Become the architect of your own destiny by embarking on your transformational journey using the best tools in coaching, Reiki, meditation, and yoga.

Experience greater wellness in mind + body, enhanced creativity, greater frustration tolerance, and increased self-awareness by becoming the architect of your own destiny.

Up-level your self-care, enjoy Reiki sessions, start a meditation practice, or deepen one you already have.

Gain the confidence you need to take the next step through self-care, personal development, Reiki, meditation, and yoga practices.

I Help You With:

  • Yoga: I'm a certified yoga teacher who teaches yoga classes online & in person. I help you build your yoga practice both on and off the mat.

  • Reiki: I'm a Reiki Master who offers Distance Reiki (Enkaku Chiryo), in-person Reiki, and I help Reiki practitioners to build confidence and skill in practicing Reiki for self and others.

  • Meditation: I help you build your meditation practice through online guided meditations, private meditation instruction, a meditation journal, and more.

As a mind-body wellness practitioner, I help you combine all of the above to create lasting change in your life.