Let's ramp up into meditation and visualization exercises this week!

Creative visualizations and guided meditations are so important for increasing the flow of abundance into your life!

Be ready! Meditation and visualization exercises are coming for Flex Your Abundance Muscle.

I can't wait to get into this -- as soon as I get over this cold! Ugh! It wasn't meant to be today. But I did record you a quick podcast here to get you started tonight! There is more to come! What I plan to post is a free meditation mp3 that will guide you along your path of visualizing abundance in your life. Not just daydreaming it, but really feeling it! Today is not a magical audio recording day for me, however. I'll try again tomorrow!

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Flex Your Abundance Muscle Day 5 -- Take Action!

Fortune does favor the brave! Are you taking brave action towards achieving your dreams?

Fortune does favor the brave! Are you taking brave action towards achieving your dreams?

Day 5 of Flex Your Abundance Muscle Brings Us to Step 4

We did three steps already:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Change your phone lock screen daily (to harness the power of intention)
  3. Daily vision boarding

Now it's time for step four -- your Abundance Action Plan!

What are you actively doing towards reaching that goal of increasing abundance and prosperity into your life? Once the affirmations are said, you've picked out your abundant phone lock screen for the day, and you've gazed at your beautiful vision board, you know what comes next. It's time to take action!

What's on that to-do list? Are you saving money? Are you job-hunting? Are you clearing the clutter for a garage sale? Tell me!

If you're new to this, just doing the first few steps and solidifying your prosperity ritual may be enough. Working to change one's consciousness from lack to abundance is a task in itself. Society rears us to lean toward lack. Debbie Downers and complainers get attention. Those with abundance receive the side eye and jealousy. It's not the right way at all!

We are here to change that! Ignore the Debbie Downers. Don't let energy vampires come to you and dump their mess. I come from the standpoint of, "It's OK to have money!" Beliefs like "money is dirty" or "only bad people get ahead" do nothing but hurt us. Society teaches us to suspect the rich and side with the poor -- while throwing cheap pity towards those impoverished and resentment towards "the 1%." That is lack consciousness! It takes work to realize when we operate from it. It takes even more work to change it. 

So if merely working to up-level your consciousness is your action plan, it's more than all good!

What if you want a better job and wish to return to school for more training? What are you taking action to do today that is going to get you closer to that first day of school?

Say you want to save up for a new car. How are you cutting expenses and increasing savings?

That's your action plan. What are you DOING? What's on your to-do list? Are you breaking those tasks down into manageable bites and keeping your expectations real?

Good job!

Don't know where to start?

I can help! I'm a transformational life coach. It's my joy (and my job) to help guide you towards being the person you want to put out into the world. We can work on blocks towards abundance. Are you needing to move forward and abandon society's cheap and shallow expectations that only keep you stuck?

Are you just not sure where to start? We can start with a values check, some personality tests, or just chat until I can pinpoint what area of your life you can work on now in order to bring you more happiness quickly. I'm here to empower you! Get in touch and ask me how I can help today!

Check out Coach Heather's life coaching services here.

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I AM Abundant! Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge: Day 5

Flex Your Abundance Muscle -- Weekly Recap

Here's a simple affirmation for today, "I AM Abundant!"

Here's a simple affirmation for today, "I AM Abundant!"

Let's Recap The Week in Destiny Architecture!

First, we kicked off the Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge. What are you getting out of it so far? Are you feeling the affirmations? Has anything shifted? If you're participating, be sure to share on social media with the hashtag #FYAM.

I'm certified transformational life coach Heather Larson and I'm the creator of the seven-point plan that is Flex Your Abundance Muscle. I created it because I love morning rituals and I wanted a morning ritual for myself focused on prosperity consciousness -- and increasing mine. This can be a daily ritual for any time of day or night and it doesn't have to take more than a few minutes. You may or may not do each step every day.

Coach Heather's Seven-Point Prosperity Plan That is Flex Your Abundance Muscle:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Change your phone lock screen daily
  3. Daily vision boarding
  4. Make your abundance action plan
  5. Meditate on money
  6. Do your gratitude journal
  7. Clear your clutter!

That's it! I may or may not have time to de-clutter the house each morning, but I work on that at other times of my week. I DO say my affirmations each morning. I still have a list my Aunt Lori made me almost a decade ago! (She has since become a New Thought minister, so you see where I got all this from -- my family!) I add to my vision board almost daily. I DO look at it daily!

I'm writing you a blog a day to help getyou flexing your abundance muscle!

On day 1, 8/1/17, we kicked it off with a blog post about affirmations and starting to clear blocks around money. Our affirmation was, "I love money!" Say it with me now, with feeling! Catch up on that post here.

