One thing is mandatory for Destiny Architects -- self-care! How can your chart out the successfully, fulfilling, life-giving voyage without self-care? Imagine a world in which we put ourselves last but are wildly successful...yeah, doesn't exist! I learned when I started my Reiki practice in 2014 that people tend to put self-care last and consider it only an option or luxury. I've been on a mission to further self-care in society ever since.

I started a 30-day self-care challenge in April 2018 here on the site. Then I realized it needs to be up on this site 24/7/365 and not just a one-time event! So welcome to the dedicated self-care page! Join in the 30-day challenge and post about your adventures in self-care online with the hashtag #DA30DayChallenge


Self-care doesn't have to be expensive

With self-care being a mandatory part of life, it can't also be expensive. If we make it too complicated or costly, we won't do it, right? So let's make it simple, inexpensive -- and totally doable!

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Self-care for mothers

The best things we can do as mothers is set an example for our sons and daughters. We must show them we take time for ourselves every day! Not just when awarded it on Mother's Day!


What meghan markle has taught us about self-care

She’s got it. It. Yes, we know the new Duchess of Sussex has the It Factor when it comes to style and talent. But she’s got that self-care It Factor too!