Dare to dream bigger. Put what feels “impossible” on your vision board right now. I put an $8,000,000 million dollar home on mine. Impossible? The question I ask myself is do I want to live a renter-for-life type of existence or do I think I can live in an $8,000,000-home kind of way? Is my life a piece of newsprint to color with crayons or a fabulous canvas with every color of oil paint in existence?

2. You deserve it!

Also, do I deserve the rental or the huge home? What do I deserve? The answer is, “I deserve it!” Whatever your “it” is, remember: you do deserve it. You have worth and value — so do your ideas. Who is to say we all don’t have an $8,000,000-idea within us? Or several? Look at Oprah.

2. Stop Freaking Out. Meditate.

Do we need to keep rolling excessive thoughts around in our head? It’s 2018 and we have so much available to us. Do we need to keep clinging to anxious thoughts, worry, hurt, and pain? Or can we take the courage to step forward into a new place of silence within ourselves — the place where the answers are?

Playing big in the world and knowing we deserve it means we deserve silence. We deserve to shut down our thoughts and step into the space within. Courage is about trusting ourselves and knowing the answers are there when we sit still for them to come.

3. Self-care is paramount!

If you’re new to the Destiny Architect life, let me initiate you. We DA’s take care of ourselves. We refuse to be dragged into others’ bullshit. We put ourselves first. We take care of ourselves. We eat right, rest, exercise, get haircuts, see doctors, have boundaries, and all those other delicious things that mean we are taking care of ourselves. We let go of fear. We create. We meditate. We let go. We do what it takes to take care of ourselves. Who is going to do it for us? What are we waiting for?

Radical self-care. Do it. Do it now!

4. Yes you can. Yes we can. Si se puede.

Did you just give a reason you can’t? No copouts. No excuses. Relentlessly follow your dreams. Even when we have a crappy day — don’t give up. Remember what you are doing to reach your goals and why. You can do it. Yes, you can.

5. Happiness and fulfillment are my choices, my priorities determine my choices & actions.

We can’t buy happiness. It’s pointless waiting for it. Make today great. You can. Yes, you can! It’s your choice to be happy and fulfilled. You do it by letting go of fear, living deliciously, creatively, and confidently.

Want to make it happen? Put it first. Make it a priority. Priorities lead to commitment, commitment leads to action, action leads to change and THINGS GETTING DONE!

Do happiness. Haven’t you finished with sorrow and being lame by now? (Yes, I am a very blunt life coach!)

6. When in doubt, surrender it out!

Don’t knock my 12-step ethos tim you try it. It saved my life — and the lives of millions. This spiritual idea can be found in Scripture and most spiritual teachings I’ve come across. It’s been repeated in every spiritual house of worship I’ve attended, every religion I’ve heard of, and it has to do with faith.

Surrender is a practice.

When your life is filled with fear and doubt — surrender it out.

Letting go is freedom.

7. I’m no slave, it’s OK to outsource things.

I’m planning to outsource as much as I can this year, one step at a time. The first thing getting outsourced is laundry. I simply do not have a goal in my life congruent with being a laundry master when I grow up. It’s a time suck. I can pay someone to do this.

We don’t even have to grocery shop anymore with the technology we have today.

If this stuff had been around in my mother’s day, you bet she’d be all over it! Let’s enjoy these magical times.

8. I will always remember my “why” and keep it top of mind.

WHY do you want it? Remember your WHY. Because when you’re tired as hell, mentally and emotionally spent on your hardest day this year, the thought of quitting will cross your mind. So keep that WHY posted in a place where you are reminded of it. Don’t give up. Keep your motivation close.

9. I am going new places this year

Oh, the places you’ll go! It’s more than just a children’s book. You really are going places — if you let yourself. Get out of your own way, lose the fear, do all of the above, and the travel will take care of itself. Fearless living means your ticket is bought, bags are packed, and wheels up!

I don’t mean this completely in the geographical sense. Imagine what will come your way if you surrender and improve your life! Imagine the invitations coming your way, the magical detours, the moments of creative fire, the “A-Ha!” moments, the love and laughter… So many new gifts and blessings are coming your way….

Happy 2018!

-Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson

Chain Breaker
Essential Records

The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 — I challenge you to do it!

