How to reprogram your subconcious mind 

How to reprogram your subconcious mind with this new, downloadable PDF worksheet

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind Downloadable PDF Worksheet

This downloadable PDF worksheet will help you along your personal development journey by helping you become conscious of negative thinking patterns that are holding you back. Then it will help you change them into positive ones.

There are six questions in this worksheet for you. I’ve also written a blog to help you with this idea.

Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the PDF. That link will be active for 24 hours.

I recommend downloading it and printing it out so you can write on it. Or, you can save paper (and trees) by keeping it on your computer or tablet. Then you can write in a journal on it, or journal by computer. I personally like to journal on my computer because I can write faster by keyboard.

Half of this worksheet will be recognizing your negative subconscious thinking patterns. The other half will be creating new patterns that are more beneficial to what you want to create in your life.

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Thank you for joining me on this path of healing work. You’re going to do great. There are many “a-ha moments” ahead of you! Let’s get to work. 

Ask yourself, “What pre-programmed subconscious messages do I deal with?”

Let’s get into a niche here because to mine the negative subconscious messages from the entire mind is a tad overwhelming. 

Which niche would you like to work on? 

  • Money/finances 

  • Health/beauty/body image/exercise 

  • Creativity 

  • Career and/or job search/job changing 

  • Personal life 

Remember, this healing work is endless and you can always come back to this tool to work on different areas at different times. 

Let’s use trust as an example. 

I catch my subconscious being weird abut trust all the time, but this doesn’t mean that in these fleeting moments I am doing anything about it. I am merely becoming conscious of the fact that I catch glimpses of my lack of trust. What is it I don’t trust? I start asking the questions so the work can begin. 

How does this message hold me back? 

I know from life experience that taking a leap of faith works for me. I am a risk taker by nature. Perhaps that’s why I don’t trust well…sometimes I take a leap of faith that is well-planned out. Those are the ones that work. Impulsive leaps, however, do NOT work! I think those few unplanned leaps and subsequent failures embedded in me a lack of trust tied into a feeling of failure. There were also many personal relationships with friends, family, and love interests which also fed my lack of trust. 

But let’s dig a little deeper, using myself as an example. 

What is behind that lack of trust? 


What am I afraid of? 

That’s a good question! Is it failure I am scared of? No. It’s more the fear of putting myself out there. There’s a fear of vulnerability. I can own my failures, mistakes, and the embarrassment from them. But at least I am doing something. Some people never do anything. They let the fear paralyze them. I am afraid often of being seen and feeling vulnerable. 

I’ll leave out all the “psych 101” reasons why as I’m a life coach and I’m not interested in the past. A good coach moves forward, not back. (To deal with past issues, early childhood memories, and family of origin issues, please see a qualified therapist). 

So we’ve decided I will work on my personal life and general fear for the purpose of this example.

What is the opposite of fear? Love!

Let’s find a way for me to attract more love into my life! If love is the opposite of fear (and it is) then I want to attract things like courage and trust into my life. 

This is where the affirmations come in. 

  • “I love and trust life!” 

  • “I trust the Universe if always working in my favor.” 

  • “I trust in life, I am trustworthy and operate with integrity so I attract people who are trustworthy to me.” 

  • “I am worthy of trust and only attract trustworthy people into my life.” 

Play with these affirmations and tailor them to your own life. 

So now we know I have some pre-programmed messages about lack of trust embedded in my subconscious. Perhaps that came from my parents always saying things like, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” We also know these pre-programmed messages caused me harm as they hold me back from being able to be vulnerable to others. 

Therefore, we begin to turn it around by asking: 

What do I want to attract into my life? 

Then we tailor affirmations for what we DO want in our life. Because, remember: 

What you focus on expands! 

If you want less of it, DO NOT concentrate on it! 

There are three more questions to engage you on this path in this worksheet. 

Often I find when I am doing this work, I start with six questions and end up asking myself 30. The questions beget more questions. The more armor you take off, the more you can ask yourself and the more you can free up! 

A word about these downloadable PDF worksheets by Destiny Architecture

I design these worksheets for you to use by printing them out. You can then write on them or write in a journal to answer questions. Of course, you can save paper by downloading the worksheet to your device and then journaling on a laptop. Whatever you prefer! 

I also design these worksheets for self-study. But I am here for coaching sessions if something comes up that you’d like to work on further. 

You can also join the Patreon community for support from the group! One of these worksheets will come with the $10 membership tier each month. 