On day 2, we concentrated on simple practices to increase the flow of abundance into your life. Read it here.

Day 3 brought us to visioning. What are you visioning? What do your conscious thoughts revolve around? Are you creating a vision board? Check it out now.

For day 4, I thought we'd do the Do's Of Vision Boarding! I shared some tips and tricks with you about how I like to do my vision boards. Read up here!

Now we are to day 5, and I'll post a blog about taking action. Affirmations are nice and they make us feel better. But we still have to take action. We can make all the vision boards in the world. But we must act!

Is anything here resonating with #FYAM for you?

If at any time something in here strikes a chord and you'd like to go deeper, I am available as your life coach. I also teach Reiki!

Reiki is a traditional Japanese art. It is energy work and hands-on healing. I teach it in Wichita (never online as I am a traditionalist). I also offer Reiki sessions in Wichita, KS in the Reiki therapy room at White Dove. I offer in-person life coaching sessions here as well. If you are not in Wichita, I can do distance Reiki and life coaching sessions online with you.

Please try an introductory life coaching session with me for just $49!


Reach out anytime! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Reach out anytime! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Flex Your Abundance Muscle Day 4 -- The Do's of Visioning! #FYAM

The Do's of Vision Boarding

What's on your vision board?

Hopefully your answer is, "Big sexy dreams that scare the crap outta me." I'm serious. If your vision board isn't terrifying, keep working on it.

  • Putting something HUGE on your vision board will hold you accountable in your daily actions and make you act with integrity to -- and congruency with -- your dreams.
  • If integrity and congruency are new concepts to you, just hang with me a bit. All in due time.
  • Everything on your VB needs to force you to stretch.
  • Every item on your board needs to be forcing you OUT of your comfort zone.

You didn't come to my site because you like the comfort zone. You aren't looking into hiring me as your life coach because you're enjoying the comfort zone. You stopped here on my site because you know you have more potential to reach. You are a Destiny Architect! You're the architect of your own destiny. You're the creator of your world! The sooner you realize this, the more seriously you can take every part of the visioning process.

Looking absentmindedly through magazines to make vision boards drives me nuts.

Someone had to say it. What I've taken to now is creating my vision board in a folder I can constantly edit. I take screen shots and put them in the folder. I can add or take away. I push myself to envision HOW I would live in abundance. WHERE I would live. I've even picked out the apartment building and exact unit. WHAT I would drive. HOW I would have fun and vacation. You can vision as deeply and wildly as you wish, so why wouldn't you?

Here's a screen shot of some of my vision board right now.

Here's a screen shot of some of my vision board right now.

It is like making a cosmic order. What you see here is COLOR. These are exactly the things I want in my life. I've been planning to buy a Jeep all year. (It won't be a brand new Jeep off the lot, I want more of a classic). But notice what I did here -- I made a screen shot of the brightest color Jeep I could find.

Make your vision board bright and alive.

Don't do a black and white VB and don't do a board of just quotes in nice fonts. Go for big, bright, bold and color! Show the Universe you want to play big! Hence, the neon green jeep. I like to look at the photo of the inside of the Jeep and visualize myself driving it. I've been manifesting a Jeep all year. I haven't found it -- yet.

I've also been manifesting a Caribbean vacation, a certain apartment, and a better TV. These things are the vision board today. Once I attain them, I take them off the VB and add new things.

If you think it's about material things, you missed the point

These are examples of what I would have once I attain certain career and financial goals. These are material representations of how much abundance I believe I am worth. This is about telling the Universe, "Here's what I think I am worth." Now I ask for guidance from my higher power on how I can be all that I can be in order to make all this flow into my life. I talk to God a lot about what I plan to do with my abundance. Where I will live, who I will serve, what I plan to learn.

Here's the deal on this. When we are "broke" it's because we aren't sharing our gifts. Spirit, God, the Universe (whatever you want to call it) is leading you away from "brokeness" all the time. There's a voice inside us all, begging us to share our gifts with the world. When we do, we are giving others value. We are sharing what God gave us. We do this and we are never "broke" again!

Here's the deal on this. When we are "broke" it's because we aren't sharing our gifts. Spirit, God, the Universe (whatever you want to call it) is leading you away from "brokeness" all the time. There's a voice inside us all, begging us to share our gifts with the world. When we do, we are giving others value. We are sharing what God gave us. We do this and we are never "broke" again!

What are you visioning?

Flex Your Abundance Muscle Day 3 -- What are you visioning for your life?

What's on your vision board?

Come on, you know I'm going to tell you to make a vision board! I'm a life coach!

