Fearless 5 Episode #35 Show Notes: This one is a little long

The episode is long, i mean. Because I’m talking about alignment!

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Get aligned

Or end up a miserable cow. It’s pretty simple!

How do we not wait? We take action. We also live in congruency with what we REALLY want. Don’t deny it any longer. You won’t STOP wanting it. Go after it. 

Take a leap or a baby step — but do it. I’m going to mention my FREE ebook again, “Time to Align.” I talk a bit in it about some of the life choices I made this summer to lead to more freedom. I talked in earlier podcasts this week about how I’m seeking more freedom once again. Life comes in layers like that. Peel one back, get comfy again, and then you realize there are still more layers to peel back. 

Wanna hear what’s in the free ebook? Let’s do it! (Download the ebook on the “FREE STUFF” page below).