Now offering an 8-session life coaching package with a pay-as-you-go option

To better serve my clients, I keep coming up with all kinds of stuff…

How about a package of 8 life coaching sessions? Here you go! It is now live. This will allow you to sign up for a low price and spread out payments over an 8-week period while you are receiving 1-2 coaching sessions per week. Use them all up in a month or spread them out! Buying the package of 8 coaching sessions will help you really commit to doing the work. Then when I give you homework between sessions (as I often do), you will be much more invested in the overall process.

You can pay upfront too, which will save $50.

Please allow 90 minutes to two hours for each session — especially the first session as I’ll be getting to know you. If you have any questions, please let me know! Either ask in the comments or email me at


Distance Reiki sale extended at $18 off!

I decided to extend my sale on distance Reiki into the month of May.

I have not done enough Reiki on people lately!

Also…I lost the past week due to a dead tooth and subsequent oral surgery. (Though I did manage to pick up 3 CEUs while my whole face was still numb! Why? Because why not?)

In the comments, please let me know any questions you have about Reiki!

Distance Reiki Session
70.00 88.00

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique. It’s hands-on healing but it can also be done over any distance and timeframe. I do distance Reiki sessions by phone or online chat. Reiki transcends time & space, so you can reap the benefits either in person or over the distance! After years of doing only in-person sessions, I’m called now to do distance Reiki so I can reach more people with this beautiful, relaxing energy!

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Some personal reflections for spring so far on health & wellness

I've been somewhat quiet online lately. This is what healers do... We step away, go within, and...well, heal.

Things are running a little late in my Patreon community this month -- which is OK since I (at the time of this writing) have zero Patrons joining in. Good news is, it's only my second month on Patreon. So if you join today, you'll get last month's stuff plus all the stuff I am about to post!

I'm healing my body.

This body of mine has been doing some strange things and I'm not totally sure why except for the obvious like age, hormones, diet, and rest...all of which are a bit erratic.

I've said forever I could do health and wellness without a gym. I stand by that. I didn't join a "gym." I joined a bizarre and different new "studio," shall we say. It's called Hotworx here in Wichita and you do short workouts inside an infrared sauna.

Hotworx I love this place.jpg


I am admitting this sounded absolutely psychotic when I first heard of it online. (I believe I first saw them on Facebook). Work out in the heat?

I hated Bikram yoga. HATED it. So at first, I figured this was like that. But it's not! I am glad I tried it. The infrared heat makes exercise easier and this is what I feel I need. My knee is making noise now, I feel terribly inflexible and sedentary...

But I am busy! So I can go to Hotworx and do a 15-minute row in the infrared sauna and it burns around 700 calories. The whole process of getting ready to go work out, driving there, doing the damn thing, and driving home takes me an hour. It's good for time management. I am told Infrared heat is healing...

A word about using the word "calories."

I am NOT a fitness coach or instructor. I'm a life coach and a Reiki Master. I give a sh*t about counting calories. I wouldn't mind losing weight, but it's not my main focus. I want more energy, strength, and flexibility. Plus, I want to feel better. I want to move. I don't vibe with "gym" culture, diet culture, and all that triggering crapola.

I am here for accepting myself as I am and improving my health. I did take my measurements on my second day at Hotworkx so I can measure over time how my body changes -- if it changes. I like metrics and being able to measure what happens here. My blood pressure yesterday was 115/68, so I think I'm doing OK! (It was higher a year ago, MUCH higher).

So I am researching more into this. I am NOT a doctor or medical professional and this blog/website is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.

Falling down the rabbit hole of health research

This new workout had me looking into infrared heat and saunas, then red light therapy...then I find Ari Whitten's writings and get his Kindle book, Red Light Therapy... Then I listen to his podcast with Dr. Trevor Cates...

Here is where I snapped awake!

