Fearless 5 Podcast Shownotes #9: Who are they?

Ok, who are “They?”

This is what we get into in Fearless 5 Podcast #9, which you can listen to here on Anchor. We just got added to PocketCasts; the podcast is also on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic. Not bad for being 10 episodes in! Each Fearless 5 Podcast is a mini-coaching session.

So, seriously, who are “They?”

You tell me! 

What is this, a life coach paradoxical, mind blast, you ask? Meh. Maybe. 

“They” are the voices in your head. 

“They” tell you what you should do, be, have. 

“They” are the voices of the people who raised you. 

“They” are the voices of society that tell you Netflix is a social connector and you’re weird for not having it.

“They” are your bosses or coworkers who are “happy” where they are. 

Chances are, if you’ve found THIS podcast, THIS life coach, and THIS website — 

You’re pretty tired of “them.” 

“They” are advertisers, marketers, and any other media message that tells you to consume. 

(I know, ironic when you realize I have been in the media since the 1990s in some capacity, year after year).

I’m going to tell you to do something different with your time today. I don’t want you to consume today (except for this podcast, ha!) 

Today, I want you to CREATE. 

Create another TV-free day and night. If you aren’t passively consuming for once, who are you? Don’t identify yourself with the labels like, “I’m Marvel not DC,” or “I’m Star Trek not Star Wars,” or “There are two kinds of people, Game of Thrones fans and…” 

Who are YOU? With unlimited time and NO TV, what do you create? Walks in nature? Time for fitness? Are you creating a blog (that’s what I did). Are you creating that business plan for the dream business you own and run that gets you out of working for other people? With evenings free, do you take a class? Any class — a college class, an online class, a class at your local library or recreation center… 

What PASSION do you pursue with extra time? 

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Get more fearless

Pursue your passion.

Because pursuing passion takes time. It takes energy. Maybe it’s a local softball team or a salsa dance class. Maybe you need a trip to Guitar Center. Maybe you want to go back to school. 

Do that thing you want to do and stop letting the constructs of society hold you back. 

How will you spend your evening tonight?