I love money! Welcome to Day One of Flex Your Abundance Muscle! #FYAM

It's 8/1/17 and the theme of this month on the Destiny Architecture Life Coaching blog is "Flex Your Abundance Muscle," Hashtag...#FYAM!

So if you are taking part, use #FYAM in your posts on social media.

Am I highly qualified to lead this abundance challenge because I'm a billionaire with a fleet of Tesla cars and my own private chef? No, I'm not Oprah. Darn it! Woke up this morning and still not Oprah! <<stomps feet>>

What I am is a certified transformational life coach. Which means I am qualified to do some really useful things for you:

  • Help you clear your blocks to abundance
  • Help you re-frame your thoughts into more productive, positive ones
  • Help you recognize -- and change -- self-defeating thoughts around abundance and prosperity
  • Help you examine your beliefs about this whole dollars and cents debacle
  • Help you realize this is actually NOT a debacle

There is so much more to abundance than money. But let's start with money because it's the first thing people think about when we discuss the ideas of "prosperity" and "abundance." Let's just get the "money" word out the way with a quick affirmation!

Repeat after me.. "I LOVE MONEY!"

Repeat after me.. "I LOVE MONEY!"


Say it with me now, "I LOVE MONEY!" Yes, you have to say it in ALL CAPS!

I was inspired to make this our first affirmation because I heard it in Jenn Sincero's book, You Are a Badass at Making Money. (As an audiobook junkie, I highly recommend her books). I've been doing this whole abundance thing for years now, but in the beginning I had to confront how ridiculous it felt and sounded to me to say positive affirmations about prosperity out loud, like:

  • I am a money magnet!
  • I always have more than enough money!
  • People love to give me money!
  • Money comes to me in unexpected ways all the time!

Here's the news:

It no longer feels ridiculous, vain, egotistical or oddly obsessive to say affirmations like this. I've actually grown to appreciate them. Say them out loud. Give it a shot. See what comes up.

For me, the first time I said affirmations like this, I felt like I was being vain or shallow. I felt like to love money was wrong. Wasn't I supposed to love...anything BUT material things? Money was something I saw my family covet, especially my grandfather who loved the casinos and to purchase lotto tickets regularly. I don't think that man ever missed buying lottery tickets a week in his life. My childhood lessons about money were about how money was far-off, unreachable, a game of chance.

Affirmations and journaling helped me to confront this and change my beliefs about money. When you start speaking these things aloud with your own voice, you're going to feel some issues come up. Feel them. Tune into any pain or awkwardness that comes up. It will reveal in you the blocks you must work to clear.

I repeat: blocks YOU must WORK to clear.

Ah, yes. The work is mandatory. The time we spend on it is optional. We all must learn our lessons regarding abundance. I plan for all my readers to join up as a group for my daily Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge, #FYAM, this entire month of August 2017!

Steal the graphics from the Destiny Architecture Facebook page and make them your phone lock screen. Share them on social media with the hashtag #FYAM to show the world you are working on abundance for yourself. Show the Universe you are open to prosperity!

Read my last blog post about #FYAM here. Check back daily for more on how to participate in this challenge. The entire thing will be FREE all month! Of course, you can always go deeper into this work if you are so moved to by hiring me as your coach!

I'm really excited to provide this Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge this month! I am encouraging interaction all month long. Comment here on the blog today with your own favorite abundance mantras or affirmations. Comment with questions or comments. Share how you've grown your own relationship with abundance. What does it mean to you to be prosperous? What have you found to bring more abundance in your life?