Fearless 5 Podcast: New week, new episodes -- here are the show notes for #41

Welcome to a new week of Fearless 5 Podcasts!

We jump around topic-wise this week before I absolutely ball my eyes out in Fearless 5 Podcast #45. I am crying in HAPPINESS though. If you need some kind of reminder not to give up, it’s episode #45. Never give up before the miracle happens… I am a true believer in miracles. They are everywhere, all the time.

This week, we’ll talk about:

#41 — Taking big risks

#42 — Accounting for life’s messiness

#43 — Giving yourself permission

#44 — How to survive Mercury Retrograde

#45 — This is where I ball my eyes out but it’s for HAPPINESS! Promise.

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Pod-casts #41-45

This week: Taking risks, life gets messy, permission and everyone’s favorite — Mercury Retrograde!

When taking a big risk, it’s important to remember, “this or something better.”

As in, this risk will work out — or something better will come along. 

This is an act of faith. 

This is an act of love. 

Taking this “leap” is the opposite of fear. 

When taking that risk, ask yourself, “Am I taking this action in faith that it will work out?” 

“Am I ok if this doesn’t work out? I have to have faith that I will be.” 

“I must have faith this will work out and — if it doesn’t — I have faith that something better will come along.”

I get it. It’s painful when we don’t get what we want or something doesn’t work out. It’s disappointing. That sucks. But sometimes, as internet memes say, “Not getting what you want is an incredible stroke of luck.” 

Remember to walk in love & faith in all you do. Do it today.

What is on your to-do list today? What action can you take that feels like you are consciously acting in love & faith rather than fear? 

When you’re feeling discomfort today, ask yourself, “Am I acting in faith and love, or am I reacting to something out of fear?” 

Which do you want to drive your actions? Love? Or fear? 

Here’s where the consciousness comes in. 

We have to choose. Because if you want to be the architect of your own destiny — and you ARE — you have to choose. Love? Or Fear? You know the right answer. Now make your actions congruent with faith and love — not fear. 

What are you afraid of? Failing? 

Well, the solution is here! When you take a risk, tell yourself you have FAITH this will work out. This will work out — or it will lead to something better. 

I know, I know. This is too simple, right? It doesn’t account for life’s messiness, does it? 

Let’s tackle that in Fearless 5 podcast #42.

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