Fearless 5 Podcast Show Notes #38: More on what I call "spiritual kindergarten"

More on spiritual kindergarten. 

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My very first

Spiritual book was Deepak Chopra’s “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.”

So we all have a gateway drug to get here.

Maybe it’s yoga for you like it was for me when I was a teenager. Maybe it’s psychic readings or oracle cards. Whatever brings you here to find answers, welcome. This is a metaphysical space. This may not be where your answers are — but you may learn something here that will help you find them. That’s what I do. I help. I coach. I channel. I facilitate. 

There’s nothing wrong with spiritual kindergarten!

In fact, it’s my refuge right now. Let me return to the place where I first found my peace. Those first books I read, the first CD I listened to when I deepened my yoga practice, and those first spiritual ideas that touched me — regardless of who they came from. We all need a refuge. We all need a review. 

In my teenage years, I was a poor kid in the bad neighborhood and my parents weren’t doing well financially. I had to get a job when I turned 16 so I could contribute to the household. I worked at Mission Coffees & More in Fremont, California. It was right across the street from the gorgeous Mission San Jose. I made $5 an hour and worked Saturday and Sunday mornings. I had to pay for my gas, auto insurance, cigarettes, booze, drugs, (I’m being honest here), and clothes. Much to my mom’s chagrin, I’d shop for clothes at the thrift stores. I think she’d prefer I go to Target or Montgomery Ward’s. (Remember in the 1990s, Target was “yuck” and not at all the addictive shopping experience it was today). 

I also had to use my earnings to buy my food. I needed special food due to my food allergies and this was lost on my very uneducated parents at the time. So I just took care of myself and bought my own food. They bought the majority of it, like frozen chicken breasts — yuck. As an adult, I can’t eat that stuff now. I didn’t know the difference as a kid. But I had to buy foods I could have and I’d get them at Trader Joe’s! 

With whatever money I had left, I was hitting Tower Records for grunge albums and the local book stores. The book that changed my life back then was a tiny book from a young Indian man named Deepak Chopra. OMG this is the worst podcast for aging me! 

Anyway, point is, I bought books. Tons of books. With any extra money, I already knew at that young age I needed to invest in myself through books. I am so grateful I found that copy of Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” Or, more truthfully, it found its way into my hands in an irresistible fashion. I remember reading in awe of this concept of “pure potentiality.” Laws? Consciousness? What was all this? I was hooked. But life took me on other, darker roads first. 

So as I’ve returned to my spiritual kindergarten this weekend, this book has been there for me. Like a balm. And it’s been there for me many times through the years. It’s one of the few things I’ve hung onto since I was 16. It’s a part of me. So, the question is, what makes up your spiritual kindergarten? Is it books? DVD’s? I recommend getting something tangible you can run to, something you can hold in your hand that can ground you. I have dozens of digital books now, which is comforting to know I have a certain book on my phone. I love that I have “Angel Numbers” always at the ready… 

But when times get hard, it’s helpful to pick up Deepak Chopra and remember who I am. 

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