LOA Monday #4: Law of Attraction in practice — creating an LOA Journal for yourself

Journaling is my favorite thing to do in my downtime for self-care. I’m so obsessed with bullet journaling, stickers, washi tape, stencils, fine liner pens and brush pens for lettering… My mom was into calligraphy when I was little, so maybe I’m turning into my mother.

My LOA journal started simply and I’m going to share it with you how here.

The two things you need are some kind of pen and a notebook — it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to start out. I got my current one at Michael’s (2 for $5) and a set of fine liner pens for less than $20 with a coupon (and a super rad cashier).

My current habit with my LOA journal is to center on three things:

  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Affirmations
#LOA Journaling.jpg

I start by making the gratitude list, then the forgiveness list, and finally the affirmations.

The journal helps me find clarity. Over time, I see the affirmations I am repeating over the days and weeks. I see then what my heart’s truest desires are — and I do the work to honor those. One thing that has manifested for me over the summer is great health. But it did so in the strangest way! One day we thought I was passing a kidney stone, then we suspected cancer, and then it turned out none of those things were true. I’d become a medical mystery to the doctors. But to me, I was at home in my LOA journal affirming over and over, “I AM HEALTHY!”

(At the time, nothing in my life was pointing towards me being healthy. I even began looking into work-from-home jobs and disability).

Ultimately, it turns out my spine is getting the better of my internal organs due to my scoliosis. The human body is amazing like that. It was like my shadow self was trying to convince me I was NOT healthy but I knew in my heart that I AM HEALTHY!

i am healthy.jpg

You can start with the tiniest notebook to make your lists or the fanciest bullet journal you buy — or create. As always, remember LOA is about creating a feeling. It’s about being in the vibration that attracts your desires, which we can get into by visualizing it as if we already have it.

Gratitude, forgiveness, and affirmation lists are great LOA tools. They are part of a muscle we use and flex each day in an LOA practice. It’s like weight lifting — for your vibration. It’s calisthenics for your energy field.

LOA Monday #3: How Can I Use the Law of Attraction?

Welcome to another LOA Monday!

Check out #LOAMonday #1 here and #2 here.

Now that we went over the why, let’s go over the how.


I like to refer to the Law of Attraction as a practice.

I feel like everything has a learning curve. To implement lifetime changes that will stick, we need to practice. Practice implies consistent and repeated action to the best of our ability. It will get easier over time.

We will get better over time.

I also want to offer a word of caution. I think I already made my point clear about how The Secret may do more harm than good when interpreted incorrectly. I want to make it clear today that coaching, spirituality, and spiritual coaching (which is how I coach but not all I do) are all about more than #LOA.

I am providing #LOAMonday as a tool to help inspire you to do the work. It’s when you get into a rut doing the work that you call on me as a coach. The work is not optional — we are all here to do it!

My caution is inspired by recent events with friends online. Friends of mine old and new who have gone in on fraudulent spiritual teachers.  I think I’ll make a separate post on that to honor that appropriately...

Until then, have a great Monday! Believe you already have what you desire -- it's how you change your conscious thought to be in the vibration to attract it!

Career Coach Corner: Avoiding Resume Black Holes -- Whether You Are a Career-Changer or Not!

Coaching for career changers can help you focus on priorities and values which will help you concentrate on what you really want to create in the future of your life’s work. But it still won’t stop your resume from ending up in some company's black hole — a digital garbage can where your resume is never seen by human eyes.

My career coaching is private and one-on-one. You can make an appointment with me for that here. But here’s some information to help everyone being coached on career direction that doesn’t need to be kept private or done one-on-one.

Your resume is likely to fall into a black hole.

Career Coaching Corner.jpg

I think — or hope anyway — that we all know that. If you don’t, let me awaken you.

Did you know your resume is already digitally pre-judged by machines before it even has a chance to make it to human eyes? The larger the company you apply to, the truer this is! Applying for a mom & pop company means you’re less likely to encounter the Automatic Tracking System for applicants — or ATS. Use of keywords makes the ATS your friend. For some reason, the ATS threw me to the customer service and sales wolves years ago. I have no clue what on my resume did that! (Possibly my liberal arts degree?)

