The fearless 5 podcast

Listen here on Anchor. The Fearless 5 podcast is meant to help you be FEARLESS in 5 minutes a day, Monday-Friday. Do you have five minutes to dedicate to fearlessness? Let’s do this! Let’s push past the fear and find your amazing life.

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Below is the original Fearless 5 podcast, from the pre-2019 era for Destiny Architecture.

Destiny Architecture Podcast

Fantastic news! The first podcast just went up here on 5/7/17! There are going to be two separate podcasts. One will be "Destiny Architecture," about life coaching. No set release schedule or length on this one. I'm going to keep it spontaneous and free-form. (For now).

The podcast I've been dreaming of releasing for some time is coming soon. It will be called "Healing With Heather." I've decided to give that one its very own page as it will come out on a weekly schedule featuring interviews and a variety of content. The "Healing with Heather Podcast" will feature courageous and wonderful people who have experienced great healing in their lives on all levels.