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Really big fears

Talk to your fears — and don’t be nice.

Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #15 here.

What is holding you back from applying for the job you want? This is where we can really dig into “Fear in the Field.” No matter what your field is — mine is obviously media — I am betting you have some fears. 

We aren’t going to talk about the petty stuff, like, “What will this job change mean for my schedule.” 

Let’s talk about the really big fears. 

You aren’t applying for that job because the constructs of society tell you you’re not enough. You have too many gaps in your resume or you need a college degree to get ahead… Which, honestly — means nothing in modern life and today’s economy. I wish I could return my college degree and get my credit score back. We all have gaps in our resumes and they are easily — and confidently — explained with some coaching. (I did this daily with clients when I did social work). 

I have literally coached ex-cons and former drug dealers on how to deal with such questions in job interviews. Ever been a drug addict on the streets for years? Selling crack isn’t a job skill. Sales managers aren’t going to hire you for that. Even Jay-Z knew that, hence he became a rapper. But we all can’t be Jay-Z. 

So when it comes to getting on your feet and getting rid of the Fear in the Field, talk to it. Say, “Hello, Fear. I see you’re hanging around. But you’re full of lies. I don’t believe you. I will prove you wrong, or at least try to. I AM good enough, I do have enough experience, and even if I don’t — I’m applying for this job. I am going to the audition. In fact, I’m going to leave you at home now, bye.” 

Then do your thing. Do it imperfectly. What’s the worst thing that can happen? So what if you do it wrong? They aren’t going to eat you or take away your first born. ALL that matters is you learn from the process of trying. Learn from the audition or job interview. I started vlogging and don’t know a thing about it. We can all laugh about that at a later date… Point is, I tried. And I keep trying. I hope you do, too. 

Fearless 5 Podcast #14 Show Notes

I know so many people who want to know all the answers before taking action. Life doesn’t work that way. 

You truly have to do things, screw them up, and then try again. 

I’m being serious. Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #14 here.

Fear of doing it wrong means you’ll just never do it. You’re so afraid to do it because you think you have to have it perfect the first time out. If you wait for you to know how to do it perfectly, you may as well kiss it goodbye. Perfection keeps you stuck. 

The topic this week is “Fear in the Field.” Keep the perfection out of the field. 

Most of us who are entrepreneurs have no idea what we are doing or how we are going to do it. I don’t bring the fear into the field, whether it’s when I’m coaching, reporting, or running my business. If I don’t know how to do something, I reach out to someone, Google it, YouTube it, or buy a damn book about it. Or I just do it and screw it up and learn from it. I mess it up until I get it right. There are no mistakes — unless you don’t learn from it. 

One year, I applied for 92 jobs before I landed the 93rd one. It took me ALL of 2010 to get that job. I started it in January 2011 — and that was coming out of some bad economic times. But it changed my life in all the ways I wanted it changed. So it was worth it. 

I’ve coached a lot of job searchers. Let’s get into that tomorrow… 

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There is NO

such thing as perfect.

There now, do you feel better?

Fearless 5 Podcast #11 Shownotes

Check out the Fearless 5 Podcast Shownotes on the blog every Monday-Friday! The blog uploads on Anchor on Sundays. I upload ALL the episodes for you for the entire week so you can use them how you wish!

You can also listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, and PocketCasts (at this time with more to be added soon).

~Coach Heather Larson — Certified Transformational Life Coach

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Week 3

It’s already week 3 of the Fearless 5 Podcast! Here’s episode #11!

Fearless 5 Podcast #11

This week’s topic is, “Fear in the Field!” 

Do you want a random topic each day, or do you like this “topic of the week” format I did last week and am doing again this week? Which do you prefer? I may mix it up next week… Let me know in the comments!

“Fear in the Field” is inspired by real-life events. Talking about fear on the Fearless 5 podcast is one thing, but what happens when the podcast is over and you walk out the door? What happens when you are taking action steps towards your dreams? FEAR. And this is cheesy and cliche, but fear has a couple meanings: Fear Everything And Run — or — Face Everything And Rise. 

So which is it? Which one do you want it to be?

There’s also False Evidence Appearing Real. (Enough with the acronyms now).

I’m not saying your fears aren’t valid. I’m just saying feel the fear but do it anyway. Don’t let your fears win. Don’t let them run you or make you feel like you are less than. Make the voice of your higher self stronger than the voice of your fears. Your fears are full of lies anyway. 

Last week, as a journalist, I went to interview people at the “American Idol” auditions where I live — in Wichita, KS. I’ve covered “American Idol” off and on since 2002; I attended the finale shows in 2002 and 2003. This show was a HUGE deal then — back when we had crappy Nokia phones, texting was new, and Twitter was still a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye. BUT — I had never gotten to go to American Idol auditions as a reporter before, so 2002 Me was psyched! 

Knowing I’d want to talk to people in line about the subject of fear for this podcast, I asked every single person if they were afraid. Every single person said, “Yes!” How intimidating for a singer and musician, am I right? All your dreams hang on the few minutes you’re about to get before one of the “American Idol” producers! I know there are people who go to “American Idol” auditions and get stage fright. I’m sure if it were me, I’d have the biggest wet circles around my armpits. Gross. (I used to be terrified to sing in front of other people and maybe I’ll tell that story on next week’s Fearless 5 Podcast).