If you’re struggling with wanting a career change and needing coaching on it, I’m here to help. We will take stock of where you’ve been already in your career. What are your accomplishments? What skills and talents do you bring to an organization? What kind of education do you have, what certifications do you hold, and what kind of teams have you led? We will take a look at the past that brought through your career so far.

Then we will work on where you are headed. What are you passionate about? What have you done before that can be used to your advantage in where you are going? For example, I had to use skills acquired in radio broadcasting and journalism for jobs I applied for outside the field. No one cared about my audio editing experience. But I could translate some skills over. I had done social media marketing, interviewing, writing, editorial, and press releases. I learned that personal connections were the best way for me to get hired. Through my network, I obtained part-time employment that turned into full-time.

Very little of my radio skills were useful in the field of addictions I entered after radio. But I learned new skills. The person who hired me at the time knew me because I’d done charity work for her at the non-profit that became my employer. She had seen something in me she thought would be great for the job working for her in the recovery center. Then I was thrown into a variety of trainings for my job. Eventually, I put my new skills to work full-time in a new position.

That was more than three years ago and I learned so much! The skills I have now can probably get me into a variety of places in the social work and non-profit field. I also used to think I wanted to learn grant writing. After all, it was writing, wasn’t it? Now that I’ve worked in the field and seen friends go through grant writing courses in college, I realized that isn’t the work for me.

This is the number one reason to go take any job. It’s automatic field research into what you don’t —and do— want to do for work. Career changes don’t have to be scary! It also shows you what exactly your strengths and weaknesses really are.


Self-Care Sunday -- Mother's Day 2018

Self-care becomes more important as time goes on like I'm making up for lost time. (I am).

I did not grow up knowing self-care. It is not something you are taught in a family experiencing patterns of addiction and codependency. It was my natural urge as a human being -- yet early in life I was chastised and envied openly for taking any step toward self-care.

As an adult, I shamelessly take the time for me. Often I make it no one else's business.

My mother ached for self-care and always put others first.

It is time we, as a society, stop revering people for this. Especially women.

It is time we stop giving mothers one day a year for them to "do nothing," but to make it a practice as women to just TAKE OUR SELF-CARE and not be waiting for an occasion to let go. We must let go constantly.

It is not a virtue to put others first. It is a sickness.

It is a behavior we call codependency. Being "Co" is just as detrimental to our lives as active addiction to a substance or gambling is.

Let's make a goal to live harm-free lives, starting at home. Let's stop the self-harm and replace it with self-care. Let's replace neediness with independence, codependency with healthy interdependence. Let's show our children we are capable and passionate about filling our well so they grow up to do the same.

I think of my mother, so starved for oxygen as she put the mask on others first -- all the others. She put the needs of her child, her husband, and her parents above her own. She chose not to grow. That was not OK.

That is never OK!

If you are a mother with dreams on the back burner, I give you permission to move forward on them. Get that mani-pedi. Take the day off. Eat the lemon cake. Take that trip. Get the education. Apply for the job. Let others pick up some slack for once.

They will -- if you stop doing everything for them.

It's been nearly 14 years since I lost my mother to CJD. In that time, I've done the work to learn lessons in self-care for both of us. But the difference is I get to experience self-care while I am still alive and breathing. My daughter gets her nails done, goes to the gym, nurtures relationships, and thank God! I doubt she learned it from me, but I am just glad she does it!

Kick your feet up.jpg

Book online with me! I added new coaching & Reiki services!

New for summer

I wanted to make coaching more simple and affordable for summer break as I was inspired by an educator friend who has the summer off and wants to make the most of her time.

I created options for those who really want to grow with multiple sessions -- but who are on a budget.

A life coaching session a week for an entire month won't cost more than $250. If you want two sessions a week of coaching for a month, it's $600. That is it! If you want to get intense and have unlimited coaching and Reiki all month long, it's going to be $1,000, which is a great price for those who want 8 coaching sessions plus a Reiki session or more each week.

