Pick the Post Today!

Pick the Post Today!

I want to know what you want to read/hear more of on Destiny Architecture!

So what is it? You tell me! Leave your preferences in the comments.

I can blog about any and all of the following for you (and podcast as well):

  • How to create a self-care regimen to go home to
  • Finding balance between work and home -- can it be done?
  • How did I become a coach?
  • Five things to do on a staycation (look, it's summer and it's steamy here in the Midwest)
  • Forgiveness -- the touchy subject
  • What limiting belief is holding you back?
  • Is it possible to be truly happy (you already know I am going to say 'yes' -- but how?)
  • Tips to use the Law of Attraction NOW
  • Coach Heather reviews her top five spiritual books

Do you have another idea? Something you are working on or maybe struggling with?

I can blog or podcast it. I can also live stream it! I've been working on getting the Destiny Architecture live stream on YouTube going and that should be final this week. I'm looking at Friday at my first official time to go live. Heck, maybe I will live stream my day just for fun!