FALL is finally here!

I know, I know. I’m one of those women… I love fall and all of its things — pumpkins, Halloween, scarves, and boots. Mostly, I love the changing of the seasons. I grew up in Arizona where there are NO seasons. We had to drive north to see fall foliage turning colors. You don’t get that in the desert, where cactus is green year-round.

There’s something I love about getting into hibernation for the winter. I add more lights to my house, drink more tea, and cuddle up more in blankets. I love slowing down and introspection. All I want to do is curl up in a blanket with my journal and a cup of tea! I’m currently studying Hygge — more on that later. I keep mentioning it, so you know there will be a blog/vlog/podcast about it!

I’ve been spending this week resting. It’s been quite a crazy five months now, full of insane demands. My body is tired. I slept 12 hours yesterday. I’m looking forward to making some life changes during this changing of the seasons. But first, I rest.

So Fearless 5 podcast show notes are behind this week, which is OK. This week’s Fearless 5 Podcast is better listened to than read about, which is why I don’t mind being behind on posting show notes. The podcasts this week are meditations, mostly. Some of my PTSD coping skills are on episode #30.

I’ll catch up on posting this week’s show notes tomorrow. For now, I’m nursing not only exhaustion (due to horrible neighbor issues I’ll surely end up dealing with in court) but a tension headache, too. (The headache makes computer work almost impossible at the moment). But I thought I’d post a quick blog to let you know I hadn’t forgotten to post the podcast show notes. Also, it’s important to be an example of self-care. I AM Destiny Architecture — this is a sole proprietorship and I run it. This means sometimes there are “sick days” around here, but I prefer to call them “self-care days.”

Reminder: it’s OK to take time for yourself. Actually, it’s encouraged. If you’re tired, stiff, sore, and full of tension you need to take time off. Trust me, I’m there right now. Part of self-care for me is creating, which usually means writing, but with this tension headache, I can’t sit at the computer for long. I’m listening to my body and its infinite wisdom this week. There’s been so much rest and I still need more. So I’m going to honor that.