Start with a $49 introductory session. I have these set up for two-hour blocks -- but always plan for a session to last at least an hour, maybe 90 minutes. I take my time and listen. I can't can the experience into just one hour.

If you've already done your introductory life coaching session at $49 and want another session, just one at a time as you go, my regular sessions are $100. I made it pay off for you to buy several and keep on working on yourself with coaching and Reiki!

See the new offerings below!

I'm not available this Saturday due to tons of graduations and Mother's Day stuff. Usually, I am available on Saturdays.

Career Changing & The Job Search: Will Any Job Do?

More now on my “any job will do” and “just get your butt out of the house” ethos for career changers.

career changing & the.jpg

I’ve seen what happens when a person doesn’t do this. It’s not pretty. When you don’t have something to do each day outside the house, you know, like a job? You’re at home on the couch eating a bag of chips. It’s life wasted because no matter what, you have something to give somewhere. You’re needed in this world. Sitting at home firing off resumes into a black hole and eating chips while overdosing on reality TV does no one any good. Not you, not anyone else.

Put a cap on the amount of time you’re allowed to sit and feel sorry for yourself. Then get out of the house.

Good God, do volunteer work if you have to!


Top 7 Reasons why you must get out of the house:

1. You can create a schedule and structure again
2. You can meet people. New people could invite you to things. Or you get some networking out of it.
3. It keeps you from isolating yourself.
4. You truly never know where any job leads.
5. You have to be a part of the outside world and rejoin society through rejoining the workforce.
6. Sometimes you get a retirement fund started off even a part-time job. I’ve done it!
7. New jobs mean new training, new training means new skills and more resume padding.

Of course, there are many more reasons depending on what career field you end up working within. Some have fringe benefits, like paid training and licensing. Some have awesome holiday parties and quarterly luncheons that make for great networking grounds. Part-time jobs with flexible hours help you keep money flowing in as you seek your next big gig. Part-time jobs have hooked me up with everything from free flu shots to concert tickets over the years — depending on the field.

Some jobs show you what you don’t want to do. It can be fun to try something new, but 30-90 days in, we should know whether it’s a good fit or not. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s OK to move on.

The aforementioned resume black hole is something we can contend with in the next edition of Lessons for Career Changers…

A meditation on how to make a habit…

As Lent winds down, I am coming to realize it’s easier to break a habit than make a habit.

It seems it was easier for me to quit smoking rather than add to my daily habit repertoire — on the surface. What really has happened is I found a sneaky way to change habits.


Quoting smoking (again) was something I didn’t think would stick. I thought I’d fail in days. But here I am, still not smoking since 2/13/18. One week without it and I knew I deserved a reward. I purchased the lavender band with rose gold FitBit Charge 2, aka The Most Expensive One. I decided this was a good reward that would influence me to become more active, and so replacing my smoking with fitness.

That’s not what happened at all.

The most revealing thing for me about FitBit was my sleeping patterns.

This electronic tool has helped me revolutionize my sleeping habits this Lent — it aided a problem I wasn’t even aware of! I was getting around five hours of sleep a night. No wonder I was so tired. Now, I make sleep a priority, watch how this habit is going each morning, take a conscious moment to see how I feel on the amount of sleep I got — and then I move on. I’m conscious of it in the morning so all day I think about how I will spend my evening thinking, “There’s a sleep deficit today, I’m tired, my mood and motivation are blah, so I know I need to turn in early.” It’s become a wonderful way to take care of myself.

The fitness habit I added back in came in second…

Then my friend and coworker, Jeffrey, started giving me the business about my FitBit, being the Inspector of Heather’s Steps. He quickly purchased his own so we could compete. This led to us inviting another friend and coworker, Kim, through the FitBit app, to join us in daily challenges. So we often have a three-way challenge going. The trash talking and competition between us is super fun and motivating, even though technically we work in all different locations.