Also, please take your time when working on these. They are for YOU! They are for your personal growth and development. Tie them into your yoga, meditation, or writing practice. Diffuse some essential oil, put on some music, cut out distractions, and use these in your self-care time. You’ll be glad you did. 

Announcing: The Destiny Architecture Coaching & Reiki Community is now on Patreon

What!?!!? I can snag me some life coaching and Reiki with Destiny Architecture on Patreon? SCORE!

I know, not my usual headline but after a week of allergy hell (normal life in the Midwest) I am feeling 75% more human today! So let’s just have some fun with this!

I am creating a life coaching and Reiki community on Patreon here.

It’s a brand-new community I am birthing this spring. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and Patreon gives me a great plug-and-play type of way to do this. (Patreon is a membership community led by creators. So you help me make money and meet goals in return for amazing content).

I’ve posted on the Patreon page about what the community is about and I’ve also uploaded an exclusive, Patrons-only life coaching worksheet for the $10/mo+ tiers. It’s about how you can reprogram your subconscious mind, which is so revealing. But at the same time, it will help you create a better way for yourself. Yes, we have some subconscious program we want to let go of — but we also have to program in the new!

I’ll be posting a worksheet once a month like this for Patrons. You’ll also be able to get a podcast, coaching, access to a mastermind, and more.

The worksheet is up, the “what this is all about” post is up, and some other “for everybody” content you can read.

If you’ve been a fan of this blog, you’re going to love it.

Yes, you can join for free!

The benefits kick in at the $3/mo tier. It goes all the way up to the $250/mo mastermind level. I have a post on there about this, but it isn’t just about the money commitment to the community. It’s also about what time you have to give to the community — and more importantly — to your own personal growth.

Above all, it’s about your energy!

Bring your energy to the community. Participate. Consume some, give back some. How much energy do you have for personal development right now? Pick that tier. Do that.

I chose Patreon because the site is full of amazing creators. I’ve been a Patron of others there for one year now and it has changed my life! I’ve been a patron of some anti-racism educators and social justice activists in the past year. Where else can you find people creating such amazing content for affordable monthly prices?

Of course, I am adding in a ton of premium content. I want there to be something for everyone while —at the same time— keeping the mastermind people in their own Slack group. I don’t want you to join that (even if that’s affordable to you) if you don’t have the energy to bring. Being in the mastermind will require work on your part. There will be reading and giving knowledge to others.

So check it out. More to come!

Destiny Architecture is now on Patreon!.jpg


Online Coaching & Reiki community with several subscription tiers available!

Achieving alchemy: Transforming the negative into a positive

Alchemy definition: 

A power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

The key to my life coaching is empowerment.

I always believe YOU have the right answers and, as a coach, my job is to facilitate a healthy space where they can come forth from you. One of the things I love to do is help you get your power back over anything negative. 

Achieving Alchemy.jpg


Ready to move forward? You can turn a negative into a positive. As a coach, I can help with that!

For an example, I am going to use a healing I did in my own life last weekend. 

I was badly in need of alchemy. I needed to transform a negative emotion into something positive. I am by no means 100% healed, but it’s a step in the right direction. This is something no therapist has been able to give me! 

I have struggled with emotions surrounding my cousin’s death since 1991. She died in a house fire. On Thanksgiving. My uncle died two weeks later of an unrelated health problem. Needless to say I have been triggered by fire, smoke, and Thanksgiving ever since. 

In addition to being a life coach, I’m also a journalist.

I left my home Saturday with only intentions of running errands and no intention of being a journalist in that moment. But I saw thick, black smoke a mile or so away. It ended up being a two-alarm fire. Before I knew this, my journalistic curiosity got the better of me. I arrived on scene despite feeling triggered. I thought I may just snap a photo and run, but then a bystander yelled at me from across the street, ‘The flames are over there!” 

Now I had to go in deeper to look for the full story.

Someone had seen me with my branded news vehicle. So I wandered in until I found people gathered around a burning building. Smoke was everywhere. I could feel my chest tightening. The smell was pungent; nothing smells like a fire. Once you’ve been near one you take the smell with you. I walked until I found some people. They assured me everyone got out alive. This made me happy, sad, and jealous all at the same time. 

I knew I would have been inconsolable if the person in that apartment had died.

I’ve learned over 27 years that I badly want every fire victim to survive. I don’t want more deaths like my cousin’s — but I will always wish she’d been one of the lucky ones. So I left, feeling triggered, feeling choked up. I needed to do my job but I needed to cry too. 

