Fearless 5 Podcast #14 Show Notes

I know so many people who want to know all the answers before taking action. Life doesn’t work that way. 

You truly have to do things, screw them up, and then try again. 

I’m being serious. Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #14 here.

Fear of doing it wrong means you’ll just never do it. You’re so afraid to do it because you think you have to have it perfect the first time out. If you wait for you to know how to do it perfectly, you may as well kiss it goodbye. Perfection keeps you stuck. 

The topic this week is “Fear in the Field.” Keep the perfection out of the field. 

Most of us who are entrepreneurs have no idea what we are doing or how we are going to do it. I don’t bring the fear into the field, whether it’s when I’m coaching, reporting, or running my business. If I don’t know how to do something, I reach out to someone, Google it, YouTube it, or buy a damn book about it. Or I just do it and screw it up and learn from it. I mess it up until I get it right. There are no mistakes — unless you don’t learn from it. 

One year, I applied for 92 jobs before I landed the 93rd one. It took me ALL of 2010 to get that job. I started it in January 2011 — and that was coming out of some bad economic times. But it changed my life in all the ways I wanted it changed. So it was worth it. 

I’ve coached a lot of job searchers. Let’s get into that tomorrow… 

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There is NO

such thing as perfect.

There now, do you feel better?