The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 is here!

The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 is here!

And I triple dog dare you...

Want to know how to have an amazing 2018? A 2018 that is completely rewarding, unique, and original? Want to have a year completely different and challenging in comparison to years past?

Shift your focus in two ways:

1. Create instead of consume

2. Create by being of service to others

First of all, let’s ask the question, “What am I consuming?”

Here in America, where I live, we are consumers. Our capitalism model is built on consumption! What are you consuming? Media? Food? The current new and trendy thing (like Kylo Ren high-wasted pants pics on Insta?) Is more going out of your bank account than is coming in? How are you spending your time? Are you spending time consuming media? Netflix? Eating out at restaurants too much?

To put it another way, are you constantly filling a hole? Looking for intake while offering the world very little output?

Shift your focus to creation rather than consumption. I’m off balance when I am lazy. Downtime is great, but when too many nights are spent ordering takeout and watching Netflix, I need to get real. That’s when I need to get back to writing for my blog, creating life coaching classes or products for you, writing poetry, and doing my yoga practice.

We weren’t put here to be bottomless pits of consumption.

If all you do is live with your iPhone stuck to your hand, looking at Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, watching videos, and living life one text at a time  — you’re a bottomless pit. You're consuming messages and media constantly. You’re in a pattern of constantly seeking fulfillment. It’s a pattern that only gets worse. It’s a cycle. It feeds on itself. Before you know it, you’re just a taker. You’re putting nothing into the world. There’s nothing to quench this thirst.

Step away. Create.

What are you putting out into the world?

I want to hear your answer. What are you putting out into the world to change it and make it a better place? What are you putting out to be consumed, snatched up by the thirsty masses? Is it music? Writing? An idea? A business plan?

What can you put out there?

Here’s where we get to point number two — we create something worthy of consumption by being of service to others. How can I be of service? I offer coaching, Reiki, and blogs full of ideas on how to live a better life. The graphics on this blog are created by me. This is my art. This is how I can serve others with my expertise and creativity.

Rather than blindly spending weekends at the mall, my cousin and her husband came up with a way to recycle old clothing into new. (They are tailors). A friend of mine was so hooked on trail running he eventually came up with his own hammock business. I’m not saying you have to sew — I can’t sew a button on a pair of pants. Check out my friend Tracy's completely unique jewelry. (Not all my friends sew).

I can write, do voice acting, journalism, etc. I have talents. What are your talents and how can you share them in the world? It does us no good if you don’t share your gift with us — especially if you hide those gifts behind the consumption habits society tells us make us good capitalists, citizens…whatever.

Don't keep your talents to yourself. We are literally waiting for you.

Step one to an amazing 2018 is stop over-consuming, wasting time and resources. Don’t join the sheeple.

Step two is to look at how your talents can serve others and then share them. Put yourself out there. If your only goal in 2018 is to share your gifts in the name of serving others, I promise it will open doors. It will take you places where you get to meet the people you’re meant to meet. You will start waking up. You will feel electricity in your veins.

Now stop consuming this blog and get to work!

Fun Ways to Do Your Morning Pages

You can do your Morning Pages however you want when you’re doing The Artist’s Way. I prefer to use Flowstate, though I went through a long phase of using 750words.com.

1. 750 Words

This site costs $5 a month.

I used it for a long time after I started taking The Artist’s Way course. I didn’t want to hand write out three pages per day. Just being honest! I haven’t handwritten in a journal like that since the late 1990s when I was horrible at typing and had a giant beige PC… So I wanted to find a better way. Seems like lots of other did, too! The site, 750Words.com, makes the task of writing Morning Pages simple. How many words is three pages? Exactly 750. Use the site to write your MP, and it even tracks your habit. It gives you a word cloud. I love that kind of stuff! Come on, who doesn’t love metrics?

2. Handwritten journals

Prices vary.

For when you want to kick it old school…use pen and paper. I have two brand-new journals that are barely written in and mostly forgotten about. It’s offline. There’s no monthly subscription fee. My God, it’s so low-tech, who could ever want that? All kidding aside, paper and pen were how Morning Pages were intended to be written as Julia Cameron write The Artist’s Way decades ago.

