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Early sale!

I couldn’t wait to put this sale up in my Square Market. Why wait for Black Friday?

You can get two life sessions for $100 right now, which you can totally use now or later. Use one now heading into Thanksgiving, use another one to debrief after all the stress has passed…use it however you want!

Why an early sale?

  • It’s never to early to get a jump on holiday shopping.

  • But I hate shopping in stores, so you can do this from your couch.

  • Start your 2019 game plan right now with me — your professional, certified, transformational life coach!

  • We can totally dig into your next vision board now.

  • If you’re like me, you don’t do Thanksgiving but you like a half-off sale. Here it is!

  • You can use it for yourself or give a gift — I’m not here to judge!

  • Buy Reiki sessions to help you through the holidays with your family and all the stress/pressure that comes along with…

  • This is an excellent time to turn within and revisit your goals, take stock of the year’s progress, and decide where to go next.

  • It’s Mercury Retrograde, so it’s the best time for a Reiki session and/or a coaching session.

Gratitude is a year-round event for Destiny Architects. It’s a daily practice. Let’s move forward with excellent coaching and Reiki sessions this holiday season!

Gratitude is a year-round event for Destiny Architects. It’s a daily practice. Let’s move forward with excellent coaching and Reiki sessions this holiday season!

Exciting News! I will be adding additional coaching hours soon! 

I’m working on some things that will expand my coaching hours so I can serve you better. It’s been eight years since I took a huge leap of faith — which turned out amazing. I am feeling called to make a jump again. 

I’m available now evenings and weekends for life coaching and distance Reiki sessions. (No more early morning hours at this time). You can schedule with me in my available times here on the scheduling page or at this link. These show my currently available times.

Expanding my availability for you to have more coaching sessions 

Here’s the only catch right now. I don’t know when my schedule will open up further. I also don’t know what days/times will become available. As much as I am the architect of my own destiny…I have to wait on a few things to move. And they will. 

Guess what else this means? 

I’ll be expanding my entire coaching business! This means more content will become available to you soon. There will be more classes, more distance Reiki sessions, more podcasts, more lives on Instagram and Facebook for you… 

If you love personal development, get ready to have an expansive 2019 with Destiny Architecture! 

I’ve long told my clients to take the leap of faith.

It worked for me before and I’m about to do it again. I love it. I love the rush, I love following my heart, and I love listening to Spirit lead me. I’m telling you this to take you along on the trip. (The word “journey” is overused and, if you’ve met me, you know everything is a “trip.” I’m a trip, life is a trip). 

more hours coming soon.jpg

Book online with me! I added new coaching & Reiki services!

New for summer

I wanted to make coaching more simple and affordable for summer break as I was inspired by an educator friend who has the summer off and wants to make the most of her time.

I created options for those who really want to grow with multiple sessions -- but who are on a budget.

A life coaching session a week for an entire month won't cost more than $250. If you want two sessions a week of coaching for a month, it's $600. That is it! If you want to get intense and have unlimited coaching and Reiki all month long, it's going to be $1,000, which is a great price for those who want 8 coaching sessions plus a Reiki session or more each week.

Start with a $49 introductory session. I have these set up for two-hour blocks -- but always plan for a session to last at least an hour, maybe 90 minutes. I take my time and listen. I can't can the experience into just one hour.

If you've already done your introductory life coaching session at $49 and want another session, just one at a time as you go, my regular sessions are $100. I made it pay off for you to buy several and keep on working on yourself with coaching and Reiki!

See the new offerings below!

I'm not available this Saturday due to tons of graduations and Mother's Day stuff. Usually, I am available on Saturdays.

Back to the #DA30DayChallenge & Why It Was on Hiatus

As often happens, I set the intention to share a #DA30DayChallenge with my clients about self-care -- then found myself in the middle of needing to do that same thing! I needed radical self-care so I went underground for a bit. I took on no clients for Reiki or Life Coaching. I put all my energy into my own care, values, and priorities. Things needed to be realigned in my life.

Also, something major happened to bring this on. I found out there's a new direction in prion disease research that blew me away. Read more about this journey and new direction on my CJD blog.