She brought up a condition I've suffered with for years. NO doctor has been able to help. (I had Dr. Rodan as my dermatologist in my teen years in Fremont, California so you direct sales people back OFF; I have actually met her; I still have acne). Dr. Cates, “The Spa Dr.,” mentions that keratosis pilaris can be (again, this site isn't meant for curing or diagnosing anything) caused by a zinc deficiency! What?! NO ONE ever mentioned this to me before!

So fast forward to now...I am overhauling my diet, reading her book, and dosing up on supplements (again, I don't diagnose or treat anything, y'all, I'm a Reiki Master listening to the guidance of my higher self here). I've got zinc, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and vitamin D. Some of these I already had. But I had to really research and search online for a good zinc supplement. This is the one I selected.

In the process, I saw someone mention in a forum that an IUD can deplete the body of zinc...and I haven't found confirmation on that yet. I have an IUD but it's not made of copper, so I am wondering if that comment was only about copper IUDs? Does anyone know? Let me know in the comments if you do, or use the contact form if you want to be more private.

Switching to all-natural beauty and personal care products

I also found a cool, natural brand with great reviews, called Tree of Life Beauty on Amazon. I've ordered their retinol serum to try and get a handle on this acne. Now I am reading more of Dr. Cates' book and looking into organic skincare products with a pH of 5.5...

So here's a great example of congruency that I talk about often as a coach. Using myself as an example...

How in the hell can I join an exercise studio where I am working on healing through infrared heat and eliminating toxins...and still have a makeup bag, shower, bathroom, and a household full of chemicals?

I can't replace all the crapola overnight. But I am going to work on getting rid of all the harmful chemicals from my life. I'm a tad inspired by all the minimalism videos I've been watching on YouTube lately (more on that for another blog post).

I've touched on this very briefly on my Instagram feed too recently. I decided to work on cutting back on indoor air pollution as I discovered while traveling to Arizona in December that I need to wear a pollution mask to protect myself from PM2.5. I got rid of all my incense and candles for a TRULY smoke-free home. I purchased a sage spray, so I am no longer burning sage to cleanse the energy around me. (I love my spray! I featured it on Instagram).

View this post on Instagram

So here is the stuff! It’s made by @heritagestorenatural and it’s a sage spray. ⠀ ⠀ This is for those of us who don’t do fire. Or for whom the smell of sage is just too strong for. I actually love the smell of burning sage. I love the ritual. I’ve never been in a spiritual circle where we didn’t burn sage — especially in the Reiki community. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ The other day, my neighbor’s place burnt down. I mean dead ass burned down. I have trauma around fire 🔥 as I lost my cousin in a fire when I was 11. I’ve come to accept that I am still healing this wound — and that is ok. I keep finding myself and/around/affected by fires! Even as a reporter. If I see smoke, I drive the news vehicle toward it, not away. My soul needs the healing. ⠀ ⠀ But in my home, no fire. Also, sage smells like weed 🤣 I haven’t done drugs in 17 years. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ I also have respiratory trouble when there is high ozone and/or high particulate matter. I’ve begrudgingly been working slowly on indoor air pollution as well as wearing a mask on high pollution days. I got super sick in Arizona at Christmas, so I’m finally learning my lesson. ⠀ ⠀ The burning of things inside my home had to stop. For all of the above reasons. So I’m happy to use this sage spray! I used it on the recovery center, the radio station, and my home. I use it before I sit down to write and create coaching/Reiki content for you! ⠀ Much love & blessings!

A post shared by Heather Larson | Life Coach (@heatherlarson) on

This is where I am at now. Heading towards some kind of chemical-free health minimalism that I have yet to deeply define.

I will continue blogging about this journey for you! Maybe it will help someone else. KP sufferers unite & power to the people...not the overly-famous dermatologists...haha.

Getting healthy in 2019.jpg


In full disclosure -- this is NOT a paid blog post. I am blogging about my own experiences and spending my own money. I am not medically-trained, not a doctor or physician, and this blog/website and my social media accounts are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.

