Welcome to my new life coaching blog!

First, the name:

"Destiny Architecture" is my long-running belief that I can be the architect of my own destiny, the one who draws out my future -- whether it's a map, master piece, or a story to write. It's mine to create. I am the architect of my own destiny! You are the architect of yours -- we all are. We are each the one and only person responsible for the life we live. No victimhood here, no blame, no "why me?"

Nope. This is the land of positivity. If you're not slightly spiritual, motivated, or think somehow that your life can change for the better -- always -- this isn't the place for you. Martyrs need not read further! Leave the guilt, blame, and pity party behind. Destiny Architecture is about moving forward.

This is the place for personal development and self-improvement.

For the moment, this is about my learning experiences as I become a certified Life Coach through the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. I am obtaining a 100-hour certification in Life Coaching through SWIHA. I am currently enrolled in the program online and I am loving it! Where was this all my life? Ok, total rhetorical question there. I know where the school was, but I also know where I was. I wasn't ready.

I've actually had the name and idea of Destiny Architecture since around 2008. My life took a drastically different path and I wasn't able to enroll at SWIHA as a student for another eight years! But I did attend KC Miller's "Gifts and Graces" program one Friday night at SWIHA in Tempe, Arizona that year and regularly attended the monthly student days. On those days (meaning 2008-2010) treatments at the school by students were $15 and I'd get sessions in polarity, cranial sacral and life coaching.

At the time I was still finishing my Boston University BLS, living in Phoenix, working in radio broadcasting, and I was very tired of living in the desert. Life took me to Kansas, where I was brought to sobriety and a completely different life! Now I'm blessed to finally be learning about life coaching!

I'll start by sharing the experiences I am going through as a life coaching student. The first of my classes was completely awesome. My fellow students became my coaches, teachers, and kindred spirits. The transormation began for me. I downloaded every iPhone app about balance and habits. I utilized every tool from class on myself and others. I roped friends into life coaching sessions for homework. I began using some of the tools of the program in daily life with friends and coworkers. I brought new listening skills to social situations. I became even more observant than before (and I am one of the most observant people you will meet). I bought more planners...I have four now. Eek!

Learning overload came to a head one week when we had a day-long training at work, followed by a weekend of Shoden Reiki Level 1 training for me as I was working on coach class work. I loved it! It's been six years since I graduated from BU. It's a joy to be a student again! I invite you to join me on this journey...