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Come on down and join the Patreon community of Destiny Architects!

And when I say “community,” to be honest, it’s a place I am only just building. I’ve been building it for months. The Patreon has goals. I created it to give people who can only afford a little time or money each month a chance to enjoy some Destiny Architecture-style personal development. Money is funny — what is affordable to you may be the $3/mo Carnelian Tier or the $250/mo Diamond Tier. But at every level, my goal is to build community.

Destiny Architects need a place to gather — and it’s hardly Facebook or Instagram. Patreon gives us a private place to work. It’s a place for like minds — personal development junkies like yourself.

On the 1st Wednesday of each month, I am going to post the Download of the Month. This month, it’s called “Changing the Story,” and it’s about how you can have a productive conversation with your inner child in order to change the story you’re living from.

Do you even know what crappy story you are living from that isn’t even from you? A story that you didn’t even choose? I’m talking about a story you made up and adopted as a child — and still carry with you! We all do it. Don’t feel bad. But the practice here is to become aware of it. Then we can change it.

So the Download of the Month on Patreon is yours at the Bloodstone Tier — or $10/mo tier. I post the download, then follow it up with a podcast you can use as a companion to it. Then you have a choice — because I’m all about choice — you can do the download, or listen to the podcast, or both.

But this content is exclusive to the Patreon community! I don’t post it for sale here. And when you join, you get all the back issues… You get all the content I’ve been posting for months. The only thing that is available both on Patreon and on this site is my free ebook, “Time to Align.”

Soon, we’ll be doing “The Artist’s Way” course, which I’ve been dying to lead on Patreon!

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get the audio download posted that goes with the download, “Changing My Story.”

The idea behind the Patreon is that you are supporting me to reach my goal. The goal I am working towards is creating a Reiki ebook. Which you know I can do as I just posted a mini-ebook of 4,200 words last month!

So join here.

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