I used my own money to purchase products mentioned above. Those products have affiliate links so I can earn if you follow/purchase from those links. I purchased all but the Sage Aura Spray from Amazon; that I purchased locally from Sprouts grocery store.

If you like my work, you can support it by making a purchase in the Destiny Architecture store, sharing this blog with others, booking a life coaching and/or Reiki session, joining my Patreon, or making an in-kind donation to my excessive dental care and personal care through Square at: $coachheather.

Healthy Lifestyle Infographic.jpg

Announcing: The Destiny Architecture Coaching & Reiki Community is now on Patreon

What!?!!? I can snag me some life coaching and Reiki with Destiny Architecture on Patreon? SCORE!

I know, not my usual headline but after a week of allergy hell (normal life in the Midwest) I am feeling 75% more human today! So let’s just have some fun with this!

I am creating a life coaching and Reiki community on Patreon here.

It’s a brand-new community I am birthing this spring. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and Patreon gives me a great plug-and-play type of way to do this. (Patreon is a membership community led by creators. So you help me make money and meet goals in return for amazing content).

I’ve posted on the Patreon page about what the community is about and I’ve also uploaded an exclusive, Patrons-only life coaching worksheet for the $10/mo+ tiers. It’s about how you can reprogram your subconscious mind, which is so revealing. But at the same time, it will help you create a better way for yourself. Yes, we have some subconscious program we want to let go of — but we also have to program in the new!

I’ll be posting a worksheet once a month like this for Patrons. You’ll also be able to get a podcast, coaching, access to a mastermind, and more.

The worksheet is up, the “what this is all about” post is up, and some other “for everybody” content you can read.

If you’ve been a fan of this blog, you’re going to love it.

Yes, you can join for free!

The benefits kick in at the $3/mo tier. It goes all the way up to the $250/mo mastermind level. I have a post on there about this, but it isn’t just about the money commitment to the community. It’s also about what time you have to give to the community — and more importantly — to your own personal growth.

Above all, it’s about your energy!

Bring your energy to the community. Participate. Consume some, give back some. How much energy do you have for personal development right now? Pick that tier. Do that.

I chose Patreon because the site is full of amazing creators. I’ve been a Patron of others there for one year now and it has changed my life! I’ve been a patron of some anti-racism educators and social justice activists in the past year. Where else can you find people creating such amazing content for affordable monthly prices?

Of course, I am adding in a ton of premium content. I want there to be something for everyone while —at the same time— keeping the mastermind people in their own Slack group. I don’t want you to join that (even if that’s affordable to you) if you don’t have the energy to bring. Being in the mastermind will require work on your part. There will be reading and giving knowledge to others.

So check it out. More to come!

Destiny Architecture is now on Patreon!.jpg


Online Coaching & Reiki community with several subscription tiers available!

It's small business Saturday so I'm extending my life coaching/Reiki gift card sale!

Happy holidays from the life coaching & Reiki world!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was excellent. I also hope your holiday season is off to an amazing start filled with family, friends, and food.

I’m using the season of sales to pick up just a few things I need. The kiddos are probably all getting slime from Old Aunt Heather…haha.

When I say I am getting a few things I need, those things are simple:

  • A travel yoga mat.

  • A new Self-Journal planner (my new fave).

  • Activated charcoal toothpaste.

  • Courses

  • Books

The thing to do right now, for me, is to gather some personal development resources. Just the sale on Kindle books was amazing yesterday! I do support my local bookstore as well — Watermark Books. They are amazing and I attended a friend’s book signing Monday night. Got some Wichita stickers too from Heartlandia, which I love. (See that on my Instagram @heatherlarson).

Stock up on your personal development tools and prepare for a solid 2019 now!

With this spirit in my mind, I have gift cards on sale in my Square Market for 50% off of gift cards $50 or more.

Just in case you want to give them to other people instead of keeping them for yourself, I made sure to have a zillion designs for different occasions.

Purchase them here.

