#LOAMonday No. 15 -- Don't stop believin'! Or -- wait. Maybe we SHOULD stop believin'

I want to squelch a couple “conventional wisdom” things here today for #LOAMonday numero 15.

  1. Are you struggling to communicate with the Universe during Mercury Retrograde

In this current mercury retrograde, the Universe and I have struggled to communicate properly. The Universe is literally giving me what I ask for — to the point it’s been comical. “I want money, Universe!” Then the Universe will throw me a few bucks, like, “Haha, you asked for money, so here’s a trickle, dork. Learn to ask for more.” So I’ve learned to be more clear. “I want THIS amount or more!” So then I’d get it. BUT it wouldn’t be money. It would be a gift card…a stack of DVDs someone didn’t want…Like, super HILARIOUS stuff. It’s a long story. And today, I want to be brief. Point is — make your ask SPECIFIC. “I want money” is an ask that makes the Universe LOL at you. Saying, “I want $50 or better sent directly to my bank account today,” is much more clear. (We all know clarity is a struggle with mercury right now, but it’s almost over, sigh).

2. You are NOT the average of your closest five people

I’ve been writing this post in my head for the past couple weeks. This keeps coming back to me. Is there any PROOF of this? I’ve heard every life coach/therapist/light worker type of person echo this phrase for years. I’m tired of it. It no longer resonates. It’s said with the intention of making us realize we could level-up our social circle. But who has a social circle limited to just five people? And who do I spend the most time with? My cat. She doesn’t earn money (she spends it, ha ha). If you average my cat with me, I’m just going to become an old grumpy lady with a penchant for gravy…and I still hate gravy.

Anyway, if this “average of five” thing were true, no one would level up. I have a solid mix of humans in my pack and they continually grow financially. Every once in a while, someone gets knocked backwards or has a slow month. Whatever. It’s temporary. It’s ALL temporary.

So I found this blog, which actually mentions some RESEARCH! It’s about how we are NOT the average of our five closest people. We are actually being influenced by a much larger social network. There are friends of our friends influencing us, which we aren’t aware of. So are we the average of five? No. Does our social circle influence us? Yes!

So while the “average of five” idea doesn’t resonate with me anymore, here’s what does.

It’s the general people in my vicinity who affect me. I’m an energy worker and intuitive, so my neighbors affect me. Coworkers affect me. Where I spend my time affects me. When I was first waking up to my intuitive abilities, I couldn’t do crowds, malls, and movie theaters.

I’ve recently up-leveled my space, workspace, boundaries, and who gets access to my energy field. I was getting drained working in the social work field; it was coming through in my health and moods. In social work, the same people would get access to me on a daily basis without bettering their lives or giving me an energetic exchange suitable to what was drained of me. My energy exchanges now are ONLY for Reiki and coaching — or writing/journalism work I’m being paid to do.

I’m 1,000% a completely different human today than I was 26 days ago! I am who I want to be and doing only the work I want to be doing. I’m doing the work I came here to do. It feels FANTASTIC!

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3. The world isn’t a horrible place and times aren’t awful!

You see what you want to see. I admit, things aren’t the same as they used to be. I adapt. Move my cheese — I’ll find it.

You think this is bad? Now? Today? All those thingy-things you don’t like about the world? It’s just the beginning. Everything is shifting. Get ready. More of what you don’t like is on the way as what you focus on expands.

This is NOT about thinking positively. It’s about perspective. The reason you don’t like the world you see today is you are still looking at it through the lens of the old ways. You’re looking at it like you’re still in the past. Which means you aren’t riding the flow of change. You aren’t letting go of the past.

I keep hearing people say times are dark and getting darker. And this may be true in some ways. But I believe in cause and effect. Yes, the polar ice caps are melting. But #PlasticFreeJuly is now a THING! Yes, there is trash in the ocean. But there are also people inventing ways to clean it up. For every “dark” there is a “light.”

Don’t underestimate what wonderful changes are on the way.

Millenials are awesome. Times are good. We just need to keep evolving. We must vibrate higher.

~Coach Heather

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