Free writewstate on the right r at left, Flo.jpg

3. Flowstate

Price: $9.99

It has a gorgeous interface and a torturous method of forcing you to write. If you aren’t putting words on the screen, it makes what you wrote disappear. This makes it kind of fun in a way too, because I often put gibberish on the screen so I don’t lose the genius stuff I wrote three sentences back…

4. Freewriter

Price: Free

Same principle as Flowstate — but FREE and minus the gorgeous, Zen interface. This one makes what you wrote “fall down” off the screen. I like it. I like Flowstate too! I think this choice comes down to whether you want to fork over $10 for a writing app or not.

5. Any word processor will do

Prices vary.

This seems just as old-fashioned as using pen and paper, doesn’t it? Using technology for Morning Pages helps you track progress and sync across devices. But you don’t need all that. Most importantly, you just need to write. Just do it. App or no app.

Creativity Coaching 101: How Morning Pages from "The Artist's Way" Will Transform What You Create

The ritual of Morning Pages can and will transform your art practice.

Notice I didn’t say, “writing practice.”

Morning Pages are a part of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and they will drive you insane before they drive you. But I see them as an essential for creativity coaching. I loved the Artist’s Way course I took. While TAW can benefit any writing practice, I want to be clear that the morning pages exercise is for everyone — not just writers.

In the same way, practicing art can help writers to grow in their writing. By art, I mean some non-writing creative activity like painting, making music, or cross-stitching. Gardening counts too. (Though it’s a tad bit hard to undertake that this winter unless you have grow lights or a greenhouse). Writing can help an artist’s practice as well!

The goal of The Artist’s Way is to help you to nurture your inner artist in such a way that removes creative blocks. I’m not a believer in “writer’s block” as I have worked in a newsroom, full-time, and had to adhere to deadlines. You don’t get to just sit around, “blocked,” and unable to put words on the screen.

But I’m talking about using TAW as a tool for your creative writing, not journalism. The fact that I can always bust out a paragraph in a news room doesn’t even crack the surface of what’s behind blocked fiction writers, poets, etc.

What I am a believer in is “writer’s procrastination” rather than “writer’s block.”

There’s a big fat list of things I think really exist while “writer’s block” does not.

  • Writer’s Fear of Success
  • Writer’s Fear of Failure
  • Writer’s Laziness
  • Writer’s Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Writer’s Lack of Self-Esteem
  • Writer’s Lack of Focus
  • Utter Codependency
  • Lack of Prioritization
  • Writer’s Crazy Perfection Complex

You’re going to find that your blocks have nothing to do with the dreaded and fake “writer’s block.” Correctly identify those blocks and then work on them! This creative life is work! Just stop calling it “writer’s block.” You can write right now. I know you can.

Hence, Morning Pages.

This exercise makes you write. Right now. Just do it. All you have to do is three pages or 750 words. Just write stuff. It’s brain dump stuff. It doesn’t even have to have proper grammar and punctuation. No one cares. Draw pictures and doodles. It’s just a tool for you to use. You do it daily. That’s it.

What it can do for you individually will be revealed in time.

Enter trust.

Time to trust the creative process. That is, if you really want this…

Next blog: Fun Ways to Do Your Morning Pages

Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson.jpg

Enter the Mid-Week Reset

This self-care weekend, it’s time to have a scary good time! Just don’t forget self-care!

This past week, I made a conscious effort for self-care Wednesday night. I need a mid-week reset. I did a facial, went to bed early, and read a favorite book. A friend also came over and we spent the last, warm early evening chatting on my patio. Reading novels relaxes me and my novels right now are all vampire ones! I’m reading Charlaine Harris’ Dead After Dark and also have Dracula on my list. As far as audio books right now, there’s nothing scarier to me than the deep darkness of The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m not big on movies with violence so I’m not a horror fan, but I’ll read Halloween-themed books like crazy!

Spending time with friends is also part of what I consider self-care. Keeping up with my friends and their lives is important to me. Getting some time to kick back and chat is one of my favorite things to do. As long as I have a living room and patio, the chats can happen!

For self-care this weekend, I attended my usual Reiki share.

I feel like I also need to fine tune my morning routine. The morning routine is so important to me and I have been skimping on it, waking up just in time to get ready and out the door. That’s going to be a weekend goal. (I”ll write a separate blog post on just that topic).

