I just launched a huge sale!

50% off my transformational life coaching and Reiki services!

My idea here is that you will buy now and use later -- although I am not at all opposed to you beginning to transform your life NOW through life coaching and Reiki!

I know the holidays are busy, so I am not counting on anyone wanting to burst into life coaching and Reiki right now. What I am hoping is you'll nab these great services at the sale price and use them to kick off your most powerful year yet!

If you want your life to be different, better, and happier in 2017, you've come to the right place. Start where you are -- right here!

I am also hoping you will see the value in combining Reiki with Life Coaching.

Reiki relaxes you, so it would be great to kick off a coaching session or to integrate the work we did together after your session is done.

For my Wichita clients, there's a package combining these powerful transformational sessions with a Reiki 1 course. I say this is for Wichita-based clients only because I don't give out Reiki attunements online. Only in person.

Please check out my sale page and grab one of these great packages soon!

Heather Larson