That's not all though. There's more than one way to vision the future you want into being. Let's get manifesting!

I'm going to be brief today, as I've been home all day with a sore throat and have mostly been asleep. But something nudged me out of bed to post this.

Vision Boarding

This is the traditional form of "cut it out of the magazine, stick it on a board, and it's yours." Except it's not that simple. I've made some killer vision boards. I've also made some that I looked at 3 months later and thought to myself, "What was I thinking?"

So tomorrow, I'll write up the do's of vision boarding for you...

I'll also tell you how I am making and editing my vision boards these days. Yes, I said "boards" as in "multiple." I'll explain tomorrow!

Visualization Exercises

Vision it into being. Visualize it so strongly that you feel yourself having it. More on how to do this tomorrow!

For the Reiki people -- The Box

If you're a Reiki practitioner, you must create yourself a Reiki Box! This is when you write an intention down on a piece of paper and put it in the box (with many other intentions written down on pieces of paper). Then you put your hands on the box and send Reiki energy to it. If you've learned enough Reiki to send distance Reiki, you can send energy to the box from wherever you are.

Make a Gratitude Jar

This one I don't usually talk about in August. The gratitude jar is more of a New Year's ritual for me. All year long, you write down moments that happened that you are grateful for. Then at year's end, you are going to open the jar and look at all the wonderful things you had to be grateful for all year long. It's a great way to take stock. I've written about it before on my Reiki blog.


Which visuals are you using to increase the flow of abundance in your life?

Day 2 of the August 2017 Flex Your Abundance Challenge, #FYAM, at Destiny Architecture!

This blog post should really be titled, "Here life coach Heather Larson makes the case as to why it's important to change your lock screen photo daily."

What is your phone lock screen? What is your computer's desktop background? Chances are it's someone we love that's already in our life like our kids or our pets. For example, mine is often my kitten, Roo.

I've created and accumulated some backgrounds with abundance intention in them too. I love this one that says both, "I am wealthy," and, "I am a money magnet." (Yes, I made it; I make all my own graphics).

You can create your own with affirmations like:

  • I am abundant.
  • Great ideas and opportunities to make more money are always coming to me.
  • I practice an attitude of gratitude, ensuring even more good flows to me.
  • Or create some of your own. (Leave yours in the comments).

I know -- I am hammering the affirmations in the first two days of this Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge. So what gives?

This little exercise isn't so much about the affirmations as it is about the power of intention. It takes mere seconds to change that phone lock screen. But you'll see it all day long. How many times are you looking at your phone daily? Each of those times, you can let some abundance consciousness seep in!

This is also why I love to make individualized graphics for my coaching clients after our sessions together. I always come up for affirmations for my clients! I love to email them a custom graphic they can use as a phone lock screen after our session. It's nice to have a constant reminder of what you are working on in your life. That's just one of the perks of being my client!

I believe taking a moment each day to change that lock screen keeps you conscious of what goals you are working towards. It's a commitment each morning to remind yourself, "Right now I am changing my lock screen to a visual of abundance to remind myself that I AM abundant! I am prosperous!"

So around 11am when your boss gets on your nerves, you can look at your phone and remind yourself you're onto bigger and better things...

It's not all about the phone!

There are other things you can do to improve your prosperity consciousness. They sound ridiculous until you start doing them. Then you begin to realize each little effort means something and literally pays off.

Finding change

Even if you find only a penny, that's money. Celebrate it. With each penny you come across, pick it up and say out loud, "I am a money magnet!" (Or say it in your head if others are around).

Keep that change too. People who throw out pennies are literally throwing away money! That is lack consciousness. Would you throw away a $5 bill? No! Because it's money -- and literally a cappuccino somewhere. So why would you throw a penny away? I like to remind myself all money is money and money is for me. I love money. I find money everywhere.

What does your wallet look like?

Is it a mess? Is it full of expired coupons? Are there old business cards and items that need to be shredded?

Or is your wallet full of bills, current cards, and change?

I have found most people with good prosperity consciousness to have neat wallets. Their bills are in order with all bills facing the same way. Personally, the thing with the bills is huge for me. I do it to all bills I come across, even if I am counting money in a business setting. It shows a respect for money. Taking care of your money shows the Universe you honor what you have been blessed to receive.

I know these sound like superstitious things. Done consistently over time, they help to really change your consciousness. I found that making my bills all face the same way made me enjoy handling money more. I see it as a tool to be respected. Prior to that, I had looked at money as "dirty."

Oh, there will be more from me on this! This is only day two of the Flex Your Abundance Challenge, #FYAM!

