Fearless 5 Podcast #1

Fearless 5 podcast #1

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What does your life look like without fear? 

Well, let’s get into this! What does your life look like without fear? It looks like LOVE. Fear and love cannot coexist, so it looks like LOVE. 

That’s the the simple answer, here’s the rest.

All that stuff you could do if you weren’t afraid to do it? You’ve done it and you have it in the version of you that lives without fear. The task is to become conscious of when fear is doing the talking. When is fear leading you? Is it when you’re procrastinating? Is it when you’re debating with yourself whether to do the thing or not? Whether to make the phone call or not? Whether to apply for the job or not? Sometimes, fear shows up as procrastination. 

I am learning in my own life fear also shows up as worry or lack of faith.

How does fear show up for you? 

What even makes me qualified to riff on fearlessness for 5 minutes a day? 

Hi, I’m Heather Larson, certified transformational life coach and Reiki Master. I’m also a former fear addict. Come to think of it, I’m also a former addict! I actually started this website years ago on my website, DestinyArchitecture.com. I posted ONE episode. It’s still there, too. I’m afraid to listen to it. I think I was afraid to keep it going. I think I was just overwhelmed. 

But business has made me bold — three years into my life coaching business now and it’s time to bring back The Fearless 5 podcast. Or launch it for the first time. Whatever. Point is, it’s never too late to start something. It’s never too late to return to a great idea. I started it, I left it, I’m returning. And we’re all better off for it. 

Because I want this podcast.

They say entrepreneurs have a task of solving a problem, whether for self or others…or something like that. I am solving my own problem here. I love to wake up in the morning and listen to a podcast as I get ready for work. Rapidly. I get up at 3:00 am. I’m an insane person. But I don’t have the TIME to listen to a “Fearless 50-minute long” podcast. I have about 5 minutes. I wanted this podcast for ME so I’m going to make it for YOU. Make sense? 

I just wanted something to listen to for five minutes to get me into the right MOOD and MINDSET for the day. I’ve also been accused of being a “cheerleader” in life and in my social work past many times… Clearly, it’s a skill. 

Oh yeah, I did social work. I battled my own demons of mental health and addiction in the past. I’ve been clean and sober since 7-1-13 and intend to stay that way. No I don’t do “steps” or consider myself in a state of constant recovery — never reaching the point of actually recovered from a “disease.” 

I’ve also worked in radio for 21 years. I still work in radio. I’ve been a journalist and a morning show personality and producer. I currently do news. Talk about being fearless. Be a journalist. Everyone hates us now. Everyone hates “the media.” We are blamed for what we DO and DON’T report. We are thrown under the bus by the Internet and world leaders. We are also violently killed. I don’t get threats. I just get trolled on social media. 

Maybe, the question should be, “What would you do if it would never get trolled on social media?’

So this is probably 5 minutes or MORE. I am writing these first in an attempt to gather my thoughts — otherwise there is no WAY I can just riff for only 5 minutes. I’ll chatter too much and this will be too long. 

The Fearless 5 podcast will be somewhere around 5 minutes each day, Monday through Friday. I am debating with the idea of uploading them all at once on a Sunday, though I took so much self-care time today, I ran out of time to do that. And that’s a good thing; I’ll never regret a quiet Sunday of self-care time. Working too much? Oh, I’ve regretted that in the past. I thought it might be cool for you if all the podcasts are available on a Monday morning. Then you just have them. You can use it how you want, listen to one a day, or all at once, or whatever. 

I am kinda starting the Fearless 5 (again) without being ready. I didn’t make it a cool, new graphic. I didn’t make it a dedicated page on my website. I could actually make this writing portion a blog post! I’m going to try a new podcast app I’ve never tried before and I don’t know how it works, or when the podcast will be online for you, or where. I believe in conquering all the stupid fears and just doing it anyway. This is how I started vlogging — or anything I do. It was how I started radio broadcasting in 1998… Begin before you’re ready and while you’re still afraid and lost. Do it, fuck it up, fail — but keep going. 

So what does your life look like without fear? 

Well, it looks like all that stuff on your vision board. If you have a vision board. If you don’t make one. 

Until I’m picked up on all the podcast services, I’m on Spotify today, or you can listen on Anchor: