I AM Abundant! Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge: Day 5

Flex Your Abundance Muscle -- Weekly Recap

Here's a simple affirmation for today, "I AM Abundant!"

Here's a simple affirmation for today, "I AM Abundant!"

Let's Recap The Week in Destiny Architecture!

First, we kicked off the Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge. What are you getting out of it so far? Are you feeling the affirmations? Has anything shifted? If you're participating, be sure to share on social media with the hashtag #FYAM.

I'm certified transformational life coach Heather Larson and I'm the creator of the seven-point plan that is Flex Your Abundance Muscle. I created it because I love morning rituals and I wanted a morning ritual for myself focused on prosperity consciousness -- and increasing mine. This can be a daily ritual for any time of day or night and it doesn't have to take more than a few minutes. You may or may not do each step every day.

Coach Heather's Seven-Point Prosperity Plan That is Flex Your Abundance Muscle:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Change your phone lock screen daily
  3. Daily vision boarding
  4. Make your abundance action plan
  5. Meditate on money
  6. Do your gratitude journal
  7. Clear your clutter!

That's it! I may or may not have time to de-clutter the house each morning, but I work on that at other times of my week. I DO say my affirmations each morning. I still have a list my Aunt Lori made me almost a decade ago! (She has since become a New Thought minister, so you see where I got all this from -- my family!) I add to my vision board almost daily. I DO look at it daily!

I'm writing you a blog a day to help getyou flexing your abundance muscle!

On day 1, 8/1/17, we kicked it off with a blog post about affirmations and starting to clear blocks around money. Our affirmation was, "I love money!" Say it with me now, with feeling! Catch up on that post here.

On day 2, we concentrated on simple practices to increase the flow of abundance into your life. Read it here.

Day 3 brought us to visioning. What are you visioning? What do your conscious thoughts revolve around? Are you creating a vision board? Check it out now.

For day 4, I thought we'd do the Do's Of Vision Boarding! I shared some tips and tricks with you about how I like to do my vision boards. Read up here!

Now we are to day 5, and I'll post a blog about taking action. Affirmations are nice and they make us feel better. But we still have to take action. We can make all the vision boards in the world. But we must act!

Is anything here resonating with #FYAM for you?

If at any time something in here strikes a chord and you'd like to go deeper, I am available as your life coach. I also teach Reiki!

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Reach out anytime! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Reach out anytime! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!