If you are taking part, pick an affirmation to repeat as your mantra today. Do it while you wash the dishes or take a walk. Change that phone lock screen and face your bills the same way. Use the hashtag when you post about it: #FYAM.

Tell me in the comments what you think of today's post! How do you improve your prosperity consciousness? Do you have a favorite affirmation? What does your wallet look like? How do you plan to take action to improve your abundance consciousness today? I'm dying to hear!

Certified Life Coach Heather Larson
Wichita, KS

I love money! Welcome to Day One of Flex Your Abundance Muscle! #FYAM

It's 8/1/17 and the theme of this month on the Destiny Architecture Life Coaching blog is "Flex Your Abundance Muscle," Hashtag...#FYAM!

So if you are taking part, use #FYAM in your posts on social media.

Am I highly qualified to lead this abundance challenge because I'm a billionaire with a fleet of Tesla cars and my own private chef? No, I'm not Oprah. Darn it! Woke up this morning and still not Oprah! <<stomps feet>>

What I am is a certified transformational life coach. Which means I am qualified to do some really useful things for you:

  • Help you clear your blocks to abundance
  • Help you re-frame your thoughts into more productive, positive ones
  • Help you recognize -- and change -- self-defeating thoughts around abundance and prosperity
  • Help you examine your beliefs about this whole dollars and cents debacle
  • Help you realize this is actually NOT a debacle

There is so much more to abundance than money. But let's start with money because it's the first thing people think about when we discuss the ideas of "prosperity" and "abundance." Let's just get the "money" word out the way with a quick affirmation!

Repeat after me.. "I LOVE MONEY!"

Repeat after me.. "I LOVE MONEY!"


Say it with me now, "I LOVE MONEY!" Yes, you have to say it in ALL CAPS!

I was inspired to make this our first affirmation because I heard it in Jenn Sincero's book, You Are a Badass at Making Money. (As an audiobook junkie, I highly recommend her books). I've been doing this whole abundance thing for years now, but in the beginning I had to confront how ridiculous it felt and sounded to me to say positive affirmations about prosperity out loud, like:

  • I am a money magnet!
  • I always have more than enough money!
  • People love to give me money!
  • Money comes to me in unexpected ways all the time!

Here's the news:

It no longer feels ridiculous, vain, egotistical or oddly obsessive to say affirmations like this. I've actually grown to appreciate them. Say them out loud. Give it a shot. See what comes up.

For me, the first time I said affirmations like this, I felt like I was being vain or shallow. I felt like to love money was wrong. Wasn't I supposed to love...anything BUT material things? Money was something I saw my family covet, especially my grandfather who loved the casinos and to purchase lotto tickets regularly. I don't think that man ever missed buying lottery tickets a week in his life. My childhood lessons about money were about how money was far-off, unreachable, a game of chance.

Affirmations and journaling helped me to confront this and change my beliefs about money. When you start speaking these things aloud with your own voice, you're going to feel some issues come up. Feel them. Tune into any pain or awkwardness that comes up. It will reveal in you the blocks you must work to clear.

I repeat: blocks YOU must WORK to clear.

Ah, yes. The work is mandatory. The time we spend on it is optional. We all must learn our lessons regarding abundance. I plan for all my readers to join up as a group for my daily Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge, #FYAM, this entire month of August 2017!

Steal the graphics from the Destiny Architecture Facebook page and make them your phone lock screen. Share them on social media with the hashtag #FYAM to show the world you are working on abundance for yourself. Show the Universe you are open to prosperity!

Read my last blog post about #FYAM here. Check back daily for more on how to participate in this challenge. The entire thing will be FREE all month! Of course, you can always go deeper into this work if you are so moved to by hiring me as your coach!

I'm really excited to provide this Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge this month! I am encouraging interaction all month long. Comment here on the blog today with your own favorite abundance mantras or affirmations. Comment with questions or comments. Share how you've grown your own relationship with abundance. What does it mean to you to be prosperous? What have you found to bring more abundance in your life?

Flex Your Abundance Muscle!

I'm going to share with you my personal practice for prosperity & abundance, which I will add, is ever-evolving! I am finding the current edition of the ritual puts me in the best mood. In case you don't know, being in a great mood is important when you are working to attract more abundance into your life. What you are feeling can raise or lower your vibration. A better mood means a higher vibration -- you don't attract what you think, you attract what you feel.

Living life at a higher vibration means you are constantly attracting abundance into your life.

Flexing your abundance muscle is a lifestyle change. You know how experts say, "Diets don't work?" The same is true with your abundance & prosperity practice! You have to practice. It's an exercise!

Hence, I'm calling this, "Flexing Your Abundance Muscle," and for social media purposes the hashtag is #FYAM.

