Join in a group vision boarding creation party!

My friend Christina Duncan and I will be holding a FREE vision board party at her space, Flow Foundry ICT, on Saturday 1/21/16 from 5-7pm. Please join us! It's FREE but love offerings are always graciously accepted. Check out our Facebook event here.

Bring your crafting supplies: your scrapbooking stuff, magazine clippings, stickers, photos, fonts -- whatever! Also bring poster boards, cork boards or whatever you want to create your vision board on. Glue, tape, scissors... Whatcha got? Bring it!

Also bring some snacks and beverages and -- BOOM -- we'll have a visioning party!

"What the heck," you ask? I love doing this! It's a great way to start a new year. How do you want your 2017 to look? What's your dream? What goals do you want to accomplish? Visioning in images and posting them on a board is the best way to practice positivity and the Law of Attraction! I've done these for ages now!

Sometimes my friends and I start the new year off this way. Sometimes we gather around someone's kitchen table and do it in a group.

This is a great chance to gather with like minds. We're all positive-minded people who want to create something more than ordinary in our lives. We want our lives to be more fulfilling, our goals to be accomplished, and those six-pack abs to be had. (Ok, I'm kidding about the abs; I love tacos and salty foods too much).

But if you can vision it, it can be yours! If you are new to this fun and creative process of creating a vision board, I've created a Facebook Group to help you along. See some boards, see others' ideas and questions and fire off your own at me -- and the very helpful group!

Feel free to join our group here.

I realize our Visioning 2017 event is in Wichita, and many more would attend if they were here in the Midwest! That's OK! We can live Facebook some of it and/or do Periscope. I want as many to be able to get turned onto this practice as possible! I want to be able to reach you online no matter where you are!