Then in the middle of April, I went through some other medical stuff (yay, no blood thinners!) that came out totally alright! But whew...the stress level there. The level of emotions to process in the first two weeks of April 2018...was legendary. I won't go through something that amazing in life again any time soon!

The takeaway here is I needed self-care more than you may have. I went offline, didn't blog, didn't coach, didn't do Reiki on others, and basically helped only myself for a bit.

I'm telling you this so you will do this too when the time comes.

It comes for all of us.

There's a time to go within, re-evaluate, re-align, then re-organize.

Like, I totally have to redo my vision board now! There has been other work, too. I've been doing ugly and deep healing work on myself. I continue to do so.

This is what I'm all about -- doing the work. If you have work to do, I'd love to help you with it!

~Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson

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Let's get back to the #DA30DayChallenge self-care fun!

Animals LOVE Reiki!

    It’s as though every Reiki table comes with a cat attached to it. Animals love Reiki! All I do I bring out the Reiki table to work on a friend or family member in my home and a cat appears attached to it.
    There are some who will say cats just like to get into things. But ask any Reiki practitioner and you will likely hear a similar story about a completely different cat in a completely different home. The common denominator is the same. It’s the Reiki.
    I think we can all agree cats are finicky creatures. It’s the same with Reiki as it is with food. The cat is still picky about what feeds it. While Reiki is spiritual food for us all, the cat is not so certain. So what is it cats love about Reiki?
    Perhaps it’s a commonality. Studies say cats’ purrs operate at a level of hertz that is healing. Studies show having a cat companion is good for our health. It’s good for our hearts and our kids’ immune systems. Cats are healers. They are also savage killers, manipulators and ever-starving food beggars! But they have healing powers — if and when they choose to use them.

    I had a beautiful black cat for 11 years named Alcatraz. He was a husky boy at about 26 pounds in his treat-loving prime. He was a fan of Reiki — but only just so much Reiki. He wasn’t a cat who enjoyed Reiki sessions at length. He liked to receive Reiki for maybe a minute, same as being brushed. But he like to be a part of the Reiki sessions in my home. He loved Reiki so much he demanded to be a part of all Reiki sessions — and a chunky cat seemed to get his way. This gentle giant enjoyed lounging on the Reiki table during sessions, often laying on my clients. Thank goodness these clients were close friends and family who already knew and loved him! If I was the one receiving the Reiki, he preferred to be close to me during the session. Often he would lay directly beneath my heart chakra below the table.

When I first learned Reiki, my Masters told me of how they liked to do it on their dogs and how their dogs loved it. I decided I needed to experience doing Reiki on some dogs, so I headed out to the country to see my parent’s pack. My choices were the black labs, Betty and Wilma, or I could work on the cat, Bam Bam. I thought for sure the girls would love it. They ended up kind of indifferent but not as indifferent as that cat! Surprise. My new little buddy, Oreo the rescue cocker spaniel, however, was just the dog to turn into a Reiki junkie.
My father had adopted him and he had a few behaviors. But by this time, he was fitting in nicely with his new sisters and feline brother. Perhaps the Reiki gave him some love, warmth and peace he had craved during his old life. But I’ve never seen an animal so completely surrender to Reiki like Oreo did! He didn’t want me to stop. It was how I built a foundation of friendship with that dog. Today, my dad tells me you’d never know he ever had issues.

    Sadly, Alcatraz passed away last year. My remaining cat, Meeko, can care less about Reiki. She’d rather just be constantly petted and cuddled. Her other choice is to play or eat. But lay around and receive energy? Nah, not Miss Meeko. She can lay around and be lazy without the help of Source Energy, thank you very much.
    Enter Roo the kitten. He fell into our life when my friend’s cat got pregnant. We waited for weeks for him to be born. I can assure you, this cat is the most insane animal on the planet. We call him Roo The Ruiner, Viking Cat, insane, savage…you get the picture. This is the cat that makes me never want a kitten again! But in spite of all his behaviors, which are many, he does love to receive Reiki.
    My daughter came to visit and her back was aching so I threw her on the Reiki table. Guess who had to be on the table front and center just like Alcatraz used to? Little Roo! He’s good for a few minutes of lounging on the table during a Reiki session. I’m amazed because nothing gets this cat to be still. He can’t be worn out. He’s non-stop. He climbs up curtains, steals cotton swabs, attacks everyone in the house, and runs in circles. Then he falls into the toilet, chases his tail in the sink, and digs in every litter box. But he wants Reiki. Go figure.
    Reiki doesn’t seem congruent with his personality at all.