I did my job. I didn’t let the tears flow. I tried, but they evaporated somewhere within me in a broken space that needs healing. That dry space just needs a little precipitation now and then. Not much. 

I went to Ulta after the fire. I bought Zoella body spray to douse the smell of smoke. I bought the moisturizer I needed. (It was my original errand running plan that day). 

Then what?

It seemed fitting to stop at Firehouse Subs! Not even kidding you. As soon as I walked into that place I felt healed. I felt like I was standing within a tangible homage to hero firefighters. I realized I can inhibit a space in which I can feel pain and gratitude at the same time. I faced a painful trigger and then rewarded myself with positives. 

It wasn’t the first time I tried to face a fire and turn it into something positive. 

In college radio, at KOHL in Fremont, California, there was a fire in the hills behind our station. This was at Ohlone College, itself built into the side of a hill with what felt like 10,000 steps. I stubbornly refused to leave the radio station the night those hills were on fire. I loved radio and I refused to let a fire take away one more of my loves.

I watched that fire come to the crest of that hill behind me that night like it was coming at me and then I watched it change course. I felt victorious! That fire wasn’t about to take my radio show away from me!

The next morning I realized what an idiot I was as I couldn’t breathe and felt sick from breathing in so much smoke from the night before. But I felt like I’d taken something back from that house fire in 1991. I felt like I was less powerless. Fire couldn’t take two of us, now could it? Those would just be cruel odds? (I didn’t have the best thinking at 18 years old).

Last Saturday’s victory of being able to cover a fire as a journalist allowed me to feel empowered once more. I can never have my beloved cousin back, but I can let go of some of my baggage. I can keep recovering pieces of myself back from 1991 and that is a beautiful thing. 

I understand now I’ll never be completely healed, neither will my family.

Start a fire near me indoors and you’re dead to me. The current fires in my home state of California (Woolsey, Camp) are heart wrenching and I can only stomach slight bits of the coverage. Self-care is censoring that type of news right now. I’m still healing from one person I lost 27 years ago. I can’t imagine 79 dead and 700 still missing. (At the time of this writing). The level of trauma being left behind on that burned and scarred map…it’s overwhelming. There are literally thousands of people like me who will heal slowly and forever from these fires. 

If that is you, you will find your healing in time. Now isn’t the time to begin to perform the type of self-alchemy that took me years to get to. When I say you will find your healing in time I stress this “time” is measured in decades, not months. We all heal differently. Each path to healing will be unique. The beginning stage of grief work isn’t the time for this. 

My above examples of myself are a bit extreme in that my story is deeply emotional and traumatic. This also comes after years of professional therapy. Please DO seek professional help if you are being triggered by fresh traumas. Life coaching is NOT a replacement for proper mental health care.

The type of alchemy I can do to turn your negatives into positives are: 

(Axamples bullet pointed) 

*Fear of taking a leap of faith (or any fear holding you back) 

*Getting rid of the negative voice in your head that says “you can’t” do what your heart desires 

*Changing horrible self-talk into a positive, life-affirming, GAME-CHANGING way of life

*Learning to train yourself to think more positively in daily life 

*Turning off life’s biggest distractors so you can have more creative time 

*Stop telling yourself you’re “not creative” and become the artist you were meant to be

when you feel like quitting, think about why you started..jpg


There will always be more opportunities to heal.

Sale! 50% off life coaching & Reiki purchases of $50 or more

Early sale!

I couldn’t wait to put this sale up in my Square Market. Why wait for Black Friday?

You can get two life sessions for $100 right now, which you can totally use now or later. Use one now heading into Thanksgiving, use another one to debrief after all the stress has passed…use it however you want!

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  • It’s never to early to get a jump on holiday shopping.

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  • This is an excellent time to turn within and revisit your goals, take stock of the year’s progress, and decide where to go next.

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Gratitude is a year-round event for Destiny Architects. It’s a daily practice. Let’s move forward with excellent coaching and Reiki sessions this holiday season!

Gratitude is a year-round event for Destiny Architects. It’s a daily practice. Let’s move forward with excellent coaching and Reiki sessions this holiday season!

Career Coach Corner: Avoiding Resume Black Holes -- Whether You Are a Career-Changer or Not!

Coaching for career changers can help you focus on priorities and values which will help you concentrate on what you really want to create in the future of your life’s work. But it still won’t stop your resume from ending up in some company's black hole — a digital garbage can where your resume is never seen by human eyes.

My career coaching is private and one-on-one. You can make an appointment with me for that here. But here’s some information to help everyone being coached on career direction that doesn’t need to be kept private or done one-on-one.

