Fearless 5 Podcast Episode #42 Show Notes -- Accounting for life's messiness

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Accounting for life’s messiness…

I always say that my leaps of faith have worked out. It’s totally true. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t messy. It was messy, painful, and I fell flat on my face a few times. 

Fact is, no one shows you their failures. 

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Fact is,

No one shows you their failures.

Behind every success story, I have is many stories of failures. If I look like I have it together today, believe me, I didn’t. I don’t now, either. I’m just learning and evolving like everyone else. 

What’s the solution when life gets messy? You take the chance but it doesn’t work out? You make a huge mistake that costs you something, be it time, money, face, reputation, career, etc? 

This is where perspective is important. Did you die? No? Good. Not good enough? OK, let’s go further. 

I make mistakes. I look back and then I think, “Well, that didn’t work out. But I don’t regret doing it.” Why not? Because the risk of getting what I wanted made it worth it! Then, I learned. 

Whenever I didn’t get something I took risks for, I gained knowledge. I learned about the world and myself. I learned about others. I learned more of what I do and don’t want in my life. I met people. I made friends. 

In a time where everyone is numbed to Netflix and processed food while posting on Facebook about their witty, first-world problems — this is a podcast to help you live. This is a podcast to help feed your mind & soul. 

No successful person didn’t fail. When you see a successful person, you aren’t seeing their first version of anything they are putting out. You’re seeing what made it to market, not the first prototype. 

The same is true with our lives. We aren’t successful right out of the gate. We practice, we hone our craft, we fail, we try again. 

I’m saying this to give you permission to get messy in life.