But Kelly Clarkson didn’t didn’t freeze up. She walked up to those producers and tried out like a damn diva and owned her talent. She walked up there empowered, I’m sure. I don’t know this for a fact. But I think it’s pretty obvious things worked out for her. But I wish I could go back to interview early-aughts Kelly and chat about fear… 

This week, let’s talk about conquering your fear in the field. Whether “the field” is an “American Idol” audition, job interview, going on a date, starting something new… We manage our fears in the field. We manage them by taking action, so we manage them in motion. Our feet are off the ground and we are moving. We are either moving forward or we aren’t. 

On podcast 12 (tomorrow), let’s hear from someone who ROCKED their “American Idol” audition… 

Fearless 5 Podcast Shownotes #9: Who are they?

Ok, who are “They?”

This is what we get into in Fearless 5 Podcast #9, which you can listen to here on Anchor. We just got added to PocketCasts; the podcast is also on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic. Not bad for being 10 episodes in! Each Fearless 5 Podcast is a mini-coaching session.

So, seriously, who are “They?”

You tell me! 

What is this, a life coach paradoxical, mind blast, you ask? Meh. Maybe. 

“They” are the voices in your head. 

“They” tell you what you should do, be, have. 

“They” are the voices of the people who raised you. 

“They” are the voices of society that tell you Netflix is a social connector and you’re weird for not having it.

“They” are your bosses or coworkers who are “happy” where they are. 

Chances are, if you’ve found THIS podcast, THIS life coach, and THIS website — 

You’re pretty tired of “them.” 

“They” are advertisers, marketers, and any other media message that tells you to consume. 

(I know, ironic when you realize I have been in the media since the 1990s in some capacity, year after year).

I’m going to tell you to do something different with your time today. I don’t want you to consume today (except for this podcast, ha!) 

Today, I want you to CREATE. 

Create another TV-free day and night. If you aren’t passively consuming for once, who are you? Don’t identify yourself with the labels like, “I’m Marvel not DC,” or “I’m Star Trek not Star Wars,” or “There are two kinds of people, Game of Thrones fans and…” 

Who are YOU? With unlimited time and NO TV, what do you create? Walks in nature? Time for fitness? Are you creating a blog (that’s what I did). Are you creating that business plan for the dream business you own and run that gets you out of working for other people? With evenings free, do you take a class? Any class — a college class, an online class, a class at your local library or recreation center… 

What PASSION do you pursue with extra time? 

Fearless 5 logo 10.jpg

Get more fearless

Pursue your passion.

Because pursuing passion takes time. It takes energy. Maybe it’s a local softball team or a salsa dance class. Maybe you need a trip to Guitar Center. Maybe you want to go back to school. 

Do that thing you want to do and stop letting the constructs of society hold you back. 

How will you spend your evening tonight? 

Patreon: Let's build this thing, Destiny Architects!

Come on down and join the Patreon community of Destiny Architects!

And when I say “community,” to be honest, it’s a place I am only just building. I’ve been building it for months. The Patreon has goals. I created it to give people who can only afford a little time or money each month a chance to enjoy some Destiny Architecture-style personal development. Money is funny — what is affordable to you may be the $3/mo Carnelian Tier or the $250/mo Diamond Tier. But at every level, my goal is to build community.

Destiny Architects need a place to gather — and it’s hardly Facebook or Instagram. Patreon gives us a private place to work. It’s a place for like minds — personal development junkies like yourself.

On the 1st Wednesday of each month, I am going to post the Download of the Month. This month, it’s called “Changing the Story,” and it’s about how you can have a productive conversation with your inner child in order to change the story you’re living from.

Do you even know what crappy story you are living from that isn’t even from you? A story that you didn’t even choose? I’m talking about a story you made up and adopted as a child — and still carry with you! We all do it. Don’t feel bad. But the practice here is to become aware of it. Then we can change it.

So the Download of the Month on Patreon is yours at the Bloodstone Tier — or $10/mo tier. I post the download, then follow it up with a podcast you can use as a companion to it. Then you have a choice — because I’m all about choice — you can do the download, or listen to the podcast, or both.

But this content is exclusive to the Patreon community! I don’t post it for sale here. And when you join, you get all the back issues… You get all the content I’ve been posting for months. The only thing that is available both on Patreon and on this site is my free ebook, “Time to Align.”

Soon, we’ll be doing “The Artist’s Way” course, which I’ve been dying to lead on Patreon!

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get the audio download posted that goes with the download, “Changing My Story.”

The idea behind the Patreon is that you are supporting me to reach my goal. The goal I am working towards is creating a Reiki ebook. Which you know I can do as I just posted a mini-ebook of 4,200 words last month!

So join here.

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Help me keep creating

Join the Patreon today!

Fearless 5 Podcast #7 Show Notes

So since it’s Tuesday, technically this would be the day of this week you would listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #7 — IF you are listening to them each weekday as I designed them.

But, it’s totally OK if you do them all in a day, skip a day, or whatever. I make them for you to use however you want for your own personal growth. We know personal development doesn’t happen on schedule. It happens when you’re moved to make it happen. It happens when you make space for it. So, you do you, Destiny Architect. Just remember — YOU are the architect of your own destiny.

If I posted all the show notes at once like I do the podcast, the blog would be a hot mess. It’s also time consuming. So I’m posting them 1-2 per day during the week.

Fearless 5 logo 8.jpg

This week

The Fearless 5 Podcasts should make you think, make you mad, and challenge you.

Here’s the show notes for Fearless 5 Podcast #7:

Listen to it here, on Anchor.

