Coming soon — Life Coaching for Time Management

Are you ready to manage your time better through life coaching?

Right now, I am working on an experiment in time. I love the idea of time management, that I can sort my hours out into bite-sized pieces of productivity. On the shadow side of that — we waste precious time on social media, errands, binging on Netflix, over-extending ourselves and not saying no. But it is my belief we are all given the same 24 hours in a day and it’s up to us to manage those. Nobody can buy extra time. We don’t get an extra charity hour. We think we do in the fall (unless you live in Arizona), but we make up for it when we “spring forward.” Why are some people “just better” at managing their time, you ask?

Are you asking from a place of defeat as though, “those people” are just good at it and “I’m not?” Are you looking at your “free time” as if there is none? What is “free time,” you ask? I’ve been there. I’ve asked those things. I’ve wasted time well and wasted it poorly. I’ve micromanaged my hours and I’ve flown by the seat of my pants. (A “pantser,” as we writers may call someone who does that instead of outlining a story idea).

It’s OK to be the ultimate scheduler! The list-maker! The planner! It’s OK to be that person! It’s also OK to be a “pantser.” It’s OK to be wild, free-spirited, spontaneous, and a tad creative with your time. There’s no right or wrong.

Which one are you?

My theory is we all are all able to change our relationship with our free time. We can all change how we look at it. Like most things in coaching people towards success, it’s all in how we look at it. We choose our attitude and reactions. We frame our thoughts and therefore our habits and reality. We can choose how we look at time.

One of my favorite books is one I read in my teenage years. It was Peter Hoeg’s Borderliners. The two main characters are children who challenge themselves to make perfect use of their time down to seconds — just in a gritty and dark way. I’ve never forgotten that book. It made me obsessed with my use of time at a young age.

Yet I don’t wear a watch. Go figure.

What I’m preparing for you is a simple life coaching tool that will change your relationship with time for good! It will open your mind. It will re-frame your relationship to your free time in a much more positive way. I’m so excited about it and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Until then, feel free to share your time management goals, tips and pitfalls in the comments. You just may help someone else reading this!