Your resume is likely to fall into a black hole.

Career Coaching Corner.jpg

I think — or hope anyway — that we all know that. If you don’t, let me awaken you.

Did you know your resume is already digitally pre-judged by machines before it even has a chance to make it to human eyes? The larger the company you apply to, the truer this is! Applying for a mom & pop company means you’re less likely to encounter the Automatic Tracking System for applicants — or ATS. Use of keywords makes the ATS your friend. For some reason, the ATS threw me to the customer service and sales wolves years ago. I have no clue what on my resume did that! (Possibly my liberal arts degree?)

If you’re struggling with wanting a career change and needing coaching on it, I’m here to help. We will take stock of where you’ve been already in your career. What are your accomplishments? What skills and talents do you bring to an organization? What kind of education do you have, what certifications do you hold, and what kind of teams have you led? We will take a look at the past that brought through your career so far.

Then we will work on where you are headed. What are you passionate about? What have you done before that can be used to your advantage in where you are going? For example, I had to use skills acquired in radio broadcasting and journalism for jobs I applied for outside the field. No one cared about my audio editing experience. But I could translate some skills over. I had done social media marketing, interviewing, writing, editorial, and press releases. I learned that personal connections were the best way for me to get hired. Through my network, I obtained part-time employment that turned into full-time.

Very little of my radio skills were useful in the field of addictions I entered after radio. But I learned new skills. The person who hired me at the time knew me because I’d done charity work for her at the non-profit that became my employer. She had seen something in me she thought would be great for the job working for her in the recovery center. Then I was thrown into a variety of trainings for my job. Eventually, I put my new skills to work full-time in a new position.

That was more than three years ago and I learned so much! The skills I have now can probably get me into a variety of places in the social work and non-profit field. I also used to think I wanted to learn grant writing. After all, it was writing, wasn’t it? Now that I’ve worked in the field and seen friends go through grant writing courses in college, I realized that isn’t the work for me.

This is the number one reason to go take any job. It’s automatic field research into what you don’t —and do— want to do for work. Career changes don’t have to be scary! It also shows you what exactly your strengths and weaknesses really are.


Book online with me! I added new coaching & Reiki services!

New for summer

I wanted to make coaching more simple and affordable for summer break as I was inspired by an educator friend who has the summer off and wants to make the most of her time.

I created options for those who really want to grow with multiple sessions -- but who are on a budget.

A life coaching session a week for an entire month won't cost more than $250. If you want two sessions a week of coaching for a month, it's $600. That is it! If you want to get intense and have unlimited coaching and Reiki all month long, it's going to be $1,000, which is a great price for those who want 8 coaching sessions plus a Reiki session or more each week.

Start with a $49 introductory session. I have these set up for two-hour blocks -- but always plan for a session to last at least an hour, maybe 90 minutes. I take my time and listen. I can't can the experience into just one hour.

If you've already done your introductory life coaching session at $49 and want another session, just one at a time as you go, my regular sessions are $100. I made it pay off for you to buy several and keep on working on yourself with coaching and Reiki!

See the new offerings below!

I'm not available this Saturday due to tons of graduations and Mother's Day stuff. Usually, I am available on Saturdays.


Destiny Architecture Self-Care Challenge -- 30 days — 30 minutes a day

Destiny Architecture 30-Day Self-Care Challenge..jpg

Led by Certified Life Coach Heather Larson in Wichita, Kansas — Long-Distance Online Life Coach (and in person in South Central Kansas).

Let’s do a self-care challenge to kick-off spring. Why not? It was a random idea that just came to me, so I figured it must be a nudge from Spirit.

Here’s the commitment factor involved:

Can you challenge yourself to 30 minutes of self-care each of the next 30 days? Why not? Won’t you gain something from the experience of dedicating yourself to 30  minutes of self-care on a daily basis? As your life coach, I don’t care if you set a timer for 30 minutes and nap. That still counts as all the juiciness of “me time.”

Not to harp on the point, but I don’t think I should have to convince you to partake in a 30-day challenge to spend more time on yourself! “Me time” doesn’t need a hard sell! Self-care shouldn’t ever be an option.

If you agree, keep reading.

Now that we agree on that — here’s the drill. You commit to the process, I provide the materials and inspiration. I will constantly be posting new self-care content here on the site. New rituals, resources and ideas. New inspiration. New podcasts. Yes, we want to engage in that glorious “me time” daily but we also want to keep it fresh. Think of it like dating yourself! Take the time to get to know yourself better. Make that self-care time count.

