Your first coaching session

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How to order and set up your session:

Visit the services & products page and pay there for your session. As you pay, you will also fill out fields with your name and contact info so that I can get in touch and set up a date/time that works for you. When I contact you, I will also know which medium you'd prefer I use in coaching -- Zoom, Skype, Phone, etc.

Or use the scheduler below:

If at any time you have questions, you can reach me at or 1-800-390-6495.

In the first part of our session, I will do a brief intake with you, recording your answers on my end. Your initial answers will help me to gain insight into where we will start with our coaching session and what tools we will use.

Please allow an hour or more for your first coaching or Reiki session.

Thank you,

Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master