Fearless 5 Podcast #8 Shownotes

It’s a scary amount isn’t it? 

Time is money, and money is energy. 

You just figured out how much of YOURS goes to sitting and consuming. Sitting and watching. 

Now TV isn’t the enemy and we all have guilty pleasures. I’m not saying TV is the devil. Once in a while, I watch YouTube, but I am conscious about what I consume. I like to watch independent artists like myself, people who can benefit from me clicking “subscribe” or “thumbs up,” and people like myself who CREATE and aren’t household names and who I can support on Patreon even. 

Does Jennifer Aniston or Andrew Lincoln need my support? Nope. Does Ali Spagnola? YES! And you’ll love her videos too, if you go check them out. 

So now that we know how much time, money, and energy goes to your TV habit…and maybe even you went a night without TV or Netflix and didn’t die, let’s really get some things figured out. 

Were you shocked by how much TV or screen time you spend? 

Can we agree you can probably cut back a few hours a week? 

And can we also agree that — in order to be fearless — you can not only cut back a few hours but DEDICATE those hours to something better? Like following a DREAM!?!?!?!?!?!

See, they want you to be numb. They don’t want you to follow your dream. They want you to be numbed with addictive screen behaviors, binge watching, and Standard American Diet eating…they want you to work your 40-hour-a-week job you hate with benefits. They want you sleeping. They want you complacent. They don’t want you putting your energy towards your dreams or pushing against the walls that hold you in. And yes, TV is one of those walls. It boxes you in and they like it that way. 

Who is “they?” We’ll identify “them” tomorrow. 

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