Let's get ready for 2017!

First, the clearing

What to get rid of?

Look around for all those undone, half-finished projects. You don't care about them anymore. They are collecting dust. The book you half-read because you couldn't get into it. The card you forgot to send because you got too busy. And let's face it, we all have something in our fridge and cupboards that is past its prime. What else in your home is past its prime? Chuck it! Or give it to someone who can use it.

That thing. You were supposed to return that thing. How many borrowed things do we have laying around? Whether tools or books from friends, it's time to give it back!

The things that don't work. That sock that won't stay up, the, "I will get it fixed later," pile... Forget it. If you were going to rescue it, you would have done it already.

The rest of the stuff you can figure out. A million books and blogs have been written about how to clear and organize. Yes, I've read the tidying book. I much prefer to bounce through my home like a tornado just dumping things as fast as I can into the donation or trash bins just to get it over with quickly!

After Christmas is the best time to start fresh because you got new stuff and you have to get rid of the old stuff. You're putting away decorations anyway, so you're already into the closet or basement and the boxes.

So now, what to add to your life?

I bet the Container Store and Target do a big business in organizational stuff right about now... (But if you read the tidying book, you know that's a waste, haha!)

I'm not talking about stuff. How about ideas? Thoughts? Attitudes?

Let's talk about intangibles that can improve your life. I just spent about an hour creating desktop wallpaper for my computer with positive messages on it. I have almost a dozen I can rotate in to give myself a positive jolt as I turn the iMac on. That's just me, I like to be in the flow, I like to create, and I LOVE postive affirmations or quotes!

I love this week of the year to set my intentions for the new year. I create my gratitude jar and vision board. This year I have two Law of Attraction Planners. Last year, I used the Self Journal and the Passion Planner.

I'll be sharing more about all of this in the next few days!

Yes, you can add new habits, routines, workouts, foods etc. But first, what do you really want? How do you see yourself in 2017? What are your goals?