    You never know who will gravitate towards Reiki — human or animal.    

Reiki Roo Roo .jpg

"Reiki Roo"

When he was little and cute...

Self-care weekend wrap-up

Having a self-care weekend all to myself was so energizing, I can’t wait to do it again! I may have gotten too much rest because I woke up at 1am today… But I can’t complain!

I decided Saturday to go with the flow and ended up making a discovery. I took Uber to see my Reiki Master, Donna, for a Reiki Sonics session. After that, I decided to walk across the street the the health food store for some supplies. On the way, I discovered a little foot massage place.

I bee-lined for it. It is so hard to find a place that does just reflexology around here! I was so excited. It turned out to be a not-so-little place that offers all kinds of massage -- chair, body, and feet. They had tons of massage chairs and rooms! It was a lot bigger inside once I went in and they did a great job.

Then I hit the health food store, then went on to get a haircut. Ended up being gifted with “color depositing conditioner” and a Halite (salt) stone.

Once home, I was relaxed and happy I got to accomplish so much self-care! I camped out on the couch and ate my salad and chocolate while watching Netflix. It was so awesome to have downtime after the last couple Saturdays of travel and training!

Sunday, I slept in and then did some more binge watching once I got my spiritual studies done for the day. Then I was off to the Reiki share with a friend, which I was wonderful. I was gifted with a notepad and some household items -- small gifts, yes, but a signal to the Universe that more comes to you when you care for yourself first.

Who doesn't love energies of abundance and manifestation?

Who doesn't love energies of abundance and manifestation?

Raw Halite Salt Crystal
Squire Boone Village

Self-Care is So Important!

So I am kicking off my own self-care weekend right now!

Why is self-care so important? I can list off a ton of reasons, some of them cliche:

  • Can’t pour from an empty well (cliche and yet ever-so-true)
  • We need to engage in self-care to set an example for our kids
  • Fights burnout, stress, and poor health
  • Improves self-esteem
  • You deserve it
  • It’s the antidote to codependency
  • Do you take care of someone else? Then you NEED self-care!
Self-care saturday!.jpg


How did we get to this place in society where self-care comes last?

Somewhere in the course of history, self-care took a backseat and we all cosigned on this.

As women became breadwinners as well as equal stakeholders in society (in my grandmother and mother’s generations) they didn’t take any duties off their plates. My grandmother worked at Motorola and gave up few house duties to my grandfather, who loved to mop floors. She cooked for all of us, held huge family dinners, and looked after all her grandchildren.

My mother set aside finishing college to go after her M-R-S degree, support my father in his business, and ultimately to raise me. She never finished college but supported my father in finishing his degree. By then, I was a teenager on my own way to college and she soon moved closer to her parents to take care of them.

Both of these women wore their caretaking as a badge of honor as they put themselves last. Both of these women are no longer with us, plagued by stress and poor health until their final days of degenerative brain diseases -- my grandmother succumbed to Alzheimer’s; my mother fell to CJD.

Personal Development Opportunities Lost

My mother watched countless cooking and travel shows, never once taking that trip or preparing that new recipe. My grandmother had no friends or social life outside our family. Her only hobby was hitting garage sales or flea markets. Needless to say, my mother followed in her mother’s footsteps with her lack of social life and hobbies. The last time I saw my mother have a hobby, it was the late 70s/early 80s when she did “tole painting.” (My mother was an excellent oil painter and I have her leaves tattooed on my arm).

Grandma had no self-care. None. My mother spent her evenings watching TV, reading magazines, and keeping her nails immaculate. Her only splurge in life was a regular haircut and color. No bottle jobs for my mother!

