FREE mini ebook download: “It’s Time To Align!”

Mini-ebook: "It's Time to Align!"
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This is the FIRST mini-eBook for Destiny Architects!

Packed with nine pages of life coaching content, this 4,205-word eBook will have you getting into alignment in no time.

In this book, you’ll identify how you may be out of alignment. What are the signs? Are you seeing them in your life? Most importantly, I am giving you a tool to help you get back INTO alignment.

It’s TIME to align!

There is no more time to waste. This is the reason I wrote this book! It came to me suddenly one day that there is no more time to waste. We all MUST get into alignment now with our hopes, dreams, highest self, and what we are here to do. We cannot do The Work we are here to do in this life without coming into full alignment.

So how to get back into alignment?

I share a tool that will help you evaluate what is important to you. Using your own list of values this book helps you create, you will begin to raise your self-awareness. You know what you need in life. It’s just that sometimes we forget. We tend to bargain and make certain choices that are OUT of alignment with who we really are. One choice leads to another. These may seem small and insignificant at first, but soon — your soul is sold. You’ve traded it for all kinds of things that don’t serve you — that job, partner, lifestyle, friendship… The list goes on and on.

How do I know if I am out of alignment?

Oh, trust me — you KNOW. I got into this in more detail in the book. But here are some of the signs, in brief:

  • You dread mornings

  • You feel like everything is a “have to” and not a “want to”

  • You’re tired

  • You’re burnt out

  • Everything you do feels like a “should” do

  • You’re not passionate anymore about ___________

  • You’re stressed

  • You’re seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places

  • You feel STUCK.

No one wants to feel this way! How long have you felt this way? Isn’t it time to FREE yourself and HEAL?

That’s what I’m all about as a coach!

Also, I’m not a perfect coach!

I’m going to share tons of personal experience and examples you can probably relate to. You may see yourself in some of this and you may not. I’ve become misaligned before! I fixed it! It’s OK… It’s all a learning experience. Whatever you’re going through right now is for your highest good. I can show you so many times my misalignment was actually FOR my highest good. And I do — it’s all in the book!

Time to work on your self-awareness with this eBook!

Sit down and do whatever is part of your self-care ritual. For me, it’s music and essential oils. Maybe some tea. I create a relaxing atmosphere in which I feel calm and nurtured. Then, open this book and do the work in it. Evaluate what your sacred values are.

I include loads of self-reflection questions so you can find clarity. You can use them as journal prompts for further insights about your values and alignment.

There is no time to waste. We’ve come to a time in the world where we all need to honor our authenticity and highest selves. We each have something powerful to bring to these times. We can’t do it if we aren’t strong and ready.

So get into alignment! Download this ebook, Destiny Architect! I wrote it just for you. Remember, YOU are the architect of your own destiny!

~To your best life,

Heather Larson

Certified Transformational Life Coach & Reiki Master

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Start journaling your daily gratitute

With this FREE PDF worksheet.

Daily Gratitude Worksheet -- FREE PDF

Download this PDF to print out for a daily gratitude journal. It’s FREE!

The practice of daily gratitude will rewire your brain for positivity. Writing out daily what you are grateful for is also a Law of Attraction (LOA) practice I’ve used for years.

Hint: Use as many of these printouts per day as you want! The more you count your blessings, the more blessings you will experience. One, that’s how LOA works — what you focus on expands. Two, you’re going to become more conscious of all the good you ALREADY have.

Expand your consciousness and get into this practice today!

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Free summer guide

to avoiding overwhelm.


Do you feel like the idea of doing all the things this summer is just exhausting?

This two-page guide will help you handle the anxiety and sense of overwhelm with ease! It doesn’t have to be the perfect summer. You don’t have to be or look or act perfect. This downloadable PDF is about doing the best with what you’ve got and using actionable strategies to have fun!

To receive:

You’ll receive a link to download this FREE PDF for 24 hours.

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