#LOAMonday No. 8: New affirmations to kick off 2019 in abundance

Time for the first edition of LOA Monday for 2019! 

I’ll keep it brief today. It’s a holiday. I have taken the day to relax and make crafts. One of my words for 2019 is “CREATE.” Yes, that’s in all caps. How else could it be? Always CREATE in all caps! 



Always CREATE in all caps!

I’ve also felt like crawling slowly into the new year. Hence, I’m hibernating at home this weekend to make casseroles, do my nails, CREATE, and nap. I had every intention of hitting the ground running when I returned from Christmas vacation. Then I realized I needed some downtime. A gap between my old world and the new… 

So for this week’s LOA Monday, the eighth one to be exact, let’s start with some 2019 prosperity affirmations.

Say them with me now: 

  • I am abundant 

  • I am filled with joy and happiness 

  • I love who I am, I love what I do 

  • What I do for a living brings me joy

  • I am a phenomenal success at all I do 

  • I am healthy and full of energy 

  • I am full of love 

  • I love myself, I love my life 

  • I am enjoying a life of plenty 

  • I am………. (You fill in the blank with what you want as though you already have it) 

Remember with LOA it’s important to feel a vibrational match to what you want. Also, what you seek is seeking you. 

Share your favorite LOA positive affirmations in the comments below for the others! 

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