Going Deeper with The Artist's Way
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Going Deeper with The Artist's Way

Going Deeper with the Artists Way

In this course, "Going Deeper in the Artist's Way," we will embark upon an Artist's Way course in the traditional sense -- but I will add in creativity coaching as I am a Certified Life Coach. This course will help you to burst forth and bring your gifts out into the world! 

This is a 12-week course that will meet online. There will be weekly reading and assignments. 


It's a commitment to yourself. You will meet resistance. You will meet ego, your shadow side, your past, your patterns -- and your future. But most important of all these characters, you will meet your artist. You have an artist living in you and we are ALL creative. 

This course is meant to dissolve blocks between you and your art. "Art" can mean anything. This course is for any frustrated creative. This course if for artists, painters, performers, business people, writers... The photo I created for this course shows a typewriter. This does not mean this is only a course about writers for writers! This course is for any creative. Painters, knitters, writers, those who color, tailors, gardeners, or whatever you fancy yourself -- this course is for you! 

Sign up on LearnItLive.com here. Class cost is $250 and the first ten to sign up will receive a FREE Creativity Coaching Session from me!

Calling ALL creatives! (We are ALL creatives). 

Caution: This course will heal you.

It will open you up. We will talk about God, or the Higher Power of your understanding. This course will piss you off. Yes, we will talk about chakras. We will talk about your blocks and those are ugly things. We will talk about our loves. We will grow, heal, and move forward as a group. That's in any Artist's Way Course! We will support one another. 

What makes this class so special? I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Reiki Master. This means I have quite a few tools in my arsenal to use on you if you so wish. 

I anticipate some spontaneous group coaching will occur in our weekly live online sessions. It is my goal as the teacher running this course that each of you will leave this class having created something you are proud of. My goal is for more amazing creative energy to go out into the world through each and every one of you. I cannot wait to see what you all create! This is going to be amazing! 

This course will also be nurturing. Self-care is mandatory. There will also be weekly assignments (how long that takes is up to you) and a weekly two-hour assignment you are to do ALONE -- no friends or family can go with. Now, none of us is perfect! You'll miss things. That's OK. But you pick yourself up and keep pushing through the 12-week process. This is what I mean above when I say THIS IS A COMMITMENT! It's also one of the best commitments you'll make to yourself!


Please purchase "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron in whichever format you prefer, book or ebook. I recommend purchasing the actual book so you can highlight it, underline, and make notes. That's my style, if it's not yours, that's OK. But using the book and writing in it was how I was taught this course and I have found my notes to be invaluable year after year! 

We will read a chapter each week. 

You can check out the book (or purchase) on Amazon, or anywhere.

Additional Information
You can learn more about my coaching at DestinyArchitecture.com, more about my Reiki practice at YouDeserveReiki.com

You may or may not want to purchase a journal for this course. Julia Cameron does sell an Artist's Way journal as a companion to the book -- you can even purchase both as a set. 

This course can cost as little or as much as you want. The bare minimum is to pay the course fee and to pay for the book by Julia Cameron, "The Artist's Way." Anything above that you want to spend on this course is elective. 

Missing a week of live instruction is OK; each week will be recorded. 

If you've taken the course somewhere before, feel free to sign up again! Many take this course repeatedly. This course will be unique because of the coaching I will provide. 

Since I am providing each of you with a free coaching session during the 12-week period of the course, I am setting the class size limit to 24 people. I'd LOVE to see all 24 of you each week in the live class! But I understand people have busy lives and may miss classes. So keeping the course at 24 (but no higher) should mean plenty of people will be in the live class interacting each week. 

There will be three weeks off during the course for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and the Eclipse on 8/21. Who will want to sit in a class the night of an eclipse? Not me! So we are all off! (This eclipse hasn't happened in 38 years, so you get to see it!)

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