Let's do this challenge together and share what we are manifesting. It can be anything and everything! I believe I can manifest a piece of chocolate as heartily as I believe I can manifest $10,000.

So let's do this! Time to start flexing!

Step 1 -- Affirmations

Repeating affirmations is something we can do 2-3 times a day to begin to change our mindset into a more positive one. Remember, the goal here is to boost how we feel so we are able to attract bigger and better things into our lives.

  • I always have more than enough money.
  • I am a tremendous success.
  • I am now earning an abundant & prosperous living doing what I love!
  • I am a smart money manager & I always make smart financial decisions.
  • I am a creative money generator!
  • I am a money magnet!
  • I am happy, healthy, and fully alive!
  • I am full of love!

Step 2 -- Change Your Phone Lock Screen Daily

Forget how this sounds for a minute. Just the fact that you are changing your phone's lock screen daily to a photo that symbolizes abundance forces you to take a minute to concentrate on what you are manifesting. It can be a photo of a sports car, a status purse, stacks of cash, or whatever. It can be a word like, "Freedom," or simply, "money." Then your fresh reminder for the day is there whenever you look at your phone. It's seeping into your consciousness daily.

Save this as your phone's lock screen background!

Save this as your phone's lock screen background!

Step 3 -- Brainstorm a DAILY Vision Board!

What this means to me right now is I take daily time to screen shot photos of what my ideal life contains. I visualize having these things and I have fun doing it! They include photos of vacation destinations, the kind of vehicle I want to drive, the kind of furniture I want to own, and my dream home. Go wild! Vision as though there are no limits because there aren't any! Nothing is too big or wonderful to take place. What do you have to lose by dreaming huge dreams? Nothing. Make your visions grandiose.

If it feels difficult to create a grand vision for your life, then you are encountering your first block! Go back to your affirmations and punch them up a bit if you want or simply repeat them.

(If you need help with visioning BIG or clearing blocks, I just happen to specialize in that as a certified life coach and Reiki Master!)

You can also join my Vision Boarding Facebook group for tips and motivation.

Step 4 -- Make Your Abundance Action Plan

It sounds dreamy doesn't it? Repeat affirmations and make a vision board then it all comes in, right? Nothing happens without action though! TAKE ACTION! Pray and move your feet. Ask yourself, "What can I do to create more abundance right this second?" Then make your to-do list.

What's the action plan for today?

  • Is there a side hustle you can work on?
  • Is it coming up time for your annual review at work and you want to ask for a raise and need some practice? Practice on a friend or family member! Feel that raise coming your way!
  • Take a class or attend a webinar about financial planning.
  • Read a book about mastering wealth.
  • Share your abundance with others! Make a meal for friends. Give a gift.
  • Create more energy of abundance in your life with radical self-care. Take that yoga class, buy that smoothie, work on that meal plan, take that bubble bath, and make that doctor's appointment!

What can you do today to feel like you're taking action towards your financial goals? Share your ideas in the comments!

Step 5 -- Meditate On Money!

Visualize that money! Visualizing physically holding the cash in your hands. How does it feel? How does it smell? Feel the crispness of it. Feel how much there is. Count it. Visualize what you will purchase to treat yourself. Visualize how you will use it to treat your family and friends. Visualize doing GOOD with that money and blessing others. What is your favorite charity? Can you help a friend or neighbor in need? Can you donate to a great cause in your community? How will you use all that wealth as you receive it? Give it thought and visualize using that cash as a tool!

Step 6 -- Fill In The Pages of Your Gratitude Journal!

This is has been written about everywhere so I'll be brief. An attitude of gratitude brings abundance! Duh! There is always something to be grateful for every day no matter your situation. If you lose the gratitude, you lose your hope. If you've never done a gratitude journal before, start by writing down 100 things you are grateful for. The purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking about every single thing, big or small, that you feel gratitude for having. You have at least 1,000 things to be grateful for! So writing down 100 as fast as you can shouldn't be too hard!

Step 7 -- Clutter Clearing

Clear the clutter! Nature abhors a vacuum! All that new stuff you desire can't come in until you make room for it.  Having too much stuff around makes you disorganized and confused. All that clutter takes up space that stops the flow of energy and abundance. You know how nothing feels better than a clean home? That's the feeling we are after! Remember it's what you feel that attracts your prosperity into your life!

So take a look in the cupboards and dump the expired stuff. Look under the couch and in between the cushions. Clean the base boards and vacuum the corners. Dust. Burn some sage and bless your home. Put out something that smells good. Do what it takes in your home to uplift your soul!

How do you practice prosperity in your life? How do you keep an abundance mindset? Leave a comment to share with others!