Yesterday, I had no problem hitting my current 8,000 step goal! I had three different facilities to work in for my clients! I was walking all over downtown! By early evening, when I hit the radio station to do the news (I’m also a broadcast journalist), I began trying to rack up some extra steps and floors. The station is big so I do laps often, which is entertaining for my coworkers there.

I’ve taken a look at the contrasting jobs I have. By day, I get more exercise by walking around downtown Wichita for my work. By night, I am more sedentary, but I make it a challenge to get up on the hour to do a lap or two around the station.

Habits take effort to start and stop.

What worked for me to quit smoking was to go with the flow instead of against it. If I had to “fight” to quit smoking, I wouldn’t have.

I used Lent and my spiritual practices to fuel my quitting — and thank G-d! I am so glad I’ve quit for so many reasons! What was revealed was worth the work — this is something I mention a lot to clients I coach on sobriety. When you quit an addictive substance or behavior, you won’t know where it will lead you.

Which makes the fear we feel in stopping a bad habit such a waste of energy.

There’s nothing to fear!

Took a week off!


Yes, we skipped #LOAMonday blog post No. 3.

I had strep. Antibiotics made me sick. I quit taking them over the weekend. I got strep AGAIN. I got a new antibiotic. I got well. The end.

I have attracted "the sick" into my life too often this winter! So like any decent life coach obsessed with personal development, I'm hard at work on this issue. I'm unpacking this gift one layer of tissue paper at a time.

Some gift boxes stink.

But they are still gifts to be unwrapped.

Being Grateful in the Hallway

Every light worker touts the magic of gratitude.

But how can you be grateful when life sucks?

I personally call this, “The hallway.” Being grateful in The Hallway is non-negotiable. There are light workers who love to tout gratitude as a value and way of life but who don’t take into account the shadow — or dark side. (We call those, “rookies” — new to the “high on life” way of living). We all must deal with the shadow side of ourselves and the shadow side of life. Life has peaks and valleys. Life has a balance.

They can’t all be good days.

What matters is how you handle the days that aren’t so happy and glorious. Problems occur. People die. Things we adore leave us or break down. Situations we depend on come to completion. We part ways with a partner. Basically, we go through a major life change. That’s when we find ourselves in The Hallway.


What is The Hallway?

The Hallway is where we stand with one door closed behind us, usually ever-so-unwillingly, as we wait for that next door to open. We don’t know when that door is going to open. The handle doesn’t turn for us when we turn it; we don’t have the key. The only solution is to wait it out until conditions change. But it’s brutal. We want to jump out of our body in discomfort.

How do we find gratitude in that?

Conventional wisdom tells us, “Be grateful things aren’t worse, someone out there has it worse than you.” This isn’t my favorite cliche because I think it minimizes our suffering. We should accept and honor our suffering — then keep moving forward.

I like to teach being grateful for the basics above all else. This way we aren’t minimizing the fact that, yes, life sucks. But it only sucks at the moment. This is when you seek out things to be grateful for in abundance. We list the most basic things like food, water, shelter and space. Then we add on being grateful for more basic things in life like the sun coming out and having clean socks.

Does this fix things? Probably not. Taking action fixes things. If you feel stuck in that department, a good coach can help. You can schedule a session with me here.

This, however, can give us a better mindset. What we think we become. Our thoughts and beliefs dictate our actions and our actions create our life. So creating the ability to get out of The Hallway starts with good thinking. Gratitude contributes to that.

Gratitude also prevents us from becoming miserable cows.

Use gratitude as a coping skill. A one-minute mind shift. Of all the inventories we take in life, we can’t forget to take a gratitude inventory. If you need help with this principle, I’ve blogged some ideas for you here.

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9 Attitude Shifts You Can Adopt to Make 2018 Great

Have a phenomenal and fearless 2018. Experience big life shifts as you incorporate the attitude shifts below!

When in doubt, surrender it out!.jpg

1. Play big in the world.

In what ways can you up-level your life? How can you play bigger? What is keeping you playing small in certain areas of your life?

