Fearless 5 Podcast #3, 4, & 5 Shownotes

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ALL of this week’s podcasts are done & up on Anchor for you to listen to!

Since recording #3 led to what I talked about in #4 and 5, I’ll compile the show notes for all three right here. Be sure to let me know if having the show noes is helpful or not in the comments.

Fearless 5 Podcast #3

So I’m a crazy person, have you heard? I have done all the things they warn you not to do. I’m the finger-in-a-light-socket person. Not literally, but you get the idea. Maybe it was stupidity in my youth, but I’ll just call it fearlessness instead. Friends know they can come to me because I’ve already tried some thing or gone down some path. 

Let me keep introducing myself… 

Hi, I’m Heather Larson and this is Week One, Episode 3 of my new podcast, Fearless 5! I’m a certified transformational life coach and I host this podcast so that you’ll listen to it weekday mornings for a day filled with more love and less fear. 

Let’s talk about some of the fearful things I’ve done. Listen!!? Still alive. You’re hearing me right now. Didn’t die! Cool! 

I packed all my crap and moved from Phoenix to Kansas when I was 31 and I’d never been there before. I just knew I wanted to get a morning radio job again. And I got it! 

I always wanted a Vespa, ever since I visited Catalina Island as a kid and saw the scooter life. I got one a couple years ago. I flew off that thing at 45 mph and never rode it again. But I tried it. And I wore a helmet. It was worth it. My ribs hurt for a month and I have a permanent scar on my arm. 

Lesson: Face your fears. But wear a helmet! 

I prefer solo travel. I prefer anything solo — I know this idea alone is enough to scare the crap out of most women. I’ve gone to concerts, movies, meals…all alone. I’ve traveled alone many times. I prefer it! 

I’m telling you all this because there are still things I am afraid of. Commit to a relationship? Buy a house? Now you’re talking crazy. But these are things I bet you have done; they are things I fear. I’ve done things you fear. 

Fear is funny like that. What one of us does fearlessly, another of us cannot fathom doing. Make the move? Or stay in safe harbor? That’s the question. 

Fearless 5 Podast #4

Here’s where I’m riffing a little more and going a lot less of my writing:

I quit my job on July 19th of this year with nothing to fall back on. I was just tired of getting sick all the time — this job was not in alignment with my goal of achieving optimal health for myself. 

There’s a lot of stuff out there online about how to quit your job. How much you should have saved for a cushion and blah blah blah. 

Have those people really DONE THIS? 

Fearless 5 Podcast #5:

More about quitting a job, facing fears, and the years of your life… Age. I mean age. For this one, it was completely inspired by the previous two podcasts. It just carries over. No pre-written idea here.