Hello, there. How did your TV-free night go? How did you fill your time? Did you work on your dream instead? Did you catch up with a friend? Did you sleep or go to the gym to escape a quiet house? Did you spend time with loved ones? Did you “watch a movie” because, “Technically, that’s not something Coach Heather said I had to give up…” HA! 

How you responded to the challenge says a lot about where you are, what you’re ready for, and what you’re willing to do in order to live a fearless life. Sit with that today. Did you dive in or did you make an excuse? Did you whine? Did you give a cop out? You know what you did. You know how you responded. Now what? 

Most people can’t sit with the silence of not having a TV on or Netflix to watch. Most of society works, comes home, eats the Standard American Diet, and thing binge watches something on a screen until bed time. Now, it’s multiple screens. You’ve got Netflix on while you surf on your iPad and “connect” via social media. 

If you’re the person who eats the SAD and goes full-zombie in front of a TV nightly, I may not be the coach for you. Unless you’re tired of that life, in which case, I am EXACTLY the coach for you. 

Society has pressured you into that lifestyle where you are over-connected and yet feeling completely unconnected and not at all fulfilled. I realized this last week, when someone asked me if I watch Netflix. I said no, I don’t watch TV. You should have seen their face! They looked at me like I was a lepper! Like they were thinking, “OMG what a puritanical crazy woman!” 

Perhaps, I am actually the sane one here. Here’s 3 steps to take: 

  1. How much are you paying for cable, internet, and “services” like Netflix. Write down the total dollar amount. 

  2. Now, look at how much your job pays you and how much you have to work to pay for the above. 

  3. Next, total up how much time you spend watching and consuming. How much time on screens. Are there two screens at once? More than that? 

That’s today’s challenge. Evaluate how much time, energy, and money goes into your “TV” habit. 

Listen to Fearless 5 Podcast #7 here.

At this time, it’s on Anchor, Spotify, RadioPublic, and Google Podcasts.

Top Destiny Architecture Life Coaching Blogs of Summer 2019

I was OUT for July, like dead. But there were still a few blogs I wrote that you loved. Thanks for the love! Since, due to illness, I didn’t do a “Top Blogs of July” like I normally would, I’m lumping summer into one. So I’m combining your most favorite blogs of July/August as we begin the first week of September.

First, an honorable mention —

It wasn’t a blog but a page well-visited. The “Courses” page got some love! It wasn’t top-five, but it was close.

REiki Room 2017.JPG

Learn Reiki 1

and more courses coming soon

Your #5 Fave blog of the summer was the very first Fearless 5 Podcast Show notes:

Fearless 5 logo.jpg

1st F5 podcast

I’d wanted to get this going for a couple years!

Your #4 Fave thing was this blog about my skincare journey…

Yeouth Vitamin C Serum review! DestinyArchitecture.com.jpg

This journey

Is not over…glad to see you love skincare as much as I do!

The #3 most popular summer blog related to my illness in July and how I answered a common question…

Every master was once a disaster..jpg


When we came to this planet, we healers didn’t know what we were in for

Your #2 most favorite Destiny Architecture thing of Summer 2019 was…”What I’ve Learned From Six Years of Sobriety.”

6 year sober me .JPG

Still clean & sober…

…after all these years. And oddly y’all were into my story! Thanks!

And the MOST-READ thing wasn’t a blog at all! WHAT!?!?! Ok, you are really into reprogramming your subconscious mind and I LOVE IT!

Currently, I have it on sale for $3.33 — so you know what to do! And if you get stuck, let me know.

Reflecting on the end of my 30s

You will read nothing more LEO than this today — here I am, waxing poetic about the end of another decade, and wishing myself a happy birthday on my website. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Destiny Architecture birthday sale a few weeks ago. That was madness and so fun!

Happy birthday pink.jpg

Truth is, I’ve felt 40 for a while and that’s a good thing.

I am just getting started! As much as I wish I could go back to my young self and shake her awake, she had to go through all that to get to where she is today. Also, Tuesday was #NationalRadioDay, and it’s been 21 years in broadcasting for me.

21 years!

I had to think about that later. Has it really been that long? Wasn’t it longer? I was driving and had to do the math again…. It started because I made a video for Instagram with my work buddies Tuesday in which we were all counting the years we’ve been broadcasting.

So here we are! 40!?!!?

I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this far. Years of addiction and dangerous living…I didn’t really have a plan… But if I do say so myself, I’m loving 40-year-old me. She takes no shit, she knows what she wants, she’s disciplined, focused, and experienced. Word to my younger sisters — develop a gym habit, stay hydrated, focus on nutrition and self-care. And dump the losers. All of them! If you don’t have a group of crazy girlfriends who will do clothing swap parties and vision boards with you — get new friends. Good girlfriends — of all ages — will get you through the tough times.

New stuff coming

So, we had the Destiny Architecture birthday weeks ago. This website is 3 years old! Yay!

But with birthdays comes growth and it cannot be fought. The vision I had for this website started it off three years ago and has served me well. But it is time to grow and evolve the content to serve you better. Part of the first vision for this website was built around me working 40-hour weeks in social work plus going to school online at SWIHA to work on my coaching certification. The content I started back then was easier to keep up on, like the #LOAMonday posts I’ve done. But I’m not a money mindset or manifestation coach. It was just something fun I started that I think I can let go of now. It muddies the waters of what I do. If enough of you miss it, I can bring it back, but it would be monthly rather than weekly.

