Fearless 5 Podcast Show notes for episode #49: When you're moved to do something, DO IT!

Can you even believe we’ve got 50 episodes so far?

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Who am I to?

No, the correct question is, “Who are you NOT to?”

It’s been on my heart to tell you to do something. So go do it. 

If only it were that simple, right? 

There’s something you’ve wanted to do, but you haven’t done it. You’ve been asking yourself, “Who AM I to do this?” And then stopped short, thinking you shouldn’t do it. Because who are you to do it, right? 


Who are you NOT to do what you’ve been inspired to do? Because that idea you’re sitting on is one we need and only you can bring it forth. Who ARE YOU to HOLD IT BACK from the rest of us? 

Imagine if Zuckerberg hadn’t give us Facebook? He’s a dumbass and a racist moron with loads of white privilege — BUT without his tech, how else would my friend have reached out to me this past week with her beautiful message? 

What if Mikao Usui had never taught Reiki? 

What if someone hadn’t invented the dishwasher? 

What if that guy hadn’t invented air conditioning? 

What if all these amazing advances hadn’t happened? Does the world NOT need these things? You may not be inventing the polio vaccine, but I assure you, that makes no difference. What you have to give the world is valuable and you need to share it. Read it again. 

What you have to give is valuable — and so are you — because YOU are the vessel that will bring it forth. 

Are you treating yourself like such a valuable vessel? 

Are you reminding yourself that your gifts are special and that they ADD VALUE to this world? 

Because when you do, that whole, “Who am I to do this” question gets erased. As it should be. 

Who are you NOT to? The world may not expect it of you, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need and yearn for what you have to give. When you don’t bring it forth you cheat the rest of us, not just yourself.