Life coaching can help you obtain and keep an edge over the competition. Who is the competition? The you that you were yesterday.

Whether you are seeking creative coaching, corporate coaching, morning team coaching, or general life coaching -- that would be balance, values, decision-making, relationships, and getting the most out of your life -- Heather Larson wants to help guide you to your greatness!

Ready to level-up in life?

Bring an open mind and be ready to openup. Heather is going to listen to you and give you immediate feedback. Whether you are ready or not! Be warned, Coach Heather has a propensity to be blunt and to the point. She's going to keep you on task as sessions last an hour and you will want to cover as much ground as you can in a session. You will walk away from a session with something new. You will have a new viewpoint on something which has had you stuck. You will have at least one new to-do or something to try. You will have a new affirmation to repeat and believe in. Coach Heather will follow up and hold you accountable after your session is over.

Are you ready? Book a session today. First/introductory session is just $88. Subsequent sessions will be $100, unless you purchase a package to get the savings!

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Now offering a Patreon page for personal development fans and junkies! Check us out on Patreon!

Even if you can only dedicate $3/month in time and energy for personal development, I want to help you level up and get the most out of your life, goals, and talents. My Patreon page allows me to offer coaching and Reiki content on several levels. I designed them with your finances and free time in mind. I am hoping you will make time for self-improvement though!

Destiny Architecture: the art of creating one's own destiny. As architects of our own destiny, we know our present and future are our own creation. We are not victims of circumstance or stinkin' thinkin'. No victimhood here! We are creators. We are the choosers, the deciders -- WE are the architects of our own destiny! Ours is a future of choice which we determine each day by listening to the voice within. A well-practiced coach can help you create your own destiny by helping you access your strengths, your voice, and your inner knowing.


Heather Larson is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, writer, former broadcast personality, and just the person you need to help you create your own destiny! Welcome to Destiny Architecture Life Coaching!



Coaching sessions in Wichita at White Dove Metaphysical bookstore and yoga studio.

2947 E. Kellogg


remote sessions

Coaching done via Zoom, Skype, google hangouts, or by phone.

destinyarchitecture [at] gmail [dot] com

@heatherlarson on Twitter & Instagram


About Heather larson

Heather Larson is a life coach with experience in corporate America, having worked in radio broadcasting and journalism since 1998. She's also worked in the non-profit sector too, as both employee and volunteer. Heather is constantly learning and growing and hopes for the same for all those whom she comes in contact with both personally and professionally!

"Where are you growing?"

A lover of other life coaches, yoga, the Law of Attraction, the New Thought Movement, and personal development, Heather knew she wanted to be a life coach around 2008, when she began to awaken to her life's purpose and spirituality. But it wasn't the right time to start that journey, as she was still completing her Bachelor of Liberal Studies online at Boston University. Heather had come up with the name back then, when she realized she was the architect of her own destiny! Destiny Architecture was born that long ago...

In 2016, Heather finally had the time to enroll in the Southwest Institute of the Arts 100-hour Transformational Life Coaching program. She'd visited the school many times when living in Phoenix and longed to be a student there. She tried life coaching, polarity, and cranial sacral therapy during monthly Student Days. When she moved to Kansas, she couldn't find a polarity practioner -- but found Reiki instead! Reiki accelerated her spiritual journey. Heather only wanted to learn Reiki 1 for herself to help relax from her hurried and action-packed life in corporate broadcasting as a morning radio personality. But Reiki had other plans... She became a Usui Reiki Master, opened a business in Wichita called, "You Deserve Reiki," and began teaching.

Heather also brings life lessons to her coaching learned as a person in recovery from addiction. In recovery from the use of alcohol since 7-1-13, she has worked in the field of addictions and is a member of two 12-step fellowships. She looks at recovery as an ever-evolving process that always has room for growth and change. Heather likes the 12 steps, Recovery 2.0, Smart Recovery, Refuge Recovery, faith-based recovery programs, and good old-fashioned therapy.

As a transformational life coach, Heather Larson is open to working with:

  • Private clients

  • Corporate clients

  • Radio broadcast talent, with an emphasis on morning talent

  • Creatives

  • Career changers

  • Those seeking work-life balance

  • Those seeking a spiritual path

  • Those seeking stress management and ways to relax

  • People in recovery from addictions (substance abuse, codependency)

  • Anyone who wants to get more out of life!