Getting Started with Meditation

The first thing you should do in order to meditate is:

A) Climb to the top of a mountain and sit cross-legged under a tree until inspiration and wisdom arrive!

B) Buy 10 meditation books, each with a 5-star review, and then read them all cover to cover.

C) Purchase incense, a zafu (cushion), a bell, 10 more meditation books, and 3 apps for your phone.

D) None of the above

If you picked "D," you're on the right track.

You don't need anything to meditate!

But...then, why isn't everyone meditating? Why is it such a struggle for some of us? Why do so many struggle to begin a meditation practice and keep it up—despite knowing it offers so many benefits?

I've been there. I used to buy meditation CDs (yes, back in the day) and books to help me along my path. I imagined that path would be full of peace, love, and flowers! 💐 Surely, I thought, if meditation is supposed to bring us inner peace, the path is easy, relaxing, and beautiful.

Hahaha. I was soooooo wrong.

Now that I'm a Certified Meditation Teacher having gone through my own path toward meditation, away from it, and through it—I get it. I understand there are stops and starts. I know some days you simply forget. On days when I am "too busy to meditate," I'm always glad I did it anyway. I know some days meditation is frustrating. I've questioned it. I've wondered on discouraging days, "Why do I do this?" On other days, I've been pleasantly surprised with unexpected progress and a-ah moments.

Over time, I can look back and see how far I've come.

I wish the same for you. At times, you will feel unable to focus. Meditation will be harder on some days than others. There will be times you access a place of flow. Do you know what happens then? You realize you're in a flow state and you freak out and leave it! (I do this when I crochet, 😆).

This self-guided beginner meditation course contains:

• Video instruction

• Written instruction

• A journal you can use to record your impressions from your meditation practice

• A completion certificate

• A discount code for meditation products in the Destiny Architecture Yoga & Meditation Shop

You'll have everything you need to begin and sustain a basic meditation practice.

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