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When i buy a package, how long is it good for?

All packages are good until 12/31/19 unless otherwise noted.

are you a therapist?

No. I am neither therapist or consultant. A therapist roots out deep issues and is interested in your past A consultant tells you what to do. I am a coach and a work from the belief that your answers are within. Like an archaeologist, I work with you to excavate them. I don't tell you to dig, I help you decide where to dig. You do the digging.

can't anyone be a life coach?

I'm sure they can, but they are not me!

I obtained a certification in Transformational Life Coaching from the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts, a college accredited by the Arizona State Board of Regents and based in Tempe, AZ.

I've seen many people charge thousands of dollars to issue their own certification to coaching students. That is fine for them. For me, I wanted a legitimate coaching certification from an academic institution rather than an individual. This is what I wanted to do, so I chose consciously to put money and time into it because I value being a coach. I feel that my education and certification from a reputable college adds professionalism to this industry.

So what do you bring to the table, Heather?

I have coached the “worst of the worst,” which is how some people have referred to my clients in the substance abuse field. As a Kansas Certified Peer Mentor, I became more and more intrigued about how to help people change habits. What is the catalyst for change — period? Not just in drug addiction, but in life. In general. Why are some people great changers and adapters while others suffer in a sea of stuck-ness? I have coached all ages and genders. I have coached homeless street people as well as business people.

You’re not special; you can’t hide your crap from me. I will ferret it out! I will expose it to you. You will come face to face with it, confront it, and move forward. This is what I specialized in as a KCPM or “sober coach,” or “recovery specialist.” I help you get to know your good, bad, and ugly. I help you change. I help you change your character and habits. Don’t be what you were conditioned to be — be who you really are.

I have some unique life experience to bring to your life.

I’ve worked as a solopreneur, in corporate radio broadcasting, and for a non-profit. I’m a social worker, journalist, and blogger. I survived addiction and have been sober since 7-1-13. I have been dealing with a strong case of “life is short syndrome” since 2004. You can read my blog about genetic CJD here. I’ve partied with rock stars and contributed to medical research as a guinea pig. I’ve lived sober half as long as I’ve lived “dazed and confused.”

Are you a sober coach?

Yes, and no. As I have spent time working in the field of addictions, I do not wish to work full-time as a sober coach and so I do not offer this service. I may occasionally blog about recovery or share something of my story.

A life coach is not an appropriate person to be helping someone who is trying to get sober. Please see a professional in the field of addictions treatment and follow evidence-based programs. I am not diagnosing or treating any disease as a coach.

It is my personal opinion that someone with an addiction problem will need treatment and/or medical care. While some of us have gotten sober outside of traditional in-patient treatment, the majority of those needing to quit abusing substances will need it. If you or someone you know is in need of immediate help for substance abuse, please call 911.

are you an exercise/nutrition coach?

No. I do not have fitness or nutrition credentials to offer this service. You can use a life coach like myself as a supplement to a program of diet and exercise that is supervised by a physician. I offer motivation and tools to help you move forward in life. If you need help changing a story around a health/fitness issue, that is more of what I offer.

you are gluten-free, heather. so do you offer coaching about going free from wheat and gluten?

Again, I may blog about this but it is not a service I offer. I think this service would be better provided by a nutritionist. I personally have so many food intolerances, my experience is not a common one! I don't even think this would be helped by the fact that I've been gluten-free since 2009!

do you do events?

Yes! I will let you know about events via my blog and email list. I like to have a booth at the Alternative & Holistic Fair in Park City, Kansas whenever I can.

I also do Reiki and Life Coaching sessions out of White Dove metaphysical book store and yoga studio in Wichita, KS. If you are outside the Wichita area, I can conduct sessions with you via video conference.