Sale! 50% off life coaching & Reiki purchases of $50 or more

Early sale!

I couldn’t wait to put this sale up in my Square Market. Why wait for Black Friday?

You can get two life sessions for $100 right now, which you can totally use now or later. Use one now heading into Thanksgiving, use another one to debrief after all the stress has passed…use it however you want!

Why an early sale?

  • It’s never to early to get a jump on holiday shopping.

  • But I hate shopping in stores, so you can do this from your couch.

  • Start your 2019 game plan right now with me — your professional, certified, transformational life coach!

  • We can totally dig into your next vision board now.

  • If you’re like me, you don’t do Thanksgiving but you like a half-off sale. Here it is!

  • You can use it for yourself or give a gift — I’m not here to judge!

  • Buy Reiki sessions to help you through the holidays with your family and all the stress/pressure that comes along with…

  • This is an excellent time to turn within and revisit your goals, take stock of the year’s progress, and decide where to go next.

  • It’s Mercury Retrograde, so it’s the best time for a Reiki session and/or a coaching session.

Gratitude is a year-round event for Destiny Architects. It’s a daily practice. Let’s move forward with excellent coaching and Reiki sessions this holiday season!

Gratitude is a year-round event for Destiny Architects. It’s a daily practice. Let’s move forward with excellent coaching and Reiki sessions this holiday season!

Exciting News! I will be adding additional coaching hours soon! 

I’m working on some things that will expand my coaching hours so I can serve you better. It’s been eight years since I took a huge leap of faith — which turned out amazing. I am feeling called to make a jump again. 

I’m available now evenings and weekends for life coaching and distance Reiki sessions. (No more early morning hours at this time). You can schedule with me in my available times here on the scheduling page or at this link. These show my currently available times.

Expanding my availability for you to have more coaching sessions 

Here’s the only catch right now. I don’t know when my schedule will open up further. I also don’t know what days/times will become available. As much as I am the architect of my own destiny…I have to wait on a few things to move. And they will. 

Guess what else this means? 

I’ll be expanding my entire coaching business! This means more content will become available to you soon. There will be more classes, more distance Reiki sessions, more podcasts, more lives on Instagram and Facebook for you… 

If you love personal development, get ready to have an expansive 2019 with Destiny Architecture! 

I’ve long told my clients to take the leap of faith.

It worked for me before and I’m about to do it again. I love it. I love the rush, I love following my heart, and I love listening to Spirit lead me. I’m telling you this to take you along on the trip. (The word “journey” is overused and, if you’ve met me, you know everything is a “trip.” I’m a trip, life is a trip). 

more hours coming soon.jpg

Book online with me! I added new coaching & Reiki services!

New for summer

I wanted to make coaching more simple and affordable for summer break as I was inspired by an educator friend who has the summer off and wants to make the most of her time.

I created options for those who really want to grow with multiple sessions -- but who are on a budget.

A life coaching session a week for an entire month won't cost more than $250. If you want two sessions a week of coaching for a month, it's $600. That is it! If you want to get intense and have unlimited coaching and Reiki all month long, it's going to be $1,000, which is a great price for those who want 8 coaching sessions plus a Reiki session or more each week.

Start with a $49 introductory session. I have these set up for two-hour blocks -- but always plan for a session to last at least an hour, maybe 90 minutes. I take my time and listen. I can't can the experience into just one hour.

If you've already done your introductory life coaching session at $49 and want another session, just one at a time as you go, my regular sessions are $100. I made it pay off for you to buy several and keep on working on yourself with coaching and Reiki!

See the new offerings below!

I'm not available this Saturday due to tons of graduations and Mother's Day stuff. Usually, I am available on Saturdays.

Self-care weekend wrap-up

Having a self-care weekend all to myself was so energizing, I can’t wait to do it again! I may have gotten too much rest because I woke up at 1am today… But I can’t complain!

