healing with heather podcast

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The Healing with heather season one podcast is coming soon...


I am about to begin recording Season One!

I cannot wait to bring you the Healing with Heather Podcast, as it's been something I've pondered for years.

I am NOT kidding.

It was named 2-3 years ago by a friend of mine who would always see me and say to me, "I just hear it! It's going to be a thing and I know it! Healing with Heather!"

Well, it is about to become a thing. It's about to become a podcast, the kind of podcast I've wanted to do for a long time. So yes, my friend was right -- it is a thing you will hear!

Isn't it wonderful what happens when you get out of the way of the Universe and let things happen?

Right now (5/31/17) I am in the preparation and planning stages. I do not have a launch date to offer you.

Not yet.

But I can tell you this.

The Healing with Heather Podcast will come out on a weekly basis. While I am very much a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master with a spiritual base in all I do, it's not going to be entirely "woo-woo." Oh, it will be. Some weeks. Other weeks it will have a more medical theme, a more scientific feel. There will be someone I interview each week about their healing.

What I am fascinated with, which I want to share with you, is healing. This is NOT a how-to podcast. I'm not here to tell anyone how to heal anything. But the journalist in me wants to document healing. I want to know how other people did it. I want to share their stories with others.

The career radio broadcaster in me (17 years) wants to launch this once it's perfect. Which isn't in line with my personality -- I am NOT a perfectionist. But I want to give you something that's going to show what I learned how to do in those 17 years as a broadcaster. I've podcasted before for a website that's no longer around for an old startup that...never started up.

I've also healed a great deal in my life. I've been in recovery from alcoholism & codependency since 7/1/13. I've been on a medical and scientific journey of my own since 2004 to learn how to cure CJD for my family. We carry a genetic mutation of this prion disease. I've found no answers on CJD and I've certainly found no cure for it. But I get to be a part of finding the cure, which is a journey in itself. I feel my story is minuscule and I'll tell it on the podcast in the future when time warrants it appropriately. There's a bigger story to chase about curing prion disease, so I'd rather start there.

Yes, there will be those Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life kind of moments on the podcast. There will be stories of survival. There will be stories of coming back from the brink... Which brink? The only one many of us fear but few get to come back from to tell the rest of us about...

Each week I plan to feature an interview with courageous & inspiring people who have healed.

More will be revealed...