Fearless 5 Podcast #6 Show Notes

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This week, there is a theme. I’m asking you to do something most people can’t or won’t do because they find it terrifying. This is exactly why I hope you do it and play along with me!

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Fearless 5 Podcast #6 Shownotes:

Today, we’ll talk about unpacking & dissecting your fears — and your first challenge.

After much thought, I don’t know that I can help you unpack and dissect your fears in five minutes. But since I know I’m an amazing coach, let’s try. I’m making this podcast for the digital age — the no-attention-span-having and yet glued-to-a-screen age. 

Let’s begin with a challenge and the first thing you’re afraid of: SACRIFICE. 

What can you sacrifice in order to make a dream come true? 

I’m not saying you HAVE TO sacrifice anything in order to make your dreams come true. I’m just saying that I do this. It works for me only because I am WILLING to sacrifice certain things I like in order to obtain things I LOVE. I may like having X, but I don’t need it, and if I give it up — even for a bit — it may get me to Y faster. Sacrifice has always worked for me to obtain my dreams. Either I sacrifice money or time, or whatever it is. 

Fact is, we face economic trade offs. 

I prefer to put all my extra money into my business. This turned into me wanting more of that “extra money.” So I decided to give up some things. Sounds simple, right? 

Well, what if I tell you I gave up some things I enjoyed? But in comparison to my dream of being a business owner and, therefore, my own boss, those things paled in comparison? 

I’m talking about watching TV. I gave up watching TV so I could concentrate on my dreams. I’ve gotten amazing results and I don’t give a crap what’s on Netflix. I’ve gotten so much father so much quicker from spending my “TV time” on my business! 

So today, just for today, ONE DAY, I’m asking you to give up TV, Netflix, Hulu, Showtimes, HBO — whatever. Do NOT sit in front of a screen like a zombie tonight. 

Work on your dream instead. 

More on this tomorrow — and all week!