I decided Saturday to go with the flow and ended up making a discovery. I took Uber to see my Reiki Master, Donna, for a Reiki Sonics session. After that, I decided to walk across the street the the health food store for some supplies. On the way, I discovered a little foot massage place.

I bee-lined for it. It is so hard to find a place that does just reflexology around here! I was so excited. It turned out to be a not-so-little place that offers all kinds of massage -- chair, body, and feet. They had tons of massage chairs and rooms! It was a lot bigger inside once I went in and they did a great job.

Then I hit the health food store, then went on to get a haircut. Ended up being gifted with “color depositing conditioner” and a Halite (salt) stone.

Once home, I was relaxed and happy I got to accomplish so much self-care! I camped out on the couch and ate my salad and chocolate while watching Netflix. It was so awesome to have downtime after the last couple Saturdays of travel and training!

Sunday, I slept in and then did some more binge watching once I got my spiritual studies done for the day. Then I was off to the Reiki share with a friend, which I was wonderful. I was gifted with a notepad and some household items -- small gifts, yes, but a signal to the Universe that more comes to you when you care for yourself first.

Who doesn't love energies of abundance and manifestation?

Who doesn't love energies of abundance and manifestation?

Raw Halite Salt Crystal
Squire Boone Village

You can take Reiki 2 with me this Saturday in Wichita!

Join my Reiki 2 class, 8/12/17, $180, held at White Dove Wichita, 2947 E. Kellogg from 8am-noon. 

Here's what you learn in the Reiki Level 2 class: 

*Reiki level 2 attunement
*Reiki 2 symbols (there are 3 to learn)
*Practicing Reiki on others
*Going deeper

Will use the same learning manual used in Reiki 1. If you don't have one, please let me know ASAP so I can order one for you in time for class. 

Taught by Usui Reiki Master Heather Larson.

Sign up here to hold your space! Class is $180 and includes a manual.

Reiki 2 will change you and elevate you on your path towards spiritual development and begin to heighten your intuition. Everyone has a unique experience, so like with any Reiki session, I promise nothing. Some people have that "Burning Bush" experience while others just tell me their atunement was simply relaxing.

Reiki II gets you learning the symbols, which strengthen your Reiki. All you really need to send Reiki is intention, but symbols help. They are part of the tradition and full of meaning. I will explain more in class!

You're also going to learn more about practicing Reiki on others, as in how to do a full session. If you're wanting to be serious and do Reiki on a more professional level, I go into that in Reiki Master class!

I'm actually thinking of offering a class just on how to open a Reiki buisness. If you'd be interested, tell me you are in the comments!

Name *

I AM Abundant! Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge: Day 5

Flex Your Abundance Muscle -- Weekly Recap

Here's a simple affirmation for today, "I AM Abundant!"

Here's a simple affirmation for today, "I AM Abundant!"

Let's Recap The Week in Destiny Architecture!

First, we kicked off the Flex Your Abundance Muscle Challenge. What are you getting out of it so far? Are you feeling the affirmations? Has anything shifted? If you're participating, be sure to share on social media with the hashtag #FYAM.

I'm certified transformational life coach Heather Larson and I'm the creator of the seven-point plan that is Flex Your Abundance Muscle. I created it because I love morning rituals and I wanted a morning ritual for myself focused on prosperity consciousness -- and increasing mine. This can be a daily ritual for any time of day or night and it doesn't have to take more than a few minutes. You may or may not do each step every day.

Coach Heather's Seven-Point Prosperity Plan That is Flex Your Abundance Muscle:

  1. Affirmations
  2. Change your phone lock screen daily
  3. Daily vision boarding
  4. Make your abundance action plan
  5. Meditate on money
  6. Do your gratitude journal
  7. Clear your clutter!

That's it! I may or may not have time to de-clutter the house each morning, but I work on that at other times of my week. I DO say my affirmations each morning. I still have a list my Aunt Lori made me almost a decade ago! (She has since become a New Thought minister, so you see where I got all this from -- my family!) I add to my vision board almost daily. I DO look at it daily!

