A quick #LOAMonday today!

This is going to be super quick as I’ve been up since 3:00 am…

First, #LOAMonday is going to change now.

I’d been attempting to get a new one up each Monday. But I have decided to change it up to make #LOAMonday the final Monday of the month (today!)

The reason for this is I need to work on other things. (Did you check out the new Fearless 5 Podcast yet?) I love the law of attraction but it’s not my main squeeze. I want it in here somewhere, but it’s not my focus. I’m not primarily an LOA coach. I am a transformational life coach — my breadth and depth is much wider than just LOA. I felt like my blog was starting to get too heavy on LOA.

Bigger things are coming, so this is just a shift.

Now onto this month’s edition of #LOAMonday!

Let’s talk about Aretha Franklin. But let’s not make assumptions or frame her in anything less than she deserves. She is a queen! Remember this in the comments, please.

I was stunned by this article today:


Aretha Franklin had nearly $1 million in uncashed checks in her purse when she passed on to Heaven? Wow!

This is where I won’t make assumptions about all that.

As for the LOA thoughts on this… I know I forgot to cash a check ONCE IN MY LIFE. It was a holiday bonus check that came stuffed in an envelope with another paystub that wasn’t an active check and I found it months later. (It was a tiny bonus, easy to miss).

Money neglect is SO NOT in alignment with LOA! We don’t forget our money!

I actually forgot I had $11 in my wallet a couple weeks ago, come to think of it… Sheesh.

So the moral of this LOA story is this:

Be on top of your money. Don’t forget your holiday bonus check or that you have $11 in your wallet. Honor and respect money and all it can do for you. I say this and I am bad at it, I admit it.

I recently found some old check stubs from a time when I was really young and made a lot of money for doing very little. It is shocking to see these years later and I forgot I had them. That money came at a time when I worked in a broadcast industry I can barely remember now. It seems so far away and foreign. I made bank for making 60-second commercials, for example. But you know what finding these artifacts made me do in the present?

I decided to start keeping paystubs in a binder so I can watch them grow and get better over time. I’ll have them in chronological order. Because, in LOA, what we focus on expands.

I think maybe Aretha Franklin had a way of doing this, too.