Dare to dream bigger. Put what feels “impossible” on your vision board right now. I put an $8,000,000 million dollar home on mine. Impossible? The question I ask myself is do I want to live a renter-for-life type of existence or do I think I can live in an $8,000,000-home kind of way? Is my life a piece of newsprint to color with crayons or a fabulous canvas with every color of oil paint in existence?

2. You deserve it!

Also, do I deserve the rental or the huge home? What do I deserve? The answer is, “I deserve it!” Whatever your “it” is, remember: you do deserve it. You have worth and value — so do your ideas. Who is to say we all don’t have an $8,000,000-idea within us? Or several? Look at Oprah.

2. Stop Freaking Out. Meditate.

Do we need to keep rolling excessive thoughts around in our head? It’s 2018 and we have so much available to us. Do we need to keep clinging to anxious thoughts, worry, hurt, and pain? Or can we take the courage to step forward into a new place of silence within ourselves — the place where the answers are?

Playing big in the world and knowing we deserve it means we deserve silence. We deserve to shut down our thoughts and step into the space within. Courage is about trusting ourselves and knowing the answers are there when we sit still for them to come.

3. Self-care is paramount!

If you’re new to the Destiny Architect life, let me initiate you. We DA’s take care of ourselves. We refuse to be dragged into others’ bullshit. We put ourselves first. We take care of ourselves. We eat right, rest, exercise, get haircuts, see doctors, have boundaries, and all those other delicious things that mean we are taking care of ourselves. We let go of fear. We create. We meditate. We let go. We do what it takes to take care of ourselves. Who is going to do it for us? What are we waiting for?

Radical self-care. Do it. Do it now!

4. Yes you can. Yes we can. Si se puede.

Did you just give a reason you can’t? No copouts. No excuses. Relentlessly follow your dreams. Even when we have a crappy day — don’t give up. Remember what you are doing to reach your goals and why. You can do it. Yes, you can.

5. Happiness and fulfillment are my choices, my priorities determine my choices & actions.

We can’t buy happiness. It’s pointless waiting for it. Make today great. You can. Yes, you can! It’s your choice to be happy and fulfilled. You do it by letting go of fear, living deliciously, creatively, and confidently.

Want to make it happen? Put it first. Make it a priority. Priorities lead to commitment, commitment leads to action, action leads to change and THINGS GETTING DONE!

Do happiness. Haven’t you finished with sorrow and being lame by now? (Yes, I am a very blunt life coach!)

6. When in doubt, surrender it out!

Don’t knock my 12-step ethos tim you try it. It saved my life — and the lives of millions. This spiritual idea can be found in Scripture and most spiritual teachings I’ve come across. It’s been repeated in every spiritual house of worship I’ve attended, every religion I’ve heard of, and it has to do with faith.

Surrender is a practice.

When your life is filled with fear and doubt — surrender it out.

Letting go is freedom.

7. I’m no slave, it’s OK to outsource things.

I’m planning to outsource as much as I can this year, one step at a time. The first thing getting outsourced is laundry. I simply do not have a goal in my life congruent with being a laundry master when I grow up. It’s a time suck. I can pay someone to do this.

We don’t even have to grocery shop anymore with the technology we have today.

If this stuff had been around in my mother’s day, you bet she’d be all over it! Let’s enjoy these magical times.

8. I will always remember my “why” and keep it top of mind.

WHY do you want it? Remember your WHY. Because when you’re tired as hell, mentally and emotionally spent on your hardest day this year, the thought of quitting will cross your mind. So keep that WHY posted in a place where you are reminded of it. Don’t give up. Keep your motivation close.

9. I am going new places this year

Oh, the places you’ll go! It’s more than just a children’s book. You really are going places — if you let yourself. Get out of your own way, lose the fear, do all of the above, and the travel will take care of itself. Fearless living means your ticket is bought, bags are packed, and wheels up!

I don’t mean this completely in the geographical sense. Imagine what will come your way if you surrender and improve your life! Imagine the invitations coming your way, the magical detours, the moments of creative fire, the “A-Ha!” moments, the love and laughter… So many new gifts and blessings are coming your way….

Happy 2018!

-Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson

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