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Heather Larson is a Usui Reiki Master practicing in Wichita, Kansas

Heather Larson is a Usui Reiki Master practicing in Wichita, Kansas.

She’s based out of White Dove, where she offers Reiki sessions (in the above-pictured Reiki room). She also teaches Reiki 1, 2, and Master Level classes. Find out what classes are coming up on the courses page.

 Reiki sessions and classes available in Wichita

The most up-to-date information on what's on sale and what classes I've set up will always be on the courses page.

Read about what to expect in Reiki 1 Class here.

Destiny Architecture is on Patreon, creating a life coaching and Reiki community for Lightworkers. Join up for a community of like minds, where Coach Heather posts personal development materials on a weekly and monthly basis. Supprting Coach/Reiki Master Heather Larson on Patreon helps her pay for a Reiki ebook she’s writing that will be sold across ebook platforms like Apple and Amazon.

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The book

We use this book in Reiki 1 and 2 classes. I teach Usui Reiki in the tradition of the International Center for Reiki Training.

White Dove

Metaphysical bookstore & yoga studio
2947 E. Kellogg, Wichita KS

White Dove is a Wichita-based and family-run small business that has provided metaphysical bookstore deliciousness, yoga classes, and lightworker community in Wichita, KS for more than two decades. White Dove is owned and run by “Bossman” Dale Martin, who teaches all of White Dove’s yoga classes. Martin also teaches meditation courses at Wichita State University. Martin’s daughter, Eren Nalani, brought Coach Heather in the energetic world of Seraphic Spheres years ago and is a healer, teacher, energy worker in her own right. The store is run during the day by everyone’s favorite person to chat with — Auntie Helen — who makes sure we eat well and behave ourselves with dignity and common sense. Zandra visits White Dove on the 1st Wednesday of the month to share her wire-wrapped precious stone jewelry with the community; she was the longtime owner of “Crystal Dock.”

First Reiki blog: YouDeserveReiki.com

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