Instead of that…

I just launched a FREE ebook you can download on August 9. I HAD to get it up THAT DAY and I didn’t know why until someone told me about the Lion’s Gate. BOOM! That was why! It had to come out THAT DAY, but I didn’t have to promote it then. The Universe gave this Leo some other fish to fry.

Now is the time to start promoting my free ebook I wrote for YOU! Let me set it right here:

In addition to the FREE e-book, I want to launch a podcast and get more coaching-oriented. And yes, back to more vlogs! So expect more audio and video content. Expect more blogs that will be centered around coaching and waking up to your spiritual self. Expect more — much more — about Reiki. Expect an online summit very soon because it’s not just me… I have friends also doing amazing work and I want to see what happens when I bring all these women together in an online space to teach you!

And can we get the Patron page rocking? Because that is going to be an amazing community when it gets rolling! The free e-book is available there too. But there’s also a ton of content there that’s Patreon-specific. Much of it is free, some is paid. It’s where I’ll be posting updates about the Reiki ebook I’m working on. That book is the current purpose of that Patreon. Check it out!

In Wichita and beyond

As always, I am in Wichita to offer you coaching, Reiki sessions, and Reiki classes. I also offer coaching and distance Reiki online. I do NOT teach Reiki 1, 2, or 3 (Master) courses online as you cannot be properly attuned over the web. But I’ve taught some Reiki-related classes online before and I’m thinking of doing it again.

I have a Reiki 1 class scheduled in Wichita next month. I’ll soon be scheduling Reiki 2 and Master classes!

It's here & ready to download: my first mini ebook for you, "It's Time To Align"

Did I mention I’m giving it away for FREE?

I’ve given it a value of $11.11, but I am giving it away for FREE!

I felt called by The Universe to put this ebook out — and for FREE!

I felt a strong nudge that, “there is no more time to waste.” We all must get into alignment. The reason for this is because the Universe needs us to do our work. We all have something to give but we can’t bring it forth when our energy and vibration is low. So we must be in alignment — and stay there!

It’s also not that hard to become more aligned with our truth.

I think we tend to make things a lot harder than they need to be. It wasn’t hard to get out of alignment and it won’t be that hard to get back into alignment.

This is also why I felt compelled to give away a FREE ebook — and make it short. It’s simple. It’s a great way to start shedding what you don’t want in your life so you can start calling in what you DO want.

Let’s start with some simple signs you’re out of alignment. I’m guessing if you found this blog or my Instagram, you’ve vibrated to it. You know already where you’re at. But I give out some simple signs in the book, like dreading waking up in the morning and feeling less passionate much of the time.

Then I share some personal experiences with ruining my own alignment, both old and very recent. It happens to all of us. To be straight to the point, it happens when we choose fear over love. When we let fear rule our lives, we start living in the “have to” zone.

“But I have to get a steady paycheck”

“I have to put others first”

“I have to go to work” (at a job I hate or that doesn’t fulfill me).

If you don’t have it in your soul to turn these “have to” ordeals into “get to” items, then start working on your own alignment. Are you in alignment with:

  • Your highest self

  • Your hopes and dreams

  • Your goals

  • With all you want to create in your life

  • Your highest desired manifestations and stretch goals

So what is driving you? Is it fear? is it love? Are you living for yourself truly?

Or is it a relative’s voice in your head telling you what you “should” or “have to” do. If you’re a woman who is doing the work to cancel out the negative voices in her head, leave a comment, Warrior!

We grew up with the voices of teachers, bosses, parents, grandparents — whomever — telling us what we “should” do or should “never do.” My grandmother loved to browbeat me with, “A lady would never…” Well, guess what? In my grandmother’s day, a lady would never do 99% of the things I am so privileged to do daily. So let’s get the great-grandmother and grandmother voices out of our head. Were these women who lived wildly in alignment with their souls? Were our mothers?

What is your voice asking — or begging — you to do?

This is the only voice we are trying to get in touch with here. This FREE mini ebook will help you get in touch with who you really are and what she really needs in order to live her most fulfilling and authentic life. This process is simple. We look at what you value most in life. We increase your self-awareness. I also share some misaligned blunders of my own for you to learn from.

There are a bunch of questions for self-reflection to spark thought and for you to use as journal prompts.

Want more? You can always book me as a coach. There’s even a payment plan if you want to really work hard.

Time to align Pinterest Post 3.jpg

Start with the FREE mini ebook and let me know how you’re doing with it. I am available to coach you on weekday afternoons!

Getting into alignment the way I teach in this ebook is a skill. You can take this with you for the rest of your life and revisit it whenever you have doubts about your alignment creep up on you. I talk about knowing your values. This is one of many simple tools I use as a coach. If you can identify your core values, you can get into — and stay in — alignment. You can also use your values and self-awareness to make decisions. Do I move to Grand Cayman or not? (A question I once asked myself). Well, is that a decision aligned with my values? Given that Rock Fever would set in and I enjoy freedom…probably not. Should I go live on a ship and sail the world? That’s a hard, “YES!”

#LOAMonday No. 16: More questioning of LOA beliefs

This post contains affiliate links that will benefit the writer monetarily if you should choose to make a purchase at that link. This is of no cost to you.

Last week, I questioned a couple widely-accepted beliefs that typically fall into the LOA grab bag.

We aren’t the average of the five people we spend the most time with and the world isn’t all bad, right? I may have spoken too soon on the latter, as we’ve hit a new record of mass shootings here in the U.S., where I live. But people are banning plastic bags in whole cities and cleaning up the oceans, so it can’t be all bad…

This week, I thought I would hit the LOA of when bad things happen. Also, let’s question more beliefs!