I am convinced both of these women could have benefited from mental and physical health services. They could have benefited from personal relationships outside of marriage and family. Each could have benefited from Al-Anon meetings, which I will mention because September is Recovery Month. Neither of them had a spiritual base like a church or a practice of prayer and meditation. Aside from personal grooming, there was no true uninterrupted “me time” for the women who came before me that I would consider “self-care.”

So let’s discuss then what true “Self-Care” really is!

Self-care is putting yourself first. Self-care is making your own needs a priority. I don’t know how we got into this way of life in which, “I’m so busy,” is such a prized statement. Busy is a drug. We use drugs to bury things and/or escape reality. We avoid self-care as an act of avoiding the self in the same way.

Let’s start a self-care revolution.

Let’s promise here and now to take care of ourselves first. This post is primarily aimed at women because I know mostly women who avoid self-care. My male friends seem to have no problems keeping hobbies, relationships, getting haircuts regularly --and most importantly-- saying no.

Self-care is saying no.

Self-care means saying no firmly and realizing the word “no” is a complete sentence. Guess what? Say “no” more often and you free up your time. What do you use that time for? Self-care! Boom! You set a boundary when you say “no” and then you stick to it. You don’t waver. You don’t take it back. You keep your “no” solid. It’s a wall. It’s a message that says, “my time is not for free and I am not on sale.”

Now that you have time for self-care...what to do?

Do you have female friends outside your marriage, family, and job? If that area is lacking, start there. Are you a caretaker for an elderly family member and/or small children? Then you require self-care time. You need quiet time with yourself. Recover your sense of self.

Opening the gates on a self-care weekend

This is my self-care weekend! I have counted the days and hours to it. I recently switched jobs within the company I work for, attended trainings two weekends in a row out of town, and worked overtime for our annual fundraiser. My previous job never, ever went beyond 40 hours a week. To say my routine has been blown out of the water is an understatement as I also had taken on some freelance work in the middle of this. Then my daughter made a surprise visit for 5 days! Whoa! The last month flew by.

Time to pump the brakes!

This weekend is my first weekend I get two days of straight me time! This weekend I have no work, no training, no overtime, no freelance work, and no kid! Self-care means I will indulge in sleep, but not too much. I’ve made plans for my own self-care and private time. I went home last night exhausted and decided to start self-care weekend early with Netflix and takeout. (My take the “Netflix and Chill”). Saturday, someone will do Reiki on ME for a change! Then I am getting the haircut and style I’ve been too busy to get.

Remember when I said, “Busy is a drug?” Being too busy to get a haircut is just plain wrong. It’s like cheating on myself. So that’s over. We all slip sometimes, but we have to reboot and reset! Sunday, I am attending a Reiki share I haven’t been to in ages due to my former work schedule. I had attended so regularly before! I also plan to read and relax. I plan to immerse myself in my study of “A Course in Miracles” and other spiritual texts. I also plan on yoga in my living room! I cannot wait because I know this effort is important to feed my soul this weekend. This is my idea of self-care. This is what works for me.

Do you need ideas on how to create more self-care in your own life? Not sure where to start? I can help; I’m a coach!

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Going Deeper with the Artist's Way Course Coming up!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Take The Artist's Way Course with Me!

  1. Taking The Artist's Way course is transformative. I am ALL ABOUT TRANSFORMATION! I call my course, "Going Deeper withe The Artist's Way," because I offer coaching tools within the course. Traditionally, we take this course and it's a journey of self-exploration. We learn a ton about our creative selves. But as a coach leading you through the class, I'll be there to call you out when you're ready. I'll be there for a gentle nudge, to speak back to you the unspoken I hear come out of you. I'll be there to guide you intuitively so you get to take leaps forward with this course!
  2. This is a group thing -- always. You can read the book on your own. Or you can go through the class with a group to see what others get out of it and to get positive feedback on your own journey. The group holds you accountable and inspires you.
Let's get.jpg

3. Sign up NOW and be the FIRST TEN to sign up and you'll receive a FREE coaching session immediately! Let's find out what you want to work on BEFORE the course begins! It will help you set an intention for the course and be clear as you step into the journey.

