My quest for all-natural skincare 

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A quest for all-natural skincare involving:

  • Acnedote by Alba Botanica (I paid for)

  • Tree of Life Retinol Serum (I paid for)

  • Alaffia African Black Soap (I paid for)

  • Yeouth Vitamin C&E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (comped product)

  • Pacifica Vegan Hot Mask (I paid for/discontinued but seemingly available on this Amazon link at the time of this writing).

  • Pacifica Alight BB Cream (I paid for)

  • Pacifica “Contact High” perfume oil roll-on (I paid for)

  • General reference to LaRoche Posay products, which I no longer use (I paid for)

  • Mention of Hotworx workout studio (I pay for my membership)

Yeouth Vitamin C Serum.JPG


Vitamin C & E Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

I’ve used 2/3 of the bottle in two months, so you get a good amount for a low price.

(Around $20).

My first question is, "how natural can I get?"

Am I going to have to make my own lip balms in my kitchen, or am I simply decreasing my exposure to harmful chemicals?

Secondly, will this make a difference in my skin?  

I've narrowed it down and one or two bath products are making me rash out...either it's a bag of epsom salts that are churched up with essential oils -- it it's some bath bombs that I'm sure are far from "natural" or "organic." 

Here are the issues I must resolve: 

*Aging facial skin



*Clogged pores

*Keratosis pilaris (arms)

Will natural products do it? Let's find out. Here's my motivation: 

*I realize the stuff I'm using has all kinds of chemicals in it. Preservatives, endocrine disruptors, things that cause cancer, breakouts? Who knows? 

*Minimalism in ingredients will help me narrow down what I am reacting to

*I have been trying to "dry out" my acne but my skin is aging and drying out on its own. Oh, but the top of my forehead still thinks it's 15 years old... 

Hits and misses so far on skincare products both natural and synthetic: 

First of all, Acnedote does work really well. It's popular and the lady at Whole Foods tells me they sell a lot of it. I picked up the last one on the shelf. That was over a month ago. I recommend it but with the caveat that it can be drying.

Second of all, the lady at Whole Foods recommended Alaffia African Black Soap, which is only $4. She said it was really clearing up people's skin. I tried it. Meh. Using that along with Acnedote was far too drying for me. Using it without Acnedote was no different than using any other soap or cleanser. There was nothing special about it. 

Third, I discovered Pacifica Vegan Hot Mask at Sprouts but I got the last one and it was on closeout. I love this stuff! I hoped wasn’t not discontinued, so I emailed Pacifica to ask. They told me it’s gone and not coming back. Sadness. (Again, I did find it on Amazon for however long that lasts. Don’t buy them so I can buy them all).

I am quickly falling in love with Pacifica products. 

I just started using Alight BB Cream. Holy Wow, what good stuff! The tone is deceiving on their products, something that was clearly evident from Amazon reviews. Most of those said it was too dark for light skin tones and I'm pale. So I tried it in store at Sprouts. Tone matching? The Alight BB Cream actually does it. 

The alternative to the Alight BB Cream comes out way too dark on my skin. I found this to be true to the Amazon reviews. Yet there is nothing dark enough for BIPOC. Interesting disparity, Pacifica. I hope you work to increase what’s available for ALL skin colors. 

Finally, I found a really great product I love and highly recommend. It's an all-natural retinol that had great Amazon reviews. It's a small skincare company, Tree of Life Age Defying Beauty, started by a woman and they don't pay for marketing so they pass that savings onto you. 

Can you tell I'm visiting ALL the stores for research? Ulta, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Amazon online so far…

Prior to this all-natural bender I started, I've been a Walgreens girl. I've been using LaRoche-Posay a friend recommended. (Which btw isn’t sold at every Walgreens store, so check the LaRoche Posay website before you go). These products are great, but I was still breaking out. It's a great line of affordable, dermatologist-recommended skincare products. It did clear up my skin for a while. 

The next part of this wellness & beauty blog is diet and supplementation.

Yes, I now demand wellness with my beauty — not just one or the other! 

By no means am I a medical or nutritional professional and this blog isn’t mean to diagnose or treat any disease. 

I've upped my Zinc and Vitamin A intake as well as my consumption of essential fatty acids. I'm also making an effort to stay hydrated due to my workouts at Hotworx. (More on that in a previous blog). 

What about Vitamins for the skin applied topically? 

Vitamin C products are all over the store shelves in ALL the aforementioned stores. So what will applying it topically do for my skin? 

Plenty has been written already, like this article about Vitamin C products being the most-searched for beauty items of 2017.

Sure, I want to boost collagen! I want my skin to be more luminous! I want to repair damage. 

Will it give me enough of a collagen boost to fill the lines? I gave up smoking but the lines at the side of my mouth remain. Using all those acne-drying products didn't help... 

I’ve been trying a Vitamin C Serum being sent to me by Yeouth skincare. (In full disclosure, they aren't paying me but they have comped me a bottle of product in return for a review). 

I’ve tried it since May and I love it! I put it on my face right when I get out of the shower in the morning, put on an eye cream, then the Alight BB Cream. I find the Alight is a great moisturizer as the Yeouth Vitamin C serum is a clear serum — NOT a moisturizer. Unless you’re really oily, you will likely want something moisturizing to put on after it. Alight works for me.

I chose to try retinol first to get rid of the acne and scars from it. Just know it's still a bit drying. I do love this retinol product though! I tend to put some natural skincare oil on my face after the retinol at night that I still have leftover from my direct sales days… I’ll most likely replace it with argan oil when it runs out. 

What are your experiences with all-natural skincare products? Superior or not? Hit up the comments with your experiences. (Plugs for direct sales stuff will be deleted). 

Yeouth etc flat lay.JPG


Pacifica Alight BB Cream, Pacifica “Contact High” scent, Alba Botanica Acnedote, Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum w/Hyaluronic Acid, and Tree of Life Beauty Retinol Serum

Side notes on natural scents:

Pacifica scents are amazing and I have been loving "Contact High" roll on perfume oil. A scent without drying alcohol in it? YES to that. I love all the Pacifica scents I tried at Ulta, so it was hard to settle on just one but this was my clear favorite.

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