Introducing Digital Downloads in the Store!

The first download: “How to Get Out of a Rut” downloadable self-help PDF!

As we head into the holidays, my mind is already set on next year. I am already planning out my 2019 goals as 2018 comes to a close. I am looking ahead to what I want to accomplish next year. I am working on my vision board, Reiki box, intentions, meditations, and affirmations. I am preparing for what is, to me, one of the most sacred days of the year — New Year’s Day. That’s the day I set my intentions for the year in quiet meditation and hold space for them. It’s a quiet day. I begin it in a healthy manner. No hangover here — I’ve been sober since 2013.

Best of all, I am excited by all this! I am ecstatic to work on what’s next in my life. I am excited to work to propel myself to the next level. I love this process and look forward to it. I’ve already begun my end of the year cleaning and re-organizing. I throw things out daily. I am changing the look of my home, re-arranging the stuff on the walls, replacing old things, taking inventory of what I do have.

If you aren’t doing this, it’s ok. But as your life coach, I’m here to give you a gentle nudge.

The year is almost over. We’ve already begun to be swept up in the holiday season. Many of us will travel for the holidays — hell, many of us are still trying to get home after that nasty blizzard we had here Sunday in Kansas, where I live.

It’s time to start taking stock. Here’s a downloadable PDF on How to Get Out of a Rut you can purchase in the Destiny Architecture store here (or below).

This PDF asks nine powerful questions to get you to think, feel, and take stock. It will help get you back in touch with your own inner guidance to lead yourself back to truth. This is what a good coach does! I’m happy to give you the tools.

I am going to start uploading more tools like this you can download and use on your own. Let them help you. This one will help you find directions and get to know yourself a little better.