4. This is a program of recovery -- creative recovery. If anyone ever told you something you created sucked and you believed them, we're here to all get over that and heal together. Your confidence will rise. Your desire to create will return. You will realize you've been cheating on yourself by not creating. And you will stop doing that!

5. You will have new tools for your creativity arsenal. You will gain insight into yourself. You will have new ways to function creatively. The Morning Pages are an infamous tool used by people all over the world to help with creativity. I'm a true believer in them, though I don't do them daily. How about Artist Dates? When is the last time you took yourself on a date, all by yourself for at least two hours with no distractions? How has your "me time" been looking lately? If this answer is dismal, this course is for you!

6. This course is for everyone! It doesn't matter if you're a writer, painter, tailor, business person, actor, filmmaker, dancer, etc. This course is for those who create. This course is especially for those who DO NOT. We will address that, yes, you truly are a creative soul. We all are. We will also address why you haven't been creating to your full potential.

I took this course once with a group of writers. That was fantastic for me as I am a writer. I believe you can get something out of this course whether you are George Lucas or a high school student. It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home parent, jet-set business deals maker, a construction worker, a musician, or college student. This course isn't about what kind of creative you are or what you do for a living. It's about freeing yourself through creativity. We all are endowed with creativity.

7. Creativity is our God-given right! The world needs our creativity. Not only do you cheat yourself by not flexing your creative muscle -- you cheat the world.

Going Deeper with The Artist's Way-2.jpg

8. There will be this course for an hour a week. Plus coaching sessions available at deep discount to my students enrolled in the course! You don't have to do extra coaching in addition to the course if you don't want to. But during the course, I will drop my coaching prices to those "Going Deeper with the Artist's Way" students who want to really do the work!

9. This course is about self-care. If you've been wanting to get better at this, now is the time and this is just the project you need to embark on. Self-care is mandatory in The Artist's Way course. I've been a self-care advocate for years, which is why I named my Reiki business in Wichita, "You Deserve Reiki!"

10. You're resisting this course, aren't you? To quote the course/book author, Julia Cameron, "Just remember, in choosing, that we often resist what we most need." I love what this course did for me, which is why I now lead it and offer it. It's going to give us coaching promtps I can coach you around if you so dare. So don't resist. Do it! It will be fun and you will grow! But mostly, we will have FUN!

Sign up now:

This class will be held in a weekly live webinar on (Flash required). You don't have to video chat with us unless you want to -- you can just view the class and participate via chat. As your teacher, I will be available constantly through the 12-week course. You can reach me via email, video conference, phone, or coaching sessions. I will offer one-on-one private coaching sessions outside the course at deep discount! You can do all of this from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have Internet.

Just remember, in choosing, that we often resist what we most need.
— Julia Cameron
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You can take Reiki 2 with me this Saturday in Wichita!

Join my Reiki 2 class, 8/12/17, $180, held at White Dove Wichita, 2947 E. Kellogg from 8am-noon. 

Here's what you learn in the Reiki Level 2 class: 

*Reiki level 2 attunement
*Reiki 2 symbols (there are 3 to learn)
*Practicing Reiki on others
*Going deeper

Will use the same learning manual used in Reiki 1. If you don't have one, please let me know ASAP so I can order one for you in time for class. 

Taught by Usui Reiki Master Heather Larson.

Sign up here to hold your space! Class is $180 and includes a manual.

Reiki 2 will change you and elevate you on your path towards spiritual development and begin to heighten your intuition. Everyone has a unique experience, so like with any Reiki session, I promise nothing. Some people have that "Burning Bush" experience while others just tell me their atunement was simply relaxing.

Reiki II gets you learning the symbols, which strengthen your Reiki. All you really need to send Reiki is intention, but symbols help. They are part of the tradition and full of meaning. I will explain more in class!

You're also going to learn more about practicing Reiki on others, as in how to do a full session. If you're wanting to be serious and do Reiki on a more professional level, I go into that in Reiki Master class!

