Ready to jump into Reiki?

Reiki promises a way of life meant to relax and de-stress you while also helping you grow spiritually.

I got into Reiki in 2012 because I wanted a way to relax and take care of myself. Reiki has given me a daily method of self-care, a spiritual path, and even an income!

Reiki is a Japanese traditional hands-on healing technique in which the practitioner channels Source Energy to herself or others. Reiki isn’t a modality that requires you give up energy like massage. Reiki helps replenish your energy field and increases your conscious awareness of yourself. You will grow closer to source through the practice of Reiki, especially as you continue learning into the higher levels of the art.

Reiki 1 Class Sept 2019.jpg

Reiki 1 is coming up!

This September, Reiki 1 returns to White Dove! I teach Usui Reiki in the traditional manner with the book provided by the International Center for Reiki Training.

You will learn a new path you can take with you everywhere in life. You can do Reiki on yourself while you are driving or watching TV. It’s a hobby that doesn’t require a huge investment (not like guitar or painting!) It’s a spiritual path. It can even make you an income if you want. It’s a way to take care of loved ones.

Reiki 1 Class details

Learn Reiki 1 this September with Reiki Master and Certified Transformational Life Coach, Heather Larson. Heather has been teaching Reiki in Wichita for 5+ years and offers instruction in the traditional Usui way taught by the International Center for Reiki Training. 

You will learn the basics of Reiki 1 and be attuned to the Reiki 1 symbols before the end of the day. You will receive a textbook to help you in class and for further study on your own. This will be a hands-on class! I won't be lecturing on Reiki history. Instead, we'll be talking about Reiki and making the class an active practice. 

This course will prepare you to: 

*Practice Reiki on yourself and loved ones 
*Accept the attunement 
*Utilize Reiki meditation 
*The first 3 Reiki symbols and what they mean
*How to use the symbols on yourself
*Cleanse your own energy field after working on self or others 

*Bring a notebook, pen, water, and snacks. Allow 4 hours for class, but we will try to finish early. 

**Your space in the class is reserved when you pay online. This helps cover the costs of the book and ensure we have a space for the class. No refunds on cancelations, but if the client needs to reschedule, that will be honored as quickly as Reiki Master is able to reschedule with the client. (Following week or month preferable). If you show up the day of class unregistered and want to take the class, there will be an extra fee of $25 for your book, which can take up to two weeks to arrive. So, the total cost would be $205 the day of class and Heather will arrange to get your book to you. 

***The book is good for both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes. You use a different book for Reiki 3 -- or Master -- class. 

****Space is limited in the class! Deadline to book your spot in the class is 9/6/19 or when the class fills up -- whichever comes first!

REiki Room 2017.JPG

The Reiki Room at White Dove

We will be using the Reiki room at White Dove along with a teaching space, and — weather permitting — outside as well.

Also, be prepared to get in touch with your creative side in the class. We always practice drawing the Reiki symbols in my class!


Here’s the book

You receive in class! You use this for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes.

You’ll receive a different book when it’s time to become a Reiki Master (Reiki 3).

Reiki 1 Class = $180

Reiki 2 Class = $180

Master class = $250

Total investment in yourself to become a Reiki Master = $610


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