First, I had a crap morning today. Nothing would go right! I walked into a giant spiderweb in the dark on the way into work. The printer went on the fritz. Everything electronic I touched did something strange. Software burps… Personal brain farts… Accidentally deleted an important email… Butterfinger moments constantly… and all the while…I never stopped trying to get that spider out of my hair all morning! Things improved somewhat when I went to the gym to get out some frustration!

I tried not to focus on my mistakes this morning, but what we focus on expands. Trying NOT to focus on my mistakes means I’m still thinking about them! Talk about a circle of madness. So how to reboot? Take a break! I walk a lap around the building, have a snack, make a tea, or anything that gets me away from the desk.

Back to the idea of how what we focus on expands…

Are we so focused on mass shootings that they are expanding? The literal LOA stuff would dictate a big “yes” here. If we didn’t report them happening, that wouldn’t make them stop. There are far more forces at play. We used to think if we talked more about mass shooting victims than their perpetrators, we’d take the gas out of the shooters’ fire. Wrong again; these people aren’t seeking fame. Rather, they are fueled by hate. Or something. I’m not going to sit around, sane as I am, trying to understand the works of insane men.

Remember when I said last week the world isn’t this horrible place? Can I take that back now? I say this as someone who spends time consuming news — but as someone who is also intuitive and empathic. Could it be that my butterfingery experience this morning was influenced by my consumption of large amounts of tragic and violent news? Was I so focused on the news of mass shootings, that the negativity of it all leaked out into my energy field? Hence, I’m deleting emails by accident, killing printers, dropping stuff, etc?

This is why I tell my Reiki students to consume less news prior to a Reiki class. This crap gets into our energy field. Too much news, social media scrolling, and even empty conversations attracts what exactly into our space?

To really engage LOA properly, we have to engage in higher vibe activities. Walks in nature are better than scrolling Facebook just like eating carrots is better than snarfing donuts.

People love to talk about LOA being about abundance. So many people tout LOA for prosperity. But until you start working consciously with your own energy field, you haven’t cracked the surface. This is part of the reason why I’ve never been a huge fan of The Secret. The film is literally a rambling conversation about LOA without any substance. LOA is so much more than that. I’ve touched on this in a much earlier blog. But I’m not the only one.

Check out the “Throw out Your Vision Board” guy!

Dr. Neil Farber writes a pretty scathing review of LOA here. Will I actually throw out my vision board? No. I love the thing. But I do acknowledge that I — like most people — create a board from a place of comfort. I need to put up much scarier visions & goals on that board, which I am working on. And I agree with this guy that you need an action board more than a vision board. I keep a vision board but put my actions into my Self Journal.

I hate the idea of just cutting out random expensive things to paste on a poster board. Don’t do that!

It just becomes about collecting random material things you’ve cut out from magazines rather than being specific. My vision board is super-specific and I translate it into action by using my BestSelfCo. Self Journal. Follow this link and use the code “HeatLar” for an extra 15% off your purchase.

But check out point #7 here. Dr. Neil Farber writes that, “Challenges are considered negative.” This is where I think the era of The Secret did more harm than good, for sure:

Even talking about challenges and obstacles is an admission of doubt in a law of attraction. Positive and social psychology research have identified many benefits to planning for and encountering challenges. A healthy attitude toward challenges is associated with increased resilience and greater success.

I dug up an early New Thought writer’s writing through Google Scholar you can read for free. William Walker Atkinson wrote the book, Thought Vibration: Or, The Law of Attraction in the Thought World. Like any old book, if you want to read it, I’ll say read with caution. (I couldn’t read Napoleon Hill the first time I picked it up due to the overt racism of it). You can read it online here. He writes that your will doesn’t need training — your mind does.

#LOAMonday No. 16.jpg

I would be remiss to say I agree with all Dr. Farber’s points. His point #10 mentions that LOA provides, “no support groups.” I’ll take issue with his mention of Alcoholics Anonymous simply because the idea that addicts needs other addicts to “recover” is a social construct created by AA. There is an alternative out there, called The Freedom Model, which can be purchased on Amazon here. I would never recommend anyone go to AA simply due to the liability of what can happen to a person there (I’ve personally been harassed by AA members in my past, and after 4.5 years of social work I have seen the program’s success rate to be low). I didn’t want anyone to think my linking to Dr. Farber’s article would be an endorsement by me of AA in any way.

I did want to link to his article to show some critical thinking about the law of attraction. It goes well with my post from last week where I was questioning the “you are an average of five people” idea. You are NOT an average. You are so much more than that.

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Let's talk Patreon -- membership tiers & whatcha get + why I did it!

I’m doing a content blitz tonight on Patreon. Have you checked it out yet? Do it!


The purpose of providing life coaching & Reiki on Patreon is to give YOU options for getting involved in this personal development lifestyle I live. Do you love anything metaphysical and want to get your feet wet with anything about chakras & meditation? I’ve got you! There’s a tier for that.

Want to get more serious and start doing some personal development work? I make PDFs and podcasts for that EXCLUSIVE to Patreon! The PDF and podcast I uploaded to the Patron for July is about leveling up your abundance practice and make the podcast all about that. This isn’t stuff I’m posting on here for free or for sale! This is for Patrons only.