Whatever you do for self-care, remember it’s about taking time for you. It’s about not doing for anyone else. It’s time to do what you love. It’s the space you take to give yourself what you need.

So what do you need?

Self-care leads to better self-knowledge. Become aware of your wants and needs. Make sure you are meeting your needs. Make sure you aren’t working too hard to meet others’ needs — unless you take care of children, elderly, or those medically unable to care for themselves. If you’re a caretaker of someone who requires your help to live, then you need self-care more than most.

I work in a care-taking field. This makes self-care a top priority each day. In addition to time with friends this week, I also had a therapy session I call a “grief tuneup” as this is a time of year for me that can be difficult. I knew I needed it.

Sometimes I need a walk. Sometimes I need a green juice. Sometimes I need a pie with ice cream. Sometimes I need a nap.

What do you need today?

archipelago life coaching.jpg

Welcome to Self-Care Saturday/Sunday!

I've been so busy with self-care, I am posting this is the weekend ends...

Let’s do a fall-themed edition for this weekend. This came to mind after I couldn’t resist buying a fancy, pre-made candy apple at the grocery store the other day. It’s adorable. It’s caramel and chocolate decorated with orange frosting. I love all aforementioned ingredients. Plus, it’s a treat.

The point of self-care is treating yourself!

So, how can you treat yourself today?

Candy apples remind me of happy childhood memories from when I was really small. We’re talking elementary school here! There had been a tragic wreck one Halloween night in which a child was struck and killed.

(I may be dating myself here, we all know costumes are safer and more reflective now).

To avoid further tragedies, the community decided to hold a Halloween carnival as an alternative to trick-or-treating. Think of today’s trunk-or-treats on steroids — we built an annual carnival on our elementary school grounds. It was better than any traveling carnival — as I remember it anyway. I always bobbed for apples and got caramel apples.

Can you treat yourself to something that brings back great childhood memories?

A favorite food? What brings back a flow of positive memories and joy into your life?

How I spent the third weekend of October...

It was a big, huge week. I returned to broadcasting this week as I joined the news staff of KFDI. This filled my week and my house is a wreck. I either need a maid or free time. I think we all know the maid is coming first! HA!

In my head all week, I wanted to use my Sunday to un-wreck the house. But then today came along...

I chose to worship my Audible and Netflix accounts with mac n' cheese. Sometimes that is the best self-care! Who doesn't need a "do nothing" day? I sure did. It was the call of my soul. When I wasn't at the radio station last week, I was taking my cat to the vet. (She's fine now).

I also tried to purchase another caramel apple at the grocery store. They were all gone!

I'm glad I bought that treat when I did.

Have a great week!

Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson.jpg

Happy Self-Care Saturday & Sunday!

Happy Self-Care Saturday!.jpg

Ah, weekends!

The time for self-care. For me today, that means solitude! I have enjoyed today being lazy, having tea and soup, and watching Netflix.

In my weeks, I am talking to people all the time. When asking myself all day what I needed for my Self-Care Saturday today, it could only be one thing -- solitude. Quiet. Peace. Lack of doing. No phone, no interruptions.

What do you need for self-care this weekend?

I went into today thinking of my to-do list. I have a big week coming up and I want everything set up right. But that's not important today. My body wanted to nap. I spent some time with my kitty. She's finally feeling better after a rough week! This makes me so grateful! I played some video games. I tuned out. It was a day of downtime. The only people I talked to in person were my neighbors.

I'm a huge extrovert. To balance that, I need my downtime. This solitude time. It's just me having my own private time without a schedule. This lets me recharge my battery so I can get back to it tomorrow. Whenever I take a day like this, fresh energy follows the next day!

What about you?

Self-Care Saturday!

Let's get beyond scratching the surface of self-care now...

Self-care saturday!-2.jpg

I've been doing self-care Saturday for a minute now.

My daughter is visiting this weekend and I am proud to say she has no problem taking her own time to do what she needs in the way she needs to do it. She took off today to get her nails done, coming home later with fingers and toes all fixedup. She said she'd only meant to get her nails done but ended up getting her toes done too. To which I say, "Bravo, kid!"

