Now on Apple Podcasts & How about some FREE coaching?

Fearless 5 made it to Apple Podcasts

Just in case you didn’t hear… I’m very excited to announce that the Fearless 5 Podcast is now on Apple Podcasts!

An opportunity for a FREE coaching session

Please let me know if you need help tackling a fear in your life. You could become the subject of a future podcast! Would you like some FREE coaching? A brief coaching session is up for grabs! Of course, there’s a catch — you have to let me record it for the podcast! Since the Fearless 5 Podcast is five episodes a week at around five minutes each, some of the audio from your coaching session can be used for the podcast.

This not only lets me help you, but it also lets you help others. Someone out there listening could be struggling with the same issue you are. I believe we become more empowered when we share our dreams, hopes, and fears. Speaking out into the Universe with our voice helps us hear not only our problems — but possible solutions as well.

If you’d like to put yourself out there, submit your information on the form below and I’ll be in contact!

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Hello, Apple

As a longtime Apple devotee, I’m so excited we are on Apple Podcasts now!

I am so excited to be on Apple Podcasts now!

I’ve listened to podcasts on Apple for…I don’t know how long. It’s been a long, seven-week wait for my Anchor podcast to arrive on Apple Podcasts. This is where I listen to my favorite podcasts, so it’s the medium I’m most excited to see my podcast on. I’m just a little geeked up!

When I first started listening to podcasts, of course, I was listening to any and every personal development podcast I could find. Now, there are so many. It’s a crowded field. But I love that! I’ll never run out of amazing podcasts to enjoy. For that, I am grateful!

A little more about the Fearless 5 Podcast

What makes my podcast, Fearless 5, unique is its brevity. It’s only 5 minutes long. Well, it’s supposed to be. I tend to be long-winded! But I want you to have at least five minutes to start your day in the right mindset. I made this podcast for you because it’s what I would want. I love to wake up and listen to a motivating podcast while I get ready in the morning. The ones I loved about personal development, coaching, Reiki, and metaphysics were too long for me though! Where are the fearless, positive, and motivating morning podcasts that are just a few minutes long but packed with value? So I created Fearless 5 and — at most — it could go up to 10 minutes long. That’s only because sometimes I get a little passionate and can’t shut up. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s how it works

I sit down, usually on Saturdays, and write out the five Fearless 5 podcast episodes for the week. Then on Sunday, I record all five episodes and upload them for you on Anchor. I also tweet out the link on my @heatherlarson Twitter as I finish each one so you can be the first to hear them.

I upload all five episodes for the week on Sundays so you have them for the week. Then you can listen to one each weekday when you wake up, which is how I designed it. Or you can listen to them all at once whatever day or time you want! During the week, I then upload the show notes each day, Monday-Friday here on the blog. Sometimes I get ahead or behind on posting the show notes, depending on my schedule.

So if you ever are listening to the Fearless 5 Podcast and want to know more, just check out the show notes. They’ll be here. For example, if you listen to the Fearless 5 while you run or while you’re driving and hear an idea you want to come back to later, you can. You don’t have to stop and write it down or make a voice memo in your phone. I got you! It’s all right here!

Thanks for being here! I appreciate you! I’m so happy people are finding the podcast and the blog. Welcome!

~Coach Heather