I'm writing you a blog a day to help getyou flexing your abundance muscle!

On day 1, 8/1/17, we kicked it off with a blog post about affirmations and starting to clear blocks around money. Our affirmation was, "I love money!" Say it with me now, with feeling! Catch up on that post here.

On day 2, we concentrated on simple practices to increase the flow of abundance into your life. Read it here.

Day 3 brought us to visioning. What are you visioning? What do your conscious thoughts revolve around? Are you creating a vision board? Check it out now.

For day 4, I thought we'd do the Do's Of Vision Boarding! I shared some tips and tricks with you about how I like to do my vision boards. Read up here!

Now we are to day 5, and I'll post a blog about taking action. Affirmations are nice and they make us feel better. But we still have to take action. We can make all the vision boards in the world. But we must act!

Is anything here resonating with #FYAM for you?

If at any time something in here strikes a chord and you'd like to go deeper, I am available as your life coach. I also teach Reiki!

Reiki is a traditional Japanese art. It is energy work and hands-on healing. I teach it in Wichita (never online as I am a traditionalist). I also offer Reiki sessions in Wichita, KS in the Reiki therapy room at White Dove. I offer in-person life coaching sessions here as well. If you are not in Wichita, I can do distance Reiki and life coaching sessions online with you.

Please try an introductory life coaching session with me for just $49!


Reach out anytime! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Reach out anytime! I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Flex Your Abundance Muscle!

I'm going to share with you my personal practice for prosperity & abundance, which I will add, is ever-evolving! I am finding the current edition of the ritual puts me in the best mood. In case you don't know, being in a great mood is important when you are working to attract more abundance into your life. What you are feeling can raise or lower your vibration. A better mood means a higher vibration -- you don't attract what you think, you attract what you feel.

Living life at a higher vibration means you are constantly attracting abundance into your life.

Flexing your abundance muscle is a lifestyle change. You know how experts say, "Diets don't work?" The same is true with your abundance & prosperity practice! You have to practice. It's an exercise!

Hence, I'm calling this, "Flexing Your Abundance Muscle," and for social media purposes the hashtag is #FYAM.

Let's do this challenge together and share what we are manifesting. It can be anything and everything! I believe I can manifest a piece of chocolate as heartily as I believe I can manifest $10,000.

So let's do this! Time to start flexing!

Step 1 -- Affirmations

Repeating affirmations is something we can do 2-3 times a day to begin to change our mindset into a more positive one. Remember, the goal here is to boost how we feel so we are able to attract bigger and better things into our lives.

  • I always have more than enough money.
  • I am a tremendous success.
  • I am now earning an abundant & prosperous living doing what I love!
  • I am a smart money manager & I always make smart financial decisions.
  • I am a creative money generator!
  • I am a money magnet!
  • I am happy, healthy, and fully alive!
  • I am full of love!

Step 2 -- Change Your Phone Lock Screen Daily

Forget how this sounds for a minute. Just the fact that you are changing your phone's lock screen daily to a photo that symbolizes abundance forces you to take a minute to concentrate on what you are manifesting. It can be a photo of a sports car, a status purse, stacks of cash, or whatever. It can be a word like, "Freedom," or simply, "money." Then your fresh reminder for the day is there whenever you look at your phone. It's seeping into your consciousness daily.

Save this as your phone's lock screen background!

Save this as your phone's lock screen background!

Step 3 -- Brainstorm a DAILY Vision Board!

What this means to me right now is I take daily time to screen shot photos of what my ideal life contains. I visualize having these things and I have fun doing it! They include photos of vacation destinations, the kind of vehicle I want to drive, the kind of furniture I want to own, and my dream home. Go wild! Vision as though there are no limits because there aren't any! Nothing is too big or wonderful to take place. What do you have to lose by dreaming huge dreams? Nothing. Make your visions grandiose.