Let’s be clear, too. This is serious stuff. We aren’t just made of bath bombs and pedicures. (Oh, but DO do those things!) We are made of hard work too. Some days self-care is the bath and pedi. Other days it’s tarot cards, calling your close friend in tears, and journaling or automatic writing to find the answer you are seeking. Sometimes you’re mad and burning sage, other days you can buy yourself flowers and take a trip to a museum (something we call an artist date in The Artist’s Way).

I want us to cover as much of that ground in the Destiny Architecture 30-Day Self-Care Challenge.

Here’s what you can find on the site all month:

*Self-care and “me-time” rituals posted on the site — something new to challenge and freshen up your routine.
* Podcast w/a self-care meditation to kick off the challenge
*Podcast to visualize your desired outcome and set the intention for this month

We will cover the following self-care themes (and then some):

*Spoil yourself
*Strengthen yourself: financially, de-clutter, health, wealth, happiness,
*Culture: music, books, movies, ideas
*Codependency recovery
*Addiction recovery
*Writing, journaling
*Creative Recovery & The Artist’s Way  
*Focusing on what you really want

Join me and share with a  friend who needs a little recharge in life. If you’re joining the challenge, use the hashtag #DA30DayChallenge on Instagram and Twitter.

Sign up for the newsletter below and never miss an update or Destiny Architecture Challenge!

Tell me in the comments how you plan to recharge your self-care practice.

Back to the #DA30DayChallenge & Why It Was on Hiatus

As often happens, I set the intention to share a #DA30DayChallenge with my clients about self-care -- then found myself in the middle of needing to do that same thing! I needed radical self-care so I went underground for a bit. I took on no clients for Reiki or Life Coaching. I put all my energy into my own care, values, and priorities. Things needed to be realigned in my life.

Also, something major happened to bring this on. I found out there's a new direction in prion disease research that blew me away. Read more about this journey and new direction on my CJD blog.

Then in the middle of April, I went through some other medical stuff (yay, no blood thinners!) that came out totally alright! But whew...the stress level there. The level of emotions to process in the first two weeks of April 2018...was legendary. I won't go through something that amazing in life again any time soon!

The takeaway here is I needed self-care more than you may have. I went offline, didn't blog, didn't coach, didn't do Reiki on others, and basically helped only myself for a bit.

I'm telling you this so you will do this too when the time comes.

It comes for all of us.

There's a time to go within, re-evaluate, re-align, then re-organize.

Like, I totally have to redo my vision board now! There has been other work, too. I've been doing ugly and deep healing work on myself. I continue to do so.

This is what I'm all about -- doing the work. If you have work to do, I'd love to help you with it!

~Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson

Follow Coach on Twitter .jpg


Let's get back to the #DA30DayChallenge self-care fun!

Fearless 5 Podcast

It’s the right time to get fearless.

I say this because I delayed releasing this podcast I’d been wanting to release. I’d had an idea of releasing a weekly one that would be more long-form.

But I realized the world doesn’t have a need for that. Not right now. It wasn’t the right idea and still needed to cook a while. I love podcasts, especially motivational ones. But what I realized is I rarely listen to long ones personally. My favorite one is short and well-produced. As a broadcaster, I appreciate the art of it. I feel like it gives me a lot in a short time, which results in me feeling enriched because it it. I even wanted to listen to it again!

I decided I wanted to offer something like that to my audience. I don’t want to give you something I wouldn’t want!

The goal is to keep these around five minutes long. This first one is just under ten. They won’t be longer than that. The topic this first week is about choosing fear over love. There are affirmations in this podcast. I am posting them here for you too, so you can easily access them.


Fearless 5 Podcast: Choosing Love over Fear Affirmations

I am.
I am love.
I am strong.
I can do whatever I set out to do this week and I can do it well.
I choose.
I choose love instead of fear.
I choose to have a great day.
I choose to have a great week.
I look for opportunities to greet the world with love.
I concentrate now on love and forgiveness.
I choose to meet the people in my life where they are at.
I choose to approach them with love.

Five Steps to Revamp Your Story-Telling in Life

Recovery Month: instead of what are you recovering from, how about a new thought? Leaving the Past Behind and Creating a New Present and Future!

Same old song!.jpg

The above graphic makes me giggle, so I had to post it. I can’t tell you how often someone called the request line in my years of radio to tell me that! What’s funny to me is a radio station has a frequency. We each vibrate our own frequency energetically. (Can you tell I’m a Reiki Master?) So when a radio station plays the same, old, tired song, people tune out when it no longer vibrates to their frequency. They’ve moved on! The same is true about our personal vibrational frequencies and the stories we are telling the world. Read on…

Stories. We all have them.