Yes, I have that much content to put out into the world. I know things get better with coaching and Reiki. That’s why I want to spread it to the world.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the Patreon membership levels and what they get you:

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All the above plus:

*monthly downloadable coaching PDF exclusive to Patrons.

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All the above plus:

*A thank-you tweet

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ALL the above, plus:

*The Artist’s Way Course!

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ALL the above, plus:

*A monthly distance Reiki session of 30 minutes!

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ALL the above, plus:

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ALL the above, plus:

*The MASTERMIND for Destiny Architects with a monthly teleconference and access to a private Slack group.

The first reason for the Patreon is to offer coaching & Reiki at affordable rates for Patrons.

You give me patronage for my creations in coaching & Reiki — downloadable PDFs, podcasts, blogs, Q&A, and a ton of other content I’m creating. I create, you pay me, and we all reap the benefits. It’s an old idea brought back to life for the current times — that of Patronage.

The second reason for the Patreon is to have support while i write my Reiki ebook

There are so many creators on Patreon making the coolest stuff! I follow writers, YouTube creators, and podcasters, for example.

So I’m going to write a Reiki ebook! You’re going to be a part of it (as much as you want to be). Different tiers on the Patreon give you different benefits for helping me with the book — whether through your patronage, your feedback — or both. Get advance content from the book, acknowledgements, feedback opportunities, and even FREE copies of the book once it’s done.

Your Patronage will help me pay for the book cover, editing, and all the help I need to complete it and get it online. Basically, you’re helping me fund the creation of my book. But you totally benefit! Are you a Patreon or an angel? I consider you both!

I’ve been adding content to the Patreon all night in a “content blitz” I’ve been on for more than just tonight. This month’s download and podcast are up, too. There are also polls you can take. When you do them, you are totally contributing to the book already.

Tomorrow, keep an eye out for a special offer just for Patrons!

Top Destiny Architecture Life Coaching & Reiki blogs of June

This post may contain affiliate links the author can earn money from if you choose to purchase from it. There is no cost to you.  

Anyone want some Reiki next week? Hit me up! ~Heather Larson, Life Coach & Reiki Master

Anyone want some Reiki next week? Hit me up! ~Heather Larson, Life Coach & Reiki Master

Top life coaching & Reiki blogs loved by Destiny Architects in June 2019:

As we are halfway through July (and a ghastly Mercury Retrograde), it’s more than past time for me to give you a round up of last month’s posts.

#5: Resiliency!

This first post was #5 on the popularity list, but it was still a big deal when I posted it. I may have to spend a little more time on the subject of resiliency for you, what do you think? Let me know in the comments! 

5. The Bounce Back: How to get out of your own way and become more resilient

Onto popular post No. 4: 

Victimhood wasn’t your friend last month, the month before, this month — get it? NEVER! You cannot live in congruency with your goals of living an abundant life when you play the victim. Recognize it, acknowledge it, and move past it. That’s what we are all about, Destiny Architects — leveling up. Your prosperity will level up when you stop playing the victim. If you aren’t sure if you are…read on: 

4. #LOAMonday No. 13: Victimhood is NOT your friend

Onto #3…Summer lifestyle guide: I won’t say much about this one.

Overnight, the school supplies moved into the stores and my sports nut friends are already talking rabidly about football. But summer isn’t over! I will cling to it for all that’s left! 

3. Ways to celebrate summer 2019 and make it the best yet

Second most popular is that vlog I did about the Self Journal!

Hey, thanks for voting this one up with your page views! This item is a daily constant in my life. So if this video made you try it, let me know. I would love to know how it made a difference for you in your planning/journaling life. 

I still have a discount for you too: 


Use the code HeatLar for 15% off your purchase! 

(Yes, I benefit if you click through and purchase through my link at no extra cost to you). 

2. Vlog #7: I'm in love with the Best Self Co planner -- The Self Journal

Annnnnnd #1…I can’t even believe it?!

THIS was the one y’all looked at most last month. Which is funny to me because I thought no one would care. And then this happened. And then I booked someone for a Reiki session at White Dove. So Reiki is BACK in Wichita for me, Destiny Architects! Woot! 

The name is still dead though. Ha! It’s no longer “You Deserve Reiki” as I feel led to lay that name to rest and move us into something a little more, shall I say, 2020… 

I’m actually going to make some NEW Reiki flyers to put out at White Dove. (Probably next week). But the new flyers won’t have the new name. For now, I am offering Reiki sessions under the umbrella of “Destiny Architecture.” 

More to come! 

1. .So...I was thinking about starting a Reiki practice again in Wichita

Thanks for voting with your page views. Remember, you can always comment or submit a form to get at me. And yes, this is Heather Larson writing this and reading your comments. This business is still a one-woman show…for now. 

I’m hoping to employ the nieces and nephews in the future (f they want jobs doing e-commerce and social media for Destiny Architecture, that is). 

So please remember this is a woman-owned family business in Wichita, KS. What this means for you is your feedback is appreciated, welcomed, honored, listened to — and treasured!

Thank you for being here. You are literally my first fans and are on the leading edge of something I promise will be huge. I’ve worked on this like a HONEY BADGER for three years now. I know this because I was just sent a reminder that this domain is renewing! 


Holy wow! Holy special sauce! Thank YOU for being my reader. 

Thank you 1,000 times! 

The best is yet to come for us all! 

Remember, YOU are the architect of your own destiny! 

~Coach Heather 

Why are healers always sick? 

This post may contain affiliate links the author can earn money from if you choose to purchase from it. There is no cost to you.  