If it feels difficult to create a grand vision for your life, then you are encountering your first block! Go back to your affirmations and punch them up a bit if you want or simply repeat them.

(If you need help with visioning BIG or clearing blocks, I just happen to specialize in that as a certified life coach and Reiki Master!)

You can also join my Vision Boarding Facebook group for tips and motivation.

Step 4 -- Make Your Abundance Action Plan

It sounds dreamy doesn't it? Repeat affirmations and make a vision board then it all comes in, right? Nothing happens without action though! TAKE ACTION! Pray and move your feet. Ask yourself, "What can I do to create more abundance right this second?" Then make your to-do list.

What's the action plan for today?

  • Is there a side hustle you can work on?
  • Is it coming up time for your annual review at work and you want to ask for a raise and need some practice? Practice on a friend or family member! Feel that raise coming your way!
  • Take a class or attend a webinar about financial planning.
  • Read a book about mastering wealth.
  • Share your abundance with others! Make a meal for friends. Give a gift.
  • Create more energy of abundance in your life with radical self-care. Take that yoga class, buy that smoothie, work on that meal plan, take that bubble bath, and make that doctor's appointment!

What can you do today to feel like you're taking action towards your financial goals? Share your ideas in the comments!

Step 5 -- Meditate On Money!

Visualize that money! Visualizing physically holding the cash in your hands. How does it feel? How does it smell? Feel the crispness of it. Feel how much there is. Count it. Visualize what you will purchase to treat yourself. Visualize how you will use it to treat your family and friends. Visualize doing GOOD with that money and blessing others. What is your favorite charity? Can you help a friend or neighbor in need? Can you donate to a great cause in your community? How will you use all that wealth as you receive it? Give it thought and visualize using that cash as a tool!

Step 6 -- Fill In The Pages of Your Gratitude Journal!

This is has been written about everywhere so I'll be brief. An attitude of gratitude brings abundance! Duh! There is always something to be grateful for every day no matter your situation. If you lose the gratitude, you lose your hope. If you've never done a gratitude journal before, start by writing down 100 things you are grateful for. The purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking about every single thing, big or small, that you feel gratitude for having. You have at least 1,000 things to be grateful for! So writing down 100 as fast as you can shouldn't be too hard!

Step 7 -- Clutter Clearing

Clear the clutter! Nature abhors a vacuum! All that new stuff you desire can't come in until you make room for it.  Having too much stuff around makes you disorganized and confused. All that clutter takes up space that stops the flow of energy and abundance. You know how nothing feels better than a clean home? That's the feeling we are after! Remember it's what you feel that attracts your prosperity into your life!

So take a look in the cupboards and dump the expired stuff. Look under the couch and in between the cushions. Clean the base boards and vacuum the corners. Dust. Burn some sage and bless your home. Put out something that smells good. Do what it takes in your home to uplift your soul!

How do you practice prosperity in your life? How do you keep an abundance mindset? Leave a comment to share with others!


4th of July SALE!

In the spirit of celebration and because I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July, I'm having a huge sale! Thought I'd go with some insane deep discounts on Reiki and Life Coaching since this sale will only run through Wednesday, 7/5.

First of all, practice some self-care and book a distance Reiki session for just $17.76! (See what I did there?) I'd LOVE for more people to try Reiki so I can spread more positive, meditative energy into the world. Reiki is a traditional Japanese energetic healing art that promotes healing.

Second of all, I thought you may like a chance to save on my services. Like, really save. So I knocked about 50% or more from coaching sessions and packages -- again -- through Wednesday 7/5!

So yeah, you could end up with 20 life coaching sessions for just $500 right now! And if you're that serious, you have until 3/31/18 to use them all!

Three life coaching sessions with a Reiki session just $170!

If you've never had a coaching session before, or simply never worked with me, I have an amazing sale on a first time, introductory session just $29!

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You can email anytime at or call 1-800-390-6495.

~Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master

Wichita, KS