What is your story? How do you show up to others in the world? What story are you telling them?

I know in my past I used to tell an awful story. People would see my happy, bubbly personality, but my story didn’t match. I used to undercut accomplishments and compliments -- you name it -- without even realizing it. I was telling a story that I was, “less than,” and I am not even sure why!

I had to consciously choose a new story to live from and show the word with my every thought, action and behavior that I wanted to play big. I wanted to tell a story of growth and leveling up. I had to train myself to think different and respond differently. Which first meant I had to become conscious of all the ways in which I unconsciously opted to play small.

That was a lot of work!

But as Destiny Architects, that’s what we are here to do -- the work! The primary factor in what makes us Destiny Architects is that we know we are the architects of our own destiny. We know we are constantly manifesting the future, so let’s make it a future we truly desire.

Tell a 


First, stop telling the same old story about your past or from your past.

Become conscious of the story you are telling. As a coach, I’m excellent at discovering the story you are telling in our first meeting. Once you become conscious of it, it will become easier over time with practice to become increasingly aware of it. It comes out of your mouth and shows up in your actions or inactions.

Second, just what is that future you want anyway?

Choose it! It’s yours! Don’t be afraid to take giant leaps forward and think big. Prepare to uplevel. Notice whether you are planning your life paycheck to paycheck as though that’s the only possibility you can foresee.

Third,  once you’ve become aware of the story still being dragged into the present, you can begin to train yourself to choose differently so it can stay where it belongs -- in the past.

You start training your thinking and choosing to back it up with new actions congruent to the future you are wanting to create.

Fourth, make that vision clear.

Write down lists of what you want. Keep a journal. Start your vision board, big, bold and in color. (For help and guidance, join my Facebook Vision Boarding group here). Use affirmations. Visualize what it’s like to feel that future coming into being. Feel yourself having that new car, home, job, etc.

Fifth, make it a habit.

Practice your affirmations. Write in that journal regularly. Make a new list each day and then go back to look at what “want in my life” items come up on that list repeatedly. (I have used this method since I was a teenager; I was always a personal development junkie!)

Find a creative visualization meditation you can use daily to motivate yourself into your new ways of living. Make sure you capture the feeling you desire each day. Most of us must recover from our own thinking.

Five Steps to Revamp Your Story Telling:

  1. Stop telling your same old story

  2. Choose a new future

  3. Train yourself to tell a new story

  4. Be clear on creating a new vision

  5. Practice it!


1. Stop telling the same story

2. Choose a new future 

3. Train yourself to tell a new story!

4. Create a clear new vision

5. Practice it!.jpg

What do “Recovery” and “Healing” Mean to You?

September is Recovery Month. What this most broadly means is recovery from substance abuse.

For me, what this can mean as a life coach is recovery from...anything and everything we need recovery from in this life!

First, we’ll focus on creative recovery

Creative recovery is for everyone, not just “creatives.” I believe we are all creative. End of story.

My favorite creative recovery tool is The Artist's Way. What the course has always been meant for is the creative types -- the writers and artists with wounded souls deep down that block their ability to make art. To create. To flow. Get in touch with your inner artist and free him/her by using this course. This course will give you not just the tools you need to unblock yourself creatively, it will also give you a way of life to help you connect with your creativity.

Still, I think anyone can benefit from The Artist’s Way.

The second type of recovery to focus on is personal recovery. The more personal the better. We are all recovering from something. I’d like to take a moment to honor the late Louise Hay, who helped me (and millions of others across the globe) begin our healing journeys with her classic book, You Can Heal Your Life. This book showed me, ages ago, that I had much work to do on myself and it was only the tip of the iceberg.

I am still working on me and always will be!

I am still.jpg

So there’s creative recovery, personal recovery, and my favorite -- recovery from drugs and alcohol. Start somewhere because inevitably, one recovery will lead to the next. (If you are seeking recovery from drugs, alcohol, process addictions or codependency, please seek professional help from a licensed addictions counselor and/or therapist).

What are you recovering from? What do you have yet to heal in your life? Where to begin? Let's focus on what bothers you right now.