Every master was once a disaster. Every healer was once sicker than hell, at least once or ten dozen times.

Every master was once a disaster. Every healer was once sicker than hell, at least once or ten dozen times.

I know. I ask myself this all the time to the point it’s funny. (To me, anyway). 

Why are healers always sick? 

When is all this Reiki going to start working on you? 

Yeah, Reiki…sure…but you’re sick all the time… 

Just a few examples of the drivel I’ve heard from the skeptics, the one’s who’ve pre-judged, so why would I bother to engage? 

The time has come to write a blog about it. I’m in a “healing crisis,” a term I believe was coined by Diane Stein in one of her Reiki books (and of course I have both of her Reiki manuals and can’t find the quote now). This was brought to my attention years ago by my own Reiki Masters, Conrad and Donna Jestmore

So without finding Stein’s definition, here’s mine: 

A healing crisis is when you keep getting knocked on your ass continually while trying your hardest to be healthy. 

It’s like deciding you’re going to eat super healthy — then you fall ill with a stomach virus. Or you want to start working out but you break a leg. But if you poll my healer friends and I…we’ll tell you we’ve had everything from strokes to all-out near-death experiences. One of my “best” healing crises of all time was getting hit by a red-light runner in November 2014. I literally couldn’t get my poop in a group for two weeks. 

It’s when you’re about to overcome some huge obstacle in life and you’re about to hit the next level — but something injures you or you get sick with some ancient plague resistant to all modern drugs. Or something like that. 

I’m in a healing crisis.

I was (and am still) about to up-level something huge in life that’s been in the works for years. So what happens? I lose my voice and partially lost hearing in one ear. 


What I am learning is I had to lose my voice to find it. (More on that in a future blog, of course). 

Back to the original question though — why are healers always sick? 

I know it would be great if I were this amazing healer who has perfect health who never gets sick. In that case, I’d be on top of a gorgeous hill in some place like Sedona, practicing out of a yurt and wearing flowing white robes, covered in crystal jewelry. You’d be traveling from far and wide to pay me your life savings knowing I’d cure you on the spot. It would be amazing. But I only know one person like this. His name of John of God and he lives in Brazil! 

Sorry, I’m not John of God, y’all. Looks like I need a trip to Brazil myself. <<sips more tea>> 

It’s a simple answer. The Universe tortures us healers so we can take what we learned in hell to bring it to you so you suffer less. (Ever notice many of us are ex-addicts?)

It’s some sort of clandestine deal we make with our angels before we come to Earth. “You’re going to be a healer, so you will have challenges to overcome, but it will make you a better healer, so suck it up,” I imagine my angels told me this before I came here. 

I went to coaching school and learned from my masters how to do Reiki but they could only teach me so much. There are things healers can only learn through hardship — the suffering is optional. I’ve decided in this current healing crisis that I refuse to suffer. Hardship is fine and I can accept it because I know I’m about to learn so many lessons I can bring to you. There are things healers can only learn through experience. What I needed to learn in this life wasn’t going to be found in school or books. 

I’m finding it within. 

So why are healers always sick? 

Because it’s just the deal. It makes us better healers. 

Reasons to join the Destiny Architecture Patreon community

Need a reason to become a Patron? I have a few for you:

  • I’ve made it affordable for you, not just in money — but in time, too. Join for between $3-250/mo. The low tier is for those just starting out and the high tier is for those who want to jump into the mastermind.

  • You get to become a part of the Reiki ebook I am starting to write. Yes, you can have a shout-out in the book. But I really want your opinions and experiences too! (Right now I am in the research and outline phase).

  • You get to be part of a community I am calling in. If you are looking for like minds, I am looking for you. If you love a blend of coaching, Reiki, creativity, LOA, and spirituality, I am your coach!

  • There will be group coaching! I’ve done group coaching for years as a sober coach running pre-treatment groups. I love and thrive in this setting as a coach! Imagine what the group can do for you.

  • Benefit from a coach who has spent a decade honing her personal development practice; who has spent more than four years coaching street addicts; and who is also certified in coaching by the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts — an actual college certified by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Here’s a price listing so you can see how low you can join for and start up-leveling your life with the coaching I’m creating for you on Patreon.

To learn more about the Mastermind level, check that out here.

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#LOAMonday No. 14: This isn’t about greed — it’s about abundance

By now, we’ve talked 13 times about the Law of Attraction and we’ve barely cracked the surface, Destiny Architects! 

I want to shift gears into something I don’t see very often in mindset coaching around LOA. 

#LOAMonday No. 14.jpg

You are enough.

You have enough!

Everyone tells you it’s all about attracting money in — but what about managing what we already have? 


I used to think that I had to get money, all the money, as much as possible. I used to fantasize about winning the lottery, which is a nasty money lesson taught to me by my grandfather. The man was devoted to few things — gambling, beer, lotto tickets, and the weekly National Enquirer. (How I grew up to be a journalist in that family is beyond me). 

There’s a cacophony online of people telling you that you need more.

They sell you and idea that you can do it! You can attract more wealth! Get more! Be greedy! No “thing” is too much for you to have! Put it on your vision board! Act “as if!” Idolize money! Make your vision board/stacks of cash your screen background on your phone! 

Ok, I actually do have that as my phone lock screen most days — haha. I can laugh at myself. (I just switched it to a scene of Venice, Italy, a city I really want to travel to). 

Not all of those coaches would be wrong, either.