I'm actually thinking of offering a class just on how to open a Reiki buisness. If you'd be interested, tell me you are in the comments!

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4th of July SALE!

In the spirit of celebration and because I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July, I'm having a huge sale! Thought I'd go with some insane deep discounts on Reiki and Life Coaching since this sale will only run through Wednesday, 7/5.

First of all, practice some self-care and book a distance Reiki session for just $17.76! (See what I did there?) I'd LOVE for more people to try Reiki so I can spread more positive, meditative energy into the world. Reiki is a traditional Japanese energetic healing art that promotes healing.

Second of all, I thought you may like a chance to save on my services. Like, really save. So I knocked about 50% or more from coaching sessions and packages -- again -- through Wednesday 7/5!

So yeah, you could end up with 20 life coaching sessions for just $500 right now! And if you're that serious, you have until 3/31/18 to use them all!

Three life coaching sessions with a Reiki session just $170!

If you've never had a coaching session before, or simply never worked with me, I have an amazing sale on a first time, introductory session just $29!

So you get shopping and let's get going! Work on yourself! Give yourself this gift! You're going to feel great, you'll get an edge on any perceived competition, and we'll have some fun. I can't wait to help you grow. I'm here to support you on your journey.

You can email anytime at or call 1-800-390-6495.

~Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master

Wichita, KS

Today! Another fantastic edition of Free Friday Reiki LIVE!

When you show up to the live session today, I'll enter you to win a FREE private session with me!

This is going to be the last session on Learn It Live. I'm going to try different live venues (online of course) like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope. Which one would you be interested in attending? Let me know in the comments!

I'm also interested in making them more frequent and spontaneous as well as scheduled! So tell me what days/times you'd be likely to pop in! Tell me what you want in the comments. I am all ears because I am here for you!

Join here:

Hey, Coach -- who do you serve?

The correct answer is EVERYONE!

But who do I mostly serve? Women!

It's no secret that I've had mostly females coming to me for Reiki since 2014... Since becoming a life coach, I've still had a mostly female demographic.

The truth is, I welcome men! I do! Where are the men?

I do have men coming in -- they are amazing, awakened men who are working to raise their consciousness and that of the world in new ways!

What does my largely female audience have in common with my tiny-but-brilliant male one?

They feel an overwhelming rejection of current ways and systems as well as a desire to return to our human healing roots. These roots are just waiting to be awakened in our DNA!

  • These men are not feeling the patriarchy.
  • They know innately they are healers. They feel it.
  • They know it's time to put self first and heal the self first because their heart's desire is to heal others, but they've run out of gas in some respect. Their soul, their guts and hearts say it's time to STOP and fill up the tank.
  • They are ready to challenge themselves.
  • They feel a creative bit of energy stirring within (or possibly erupting like a volcano).
  • They know in their bones they can resist these stirrings no more...

If you're looking for a coach who is willing to really go there, ask the tough questions, and challenge you -- I am all ears. I know you can reach whatever goal you have in mind. The answers to your questions are within you; it's my job as your life coach to help you access those answers.

I can't wait to start working with you! You're going to thrive!

Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master


I just launched a huge sale!

50% off my transformational life coaching and Reiki services!

My idea here is that you will buy now and use later -- although I am not at all opposed to you beginning to transform your life NOW through life coaching and Reiki!

I know the holidays are busy, so I am not counting on anyone wanting to burst into life coaching and Reiki right now. What I am hoping is you'll nab these great services at the sale price and use them to kick off your most powerful year yet!

If you want your life to be different, better, and happier in 2017, you've come to the right place. Start where you are -- right here!

I am also hoping you will see the value in combining Reiki with Life Coaching.

Reiki relaxes you, so it would be great to kick off a coaching session or to integrate the work we did together after your session is done.

For my Wichita clients, there's a package combining these powerful transformational sessions with a Reiki 1 course. I say this is for Wichita-based clients only because I don't give out Reiki attunements online. Only in person.

Please check out my sale page and grab one of these great packages soon!

Heather Larson