A few questions to help you find a starting point:

  • What do you want more of in your life?
  • What do you want less of?
  • What area of your life are you most motivated to make better right now?
  • If you were to ask the person you spend the most time with what you want most in life, what would they say?
  • Are you doing things you love? If not, why not?
  • If I were to gift you with a free 30 minutes of personal time without interruptions, and nobody watching, how would you most like to spend it?
  • Are you feeling like you are consistently moving forward in your life?
  • Where are you at with your habits -- are there more good than bad?     
  • Can you possibly find more joy in your life?
  • Can you possibly find more fulfillment in your life?
  • Can you possibly achieve more peace in your life? (Who among us won’t answer yes to this?)
  • Are you frequently ill? Could this be traced back to stress and unhappiness in your life? Can you be taking better care of yourself?
  • How are you doing with self-care? Are you taking time for yourself, if so, how are you filling that time?
  • Are you able to say “no” and leave that as a complete sentence?

Answering those questions can give you a guide point of where to start. Maybe you want more creativity in your life. Maybe you began writing your novel years ago and stopped -- now you want to uncover why you stopped and have stayed in that rut. Maybe you always find your time going to others and you put your needs last -- which at minimum means your priorities and values are out of alignment. At maximum, you’re going to need help from someone more qualified than I am. I will be happy to refer you to seek better help from a qualified counselor or therapist in that case.

If this resonate with you, book an introductory coaching session with me today!


Week 2 Recap: Flex Your Abundance Muscle

Sometimes, the unexpected!

Of course, the challenge is to be OK with that too! What kind of life coach would I be if I didn't practice self-care and take some downtime? I had a cold. You can hear it in my attempt to record an MP3 for you in the last post. I tried. My voice had this awful...I'll call it, "The dry mouth crackle of summer 2017." So that's over now. Mostly. I just made a shameful amount of Polish Keilbasa and sauerkraut for dinner... Still working on getting rid of this cold!

So I hadn't posted since then on's six days later. That was not my intention! But self-care does come before all else. It didn't use to for me. I'm being candid. Self-care used to come last in my life! I have re-prioritized. Not only does my self-care come first, my health itself is a priority.

Your health is your wealth

You can't attract abundance into your life without health. Your health truly is your wealth! This sick coach landed zero new clients in the past 6 days. But I did sleep. I did gentle yoga. I took hot baths and drank buckets of hot tea with honey. I ate tons of garlic and onions. I worked to alkalize my body with green foods. My aromatherapy diffuser worked overtime. I laid on my accupressure mat to relieve tension. I will come back stronger and more abundant than ever!

I've always had more work and made more money when I felt good. That's the secret.

Now, let's get back to work!

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Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill, Ben Holden-Crowther

How to make decisions -- life coaching style!

I feel compelled to share this quote today. I didn't know who Zadie Smith is so I looked her up to find she's a British writer. Who better to say such a powerful quote but a writer? We writer types are excellent at going against the traditional grain...

Having trouble making decisions?

I used to have this problem! I used to be indecisive. When I'm making a major purchase like a car or computer? Forget about it! Some of those used to take me months. But now, I can pull the trigger swiftly. Why?

I know what I want. I know what my why is. I know what the bigger picture goals are, so I'm able to jump when an opportunity comes along for me.

I know what my values and priorities are. Values dictate priorities. What do I value? I value challenge. I value creating positive energy in each day. I value my alone time, my creative time. I value moving forward in life in certain ways. I am constantly asking myself, "Is this what I really want, or is it what I want right now?" Is this choice congruent with the promises I have made to myself? If I do this, does it show integrity to family, friends, and community?

Yes, there are tools to use too. Pro/con lists are still an old standby. A good coach will put you through a values check too.

Interested? Curious? Want to learn more? Visit the products and services page to book a coaching session!

First assignment if you're interested in coaching? Create your bucket list.

I know, I know. The bucket list. You could have thought about that on your own. I have some questions though.

  • How long has it been since you thought about your bucket list?
  • Have you made one before? If so, how many things have you crossed off?
  • What is left on your bucket list that you want to accomplish next?
  • If you never made one before, what are your top-priority bucket list items?

I've been making bucket lists since I was a teenager. I've actually accomplished many things from these bucket lists! This is why I'm a firm believer in making them.

I want you to make the list first.

Make your bucket list as if money or time are no objects. Be outlandish. This is for you. Go crazy! Make it as long or short as you feel is appropriate.

Then decide which things you most want to do.

Which of these things do you absolutely have to experience before you die? Think about that. The answer to that question should begin to show you what your priorities are.

Bucket list items should be fun and crazy. But they can also be mature and responsible. Sky diving deserves a place on the list as much as "being able to leave my kids an inheritance" does.