I am all about LOA and attracting abundance — but without sounding cringey or disconnected from reality. It cannot be about “getting money” all the time. That’s exhausting. 

So let’s give thanks for the abundance we already have. I just uploaded a gratitude PDF worksheet to the FREE STUFF page for you. 

Then let’s do something radical — let’s properly manage what we already have. 

I saw a statistic recently about how most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and would be broken by a simple household expense of around $400 as they have NO money in savings. 

This tells me maybe the “abundance movement” has gone a little too far into one direction — the “get money” direction. Which inevitably puts a lot of people right back into the feeling of lack, which is not the place to create abundance from. Not. At. All. 

So a few basic questions today for your consideration: 

  • Do you budget for savings? For emergency expenses? 

  • Do you have a retirement account you put money into — and then don’t touch it? 

  • Do you live on less than you make? 

  • Do you have at least some change in a jar in your house? An envelope of cash under your mattress? Something?

These are the logical and basic tenets of money management you don’t often hear from those who spout LOA right and left. 

Also, let me say I am a transformational life coach — NOT — a financial coach, teacher, manager, or advisor. This blog isn’t meant to give advice. What I do want you to do is think critically about the information you’re receiving. 

I’ve recently made a game of saving in the past couple weeks.

I’m even keeping a savings diary. I’m heavily into my apps like Ibotta, Stash, and Ebates. I’ve been challenging myself to save as much as I can when I shop for groceries at Whole Foods — because you can now! 

Did you know you can actually save money at Whole Foods? 

Here’s how:

  • Get an Amazon Prime membership for those Prime Member deals. 

  • Use your Square cash card for 5% off each visit (up to $7.50 each hour)

  • Ibotta totally has deals at Whole Foods — I never knew until two weeks ago! 

I am always looking for savings now.

I think it comes from my recent decluttering obsession in which I came face to face with all the crap I owned. I’m trying to steer myself more and more towards minimalism as time goes on. It’s been a “Kon Mari” party in my home for a while. This weekend, I got rid of even more junk I’d been “saving” because “I may need it.” 

Who wants a house full of “just in case” stuff? Not me. I want to live with purpose, like I mean it.

More importantly, I want to enjoy the abundance, security, and stability of a savings account along with a retirement fund. I was a party girl in my 20s and 30s so I lost a lot of years of being able to save money. It’s never too late! Begin where you are and start saving. Nothing can make you feel more abundant daily. 

So go shake those couch cushions… 

Here are some money managing and saving ideas to start with — before you get into a dead end of LOA I see so many jump into: 

Join Ibotta (and if your’e so inclined use my referral code: “acmsron.”) You’ll earn cash back while you shop in the app and then you can cash out or get a gift card. 

Are you Doshing? 

You link your cards in the Dosh app and then earn cash back when you shop at certain places. The app will tell you where to go and even has a map to help you out. For example, I can earn 4% cash back today at Dunkin Donuts! I just started and haven’t used it yet but did earn $5 just for setting up a debit card with Dosh. (Here’s my code if you’re into it: HEATHEL289). 

Don’t shop without Ebates! 

Ok, I hate shopping. But when it’s inevitable I go to buy shoes or clothes, I am checking my Ebates app first. For example, there’s an 8% cash back deal right now on Tarte cosmetics, Hotwire, and up to 10% cashback on Travelocity. I actually haven’t used it yet (because I really do hate shopping) but I may give it a whirl this weekend. 

The Square cash app is my secret weapon. 

I’ve had a Square cash card forever as I’ve been accepting payments through the service for years, ever since I started my Reiki business. Square offers “boosts,” which you have to manually switch before you swipe your card. But in addition to the 5% off at Whole Foods, there’s also $1 off at any coffee shop (which I use way too much), and they just added Door Dash for 15% off each order. 

I think they key here is to remember you’re going to save a little bit here and there. There are a good number of “cash back” shopping options above. 

I am also getting into my Stash app, which earns me “stock back” for my retirement fund.

It’s not a knockout punch. I earned one cent last week running my card on a $5 purchase. But you can automate your savings on Stash so you don’t have to think. Before I knew it, I had $35 in my savings.

My key move right now is to focus on saving tiny bits here and there to train myself to save more. Like any other lifestyle change, my goal is to make saving a longterm habit that I just get better at. 

I’m working to eliminate and and all forms of instant gratification out of my life. What’s the antidote to instant gratification? Creating a long-term savings plan!

I know absolutely nothing about personal finance nor was I taught anything healthy about money growing up. I’m currently rehabbing that — so guess where LOA Monday is going for a little while? 

We are going to start working on rehabbing negative money lessons! Part of this is because I listen to T. Harv Eker almost daily. Another part of this is I’m not the only person cleaning a negative money story. Now that I’ve been working so hard on mine, it really jumps out at me when friends say something crazy.

Next week, we are going to unpack some of those crazy things we say that we actually believe about money. They aren’t true, real, or logical. But we believe them anyway! 

Want a jump start until then?  Then I highly recommend T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” or Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass at Making Money.” 

Vlog #7: I'm in love with the Best Self Co planner -- The Self Journal

Back to life, back to reality! (90s kids will get this).

I’m deep into preparing my new planner for my next 13 week jaunt into goal-crushing paradise! I’m a very nerdy life coach, can you tell?

If you are interested in purchasing the Best Self Co. planner, aka the Self Journal, visit their website and order online with my code “HeatLar” for a 15% discount!

I show it off in the video, you can see how many I’ve had and why I love them! Enjoy!