Self-care means you take the time for yourself to do what you need/want to do

Even when you're staying at your mom's house for the weekend. She has a friend here she sees. She has no problem taking the time to have this friendship -- she's new to Kansas and those initial friendships when you move somewhere new are so important. It's the difference between feeling good about where you've planted yourself and feeling completely alone and isolated.

The opposite of self-care hurts society

This is a heavy topic to wade into and I feel it's important to bring up. I read a stellar blog about men and loneliness today here. The writer explores how society conditions men to be lonely and how that leads to violence. He suspects the Vegas shooter didn't play enough growing up and supports his theory with stats on serial killers who didn't play as children. He makes a scientific case for how play is so important for many reasons. 

Self-care isn't just about taking that long, hot bath

Self-care is also more than just a special thing you do on Saturdays. Self-care is a choice you make from moment to moment. Self-care is in your priorities.

Self-care means you have to always make yourself the priority!

Maybe that means more play in life. Maybe that means more hobbies. Maybe it just means saying "no" and meaning it. Maybe it means practicing better boundaries. Maybe it means quitting smoking and eating better.

What does self-care mean to you?


When bad things happen...

I wish I had some miraculous coach-y thing to say here. I wish it were profound. I wish it could fit on a fortune cookie or a mug.

But I don't have that.

And I am one wordy life coach...

Tonight, I framed lesson #34 from A Course in Miracles,

"I could see peace instead of this."

I had meant to rip a page from my old and beat up text for quite some time. I had meant to frame it. But I hadn't. I was procrastinating on it.

I have an old ACIM book, one that isn't my daily reader. This is mostly because I have one that is all three books in one. That's my daily ACIM text. This one is just the Workbook for Students. I decided to use it to make art.

I'm a free spirit like that. Tear up an old, beat up book and make art from it.

Why not?

We learned today that life is short.


I listened to some favorite songs on my walks today.

There were two from Rascal Flatts, My Wish and Stand. I felt those fit today. Then there was Unity by Shinedown. I needed to remember there are still positives out there. That we are there for one another. That our actions affect the whole. That we do not exist in a vacuum. I needed to remember that we can wish each other well, that we can stand up when beaten, and that,

"Your moment of truth is the day you say 'I'm not scared.'" (Shinedown)

When will humanity be reminded we are all interconnected?

There are no walls.

There are no borders.

We are one.

There doesn't need to be...drama.

There doesn't need to be disconnections. There doesn't need to be divisions. Those divisions are man-made.

To the man who shot up the Vegas strip over his problems (this is my theory), I would tell him a story. It is the story of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is well-known that the Golden Gate Bridge was an often-chosen place for people to commit suicide. However, not all those attempts worked. Someone (can't remember who) studied those who survived their attempts at suicide at the GGB. Each person who jumped to their death realized at some point midway down that the problems they were jumping over could be fixed.

Whatever it was, it turned out to be not worth jumping over.

Whatever it was on the night of 10-1-17 in Las Vegas, it wasn't worth shooting others over.

Whatever it is, it can be solved.

Whatever it is, it can be gotten past.

Whatever it is, you can move forward from it. You can move on. You can start again.

We live in a society were we need to be told this now.

What is the opposite of jumping off the bridge?


Stand as Rascal Flatts sings. Stand and be firm. Be planted. Be rooted. Feel your feet flat on the ground. Just. Stand. Be solid. Be grounded. Be still.

In a world that can't seem to stop spinning, let's just stand.

Just. Stand.

A Course in Miracles Lesson #34, "I could see peace instead of this...I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it..."

A Course in Miracles Lesson #34, "I could see peace instead of this...I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it..."

Amaryllis [Explicit]
Atlantic Records

Coming up this month!

I am working on awesome new stuff for you, Destiny Architects!

Here's what's coming up for Fall 2017 in the Life Coaching world!

Here's what's coming up for Fall 2017 in the Life Coaching world!

This is it! This is the month!

I put off launching the Healing with Heather podcast because life got over-scheduled again, I didn't have time to make it perfect...blah blah. I just need to do it. So I'm going to do it. My schedule is never going to stop being insane. Things are always going to come up. So I'm just going to do it, start it, and let it evolve.

More to come...