I got to do one of my bucket list items in 2012. I walked the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge! And I got to do it on the weekend of the bridge's 75th anniversary to make it even more significant.

So tell me, what's on your bucket list?

Leave a comment!

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me


Since I'm a brand-new life coach, I thought I'd do a blog about me, just so you can get to know me, life coach Heather Larson, better. But I can't do a boring, "About Me," blog. No bios here on the blog!

Let's do some bullet points with photos! That's way more fun.

You may as well know what you're getting into when you hire me as your life coach! (Scroll down for a ton of photos).

1. I worked in radio broacasting forever

I started doing radio in college a hundred years ago, which is exactly 1998, which is when we used to cut tape in what stone age cave people call analog recording. It was super forward-thinking for Ohlone College to install a ShortCut 360 digital audio editor in our on-air studio!

I did mostly morning radio on KZZP Phoenix and KDGS Wichita, both were CHR-Rhythmic formats, or "top 40" as some would call it. To mention more would take forever.

You can hear my past work on SoundCloud.

2. I'm a crazy cat lady.

I've rescued three kitties to date. They are my current fur babies Meeko and Roo as well as the late Alcatraz. I'm a sucker for animals. If I find a lost dog, I won't rest until I find its humans.

3. I am a proponent of medical research.

I support UCSF Memory and Aging Center in San Francisco -- and by support, I mean I let them use me as a guinea pig. A neurodegenrative prion disease called CJD runs in my family and I'm determined to do my part to help research a cure.

Check out my CJD blog here.

I aslo support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and ran the San Diego Rock n' Roll marathon, fundraising $3,000 for the cause. My best friend is a cancer survivor and LLS helped her greatly in her time of need.

4. I'm a Reiki Master

Ok, you probably knew that. It's all over this site. But in case you didn't know...

5. I graduated from Boston University in 2010.

Can we pretend I therefore graduated high school in 2006? (You already know that's not true if you read #1).

6. Hair today, gone tomorrow

I love to change my hair, nails and style frequently. I won't be able to keep a head shot current on here. You''ll most likely catch me running around in jeans and a t-shirt. But hair can be any cut and color, just like my nails. I love self-care and pampering. There's nothing as awesome as hanging out in the nail shop or hair salon. It's self-care plus social hour!

7. I'm an expert at online learning!

I attended BU online as well as the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. I love to take classes on and Udemy! I also love to offer them as well! Never stop learning.

See my current and past Learn It Live classes here.

8. I'm a book junkie.

Right now I am hooked on I love my Audible account on my Kindle and my phone. I have tons of Kindle books and Apple iBooks. I've run out of book shelves at home for actual books.

9. I am a person in recovery

I don't offer sober coach services as I work in the field already. But I am a person in recovery. Getting sober is the best thing I have ever done for myself. As far as lifelong learning is concerned, recovery is something I know I can never ever afford to stop learning about!

10. I'm a writer

Sometime around 2004, I got into journalism. My writing has been published in magazines, online and in one newspaper. I'm working on some fiction. My primary goal now is to write ebooks for you, my life coaching audience!

Bonus nugget!

I love tattoos.

Click on the photos below to view the carousel.

Hey, Coach -- who do you serve?

The correct answer is EVERYONE!

But who do I mostly serve? Women!

It's no secret that I've had mostly females coming to me for Reiki since 2014... Since becoming a life coach, I've still had a mostly female demographic.

The truth is, I welcome men! I do! Where are the men?

I do have men coming in -- they are amazing, awakened men who are working to raise their consciousness and that of the world in new ways!

What does my largely female audience have in common with my tiny-but-brilliant male one?

They feel an overwhelming rejection of current ways and systems as well as a desire to return to our human healing roots. These roots are just waiting to be awakened in our DNA!

  • These men are not feeling the patriarchy.
  • They know innately they are healers. They feel it.
  • They know it's time to put self first and heal the self first because their heart's desire is to heal others, but they've run out of gas in some respect. Their soul, their guts and hearts say it's time to STOP and fill up the tank.
  • They are ready to challenge themselves.
  • They feel a creative bit of energy stirring within (or possibly erupting like a volcano).
  • They know in their bones they can resist these stirrings no more...

If you're looking for a coach who is willing to really go there, ask the tough questions, and challenge you -- I am all ears. I know you can reach whatever goal you have in mind. The answers to your questions are within you; it's my job as your life coach to help you access those answers.

I can't wait to start working with you! You're going to thrive!

Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master