Fearless 5 Podcast #43 Show Notes: I give you permission

Today on the Fearless 5 Podcast — permission. Listen here.

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I give you

Permission. If you’ve been waiting for it, here it is!

What do you need permission to do? 

Whatever it is, I give you permission to do it! 

Who am I, you ask? Who are you, Coach Heather, to give ME permission to do anything, you ask? 

Well, you weren’t going to do it. I’m nobody. I’m nobody you have to listen to. I’m not your boss or your spouse or whoever. Maybe you’ve never met me in person and don’t know me at all. But if you needed someone to give you permission to go live your life — here you go! You got it! I give your permission! 

Not only that, I’m going to tell you that you can. You have permission but you also have the ability! Go be able. Go do. Don’t hold back. 

Want to try something new? Leave a bad relationship? What are you waiting for? Permission? 

If ME giving you MY permission isn’t enough, how about YOU do it? 

Go ahead. Give yourself permission. Tell yourself you can. 

Want to wear red lipstick or buy that new coat you need? Do it. 

Want to start a business? Do it. 

Want to take that vacation to the Caribbean? Do it. 

Wait a minute, I didn’t even ask — why DON’T you have permission to do it? 

A-ha! Here’s where the a-ha moments come in… We have to give ourselves permission when there’s another voice within that’s always saying, “NO!” 

So who is that? Is it a parent’s voice from 1985 when you were barely in kindergarten? (Hey, that’s my crap! LOL!) Is it a teacher? A figure of authority? And from what phase of your life? Would society NOT let you do a thing you want to do? Someone’s expectations? Family or cultural expectations? 

Figure out what’s holding you back. Whose voice is it? I guarantee it’s not yours.