Exciting News! I will be adding additional coaching hours soon! 

I’m working on some things that will expand my coaching hours so I can serve you better. It’s been eight years since I took a huge leap of faith — which turned out amazing. I am feeling called to make a jump again. 

I’m available now evenings and weekends for life coaching and distance Reiki sessions. (No more early morning hours at this time). You can schedule with me in my available times here on the scheduling page or at this link. These show my currently available times.

Expanding my availability for you to have more coaching sessions 

Here’s the only catch right now. I don’t know when my schedule will open up further. I also don’t know what days/times will become available. As much as I am the architect of my own destiny…I have to wait on a few things to move. And they will. 

Guess what else this means? 

I’ll be expanding my entire coaching business! This means more content will become available to you soon. There will be more classes, more distance Reiki sessions, more podcasts, more lives on Instagram and Facebook for you… 

If you love personal development, get ready to have an expansive 2019 with Destiny Architecture! 

I’ve long told my clients to take the leap of faith.

It worked for me before and I’m about to do it again. I love it. I love the rush, I love following my heart, and I love listening to Spirit lead me. I’m telling you this to take you along on the trip. (The word “journey” is overused and, if you’ve met me, you know everything is a “trip.” I’m a trip, life is a trip). 

more hours coming soon.jpg

Fearless 5 Podcast

It’s the right time to get fearless.

I say this because I delayed releasing this podcast I’d been wanting to release. I’d had an idea of releasing a weekly one that would be more long-form.

But I realized the world doesn’t have a need for that. Not right now. It wasn’t the right idea and still needed to cook a while. I love podcasts, especially motivational ones. But what I realized is I rarely listen to long ones personally. My favorite one is short and well-produced. As a broadcaster, I appreciate the art of it. I feel like it gives me a lot in a short time, which results in me feeling enriched because it it. I even wanted to listen to it again!

I decided I wanted to offer something like that to my audience. I don’t want to give you something I wouldn’t want!

The goal is to keep these around five minutes long. This first one is just under ten. They won’t be longer than that. The topic this first week is about choosing fear over love. There are affirmations in this podcast. I am posting them here for you too, so you can easily access them.


Fearless 5 Podcast: Choosing Love over Fear Affirmations

I am.
I am love.
I am strong.
I can do whatever I set out to do this week and I can do it well.
I choose.
I choose love instead of fear.
I choose to have a great day.
I choose to have a great week.
I look for opportunities to greet the world with love.
I concentrate now on love and forgiveness.
I choose to meet the people in my life where they are at.
I choose to approach them with love.

Quick update on what I'm healing, doing etc with this podcast!

It's been an insane two months, but in a good way. I've been experiencing a lot of positive change. Happy to share what's been going on and what's coming up!

My bucket list scooter and quite the bang to start this next year of my life after my belly button birthday! Listen to the podcast to find out what's new...

My bucket list scooter and quite the bang to start this next year of my life after my belly button birthday! Listen to the podcast to find out what's new...

Ahhhh, goals! New month, new goals!

Hard to think about in the summer heat when all we want to do is grill and lay by the pool. I hope you get to do both, by the way!

My goal last month was to write 30 blogs for the month of June. I didn't make it! And that is OK.

Why is it OK to not meet a goal, you ask?

Because I learned from it!

Here's what I learned from making this goal -- and not meeting it last month:

  • I ended up actually taking a full week off from life at one point in the month. I've been going hard starting this business and didn't want to burn out. I took a rest. I never used to do this. But now it's a must.
  • My original thought about 30 blogs in a month would have worked had I not taken the week off. The thought was that I'd go for volume rather than daily discipline. Now I've flipped my opinion on this. I think I'd rather go for daily blog writing discipline rather than a quota. If I miss a day, no big deal. If I miss two days, no big deal. But if I miss two days and I'm trying to hit a quota, I get backed up trying to meet it. For what? It's a self-imposed quota!
  • I decided I'd rather go for quality over quantity anyway. This hit me about halfway through the month. I have my editorial calendar set out, but then I'd get spontaneous creative ideas! I think I'd therefore rather take the editorial plan of Destiny Architecture on a day-by-day basis.

Oh, I still have an editorial calendar! I'm a life coach -- I have three planners total. I love planners. Creating an editorial calendar for this blog you are reading right now is my way of brainstorming and I love it. I'm a lover of a daily brainstorm. I love mind mapping. I love color coding my notes.

Maybe it's a sickness?


So what's the new goal for the month?

I have several. Though there aren't really any I am willing to share. That's OK. I'm going to take what I have learned and move forward.

If my personal values dictate quality over quantity, I shall work towards giving you quality blog posts rather than so many of them just to hit a self-imposed quota which I imposed for no good reason.

That's another thing with goal setting. What's the reason for the goal? What's the why behind it?

If the why isn't strong enough, as in this case, mine was not, you will not be able to push forward all the way to meet the goal.

So remember, goals need to be SMART!

Specific, measurable, achievale, realistic and time-based!


The true goal for this month is to work on the Healing with Heather Podcast. I can't wait to bring it to you!

~